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17 April

The ability to learn, understand,
metabolize information,
enjoy, adapt to change,
and solve problems.

Not in a long time
has the situation been more complicated---
personally or professionally.
There is certainly no
clear simple solution now.

Anyone who presents one
is either naive
or full of it.

If there is intelligent life on Earth,
it will take a lot of intelligence
to unravel the plot
currently being spun
for the spectators
who are turning to each other
with a quizzical “Wtf?” 
on their faces.

Let's put it this way:
it is often unwise
to act impulsively
during a retrograde station of Mars,
mainly because there is often
an irresistible urge to push forward.
But that’s when you want
and need
to push it and raise the roof.

That’s just when you go further.
Expect more of yourself.
In many cases,
it works to go beyond limits
and be outrageous,
like inviting your mother
to watch you jump out of an airplane.

This time it can be a lethal mix of fun,
and a web of lies.


It can be dangerous, however.
Things get said like
"I’m just kidding, I’m just teasing,"
but there’s truth in jest...

People with a low impulse control
panic that they're going to be left behind
that they've been to compliant,
too laid-back,
and too easy-going.

Others seem to act
more decisively and effectively.
They know when to speak
and when to shut up.
They’ve learned when to speed up
and when to slow down.
Those who jump the gun
are desperate to confront,
prove themselves, make their mark,
and regain some position of dominance,
however untimely or inappropriate
their aggression may be. 

So it could be a reaction
against passivity and submissiveness
and the fear of being taken advantage of
that pushes people with low impulse control
to premature acting out or insubordination.

It is all too easy to twist a current situation,
even if your perceptions are correct,
and distort it and rationalize acting out
to assert some sort of
cockeyed dominance over a situation
that has nothing to do
with the internal process you are experiencing.

Who’s getting hit with this Mars retro station?

We are all being affected deeply.
Those affected most strongly
are born between August 31 and September 3,
between early May and beginning of June,
around the end of February,
and around the 4th of December.
It's not exact,
because the sun is not exactly
in the same position
on any given date each year.
So we’re really talking about individuals
who have planets between 8 and 11 degrees
of mutable signs.

Also, those with 23-26° of Cardinal signs
(around 16 April, 19 October, 18 January, and 17 July).
So whether you belong to those groups or not,
here are three messages
you should already have in your folder.
Reread them, or get them now:

Neptune Square Saturn

Saturn Sadge Jupiter North 

The Mars Ritual

And this one for Sadges only











Neptune and why some people are living a double life

You know who you are.

If Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces
since it now tenants its own sign
Pisces is in a sense
set apart from the rest of the chart.
It's on its own.

It disposes of itself
and therefore seeks to be apart,
following it's own path,
obeying it's own rules.
The house ruled by Pisces
has his own dignity,
wherever it falls along your horoscope.
Pisces has its own intelligence,
talent, and sense of independence
more than ever before.
it has a new dignity.
This presents special benefits,
as well as liabilities
to Pisces/Pisces Rising
and for the rest of us
wherever Pisces falls in our charts.  

Neptune will remain in Pisces until the 2020s,
so it is a key factor
in the advancement of our civilization,
as well as our own lives.

But on a more personal level,
Pisces fills you with either apathy
or a tireless zeal and devotion.
You ecstatically throw yourself into
something or someone
with abandon-
lovesick lover, mad genius,
or a martyr.
It can also express
as a grandiose notion
of one's divinely inspired pursuit
of an elusive ideal or impossible goal.

Because Neptune's presence in Pisces
is only one of the elements
in the current transit of Pisces.

As already stated,
Pisces is a bit split off
from the rest of the horoscope
because Neptune is ruling itself.
If your birth chart contains elements
that form alignments with Pisces
along with the horoscope wheel,
it is propitious to integrate
all the creative and usually chaotic elements
into a healthy, balanced expression.

If, however,
Neptune is not in any relation
to the rest of the horoscope,
and isolation or separation can occur
where a person in question
could cut him or herself off
and go on a more solitary journey.

In an extreme case,
these persons are in their own world
almost literally caught up in their own illusion
and they separate from others
in a way that's true for all of us
as well at the present time.
For example, both Chiron
and the South node of the moon
are transiting Pisces simultaneously.
This causes complicated feelings
and uncertainties
that could erode the new-found confidence
mentioned earlier
instead of integrating
all the energies.
The complicated psychological
and emotional effects
of the triple presence in Pisces
could cause further deviation
and embarrassment
for what an individual considers deviant
or shameful behavior.

This would lead someone to
lead a sort of double life.

It takes a lot of strength,
courage, and effort to remain integrated
and refrain from escapist deviation,
or let's say at least cut it down
and be able to include your eccentricities
for the rest of your life.
Where Pisces is now,
you are extra sensitive to criticism
and you will go to all sorts of lengths
for a cheap satisfaction.

You have to understand
the function of Neptune.
It rules deviation,
without which
the world would have no art, music,
poetry, science, discovery, or exploration.

 When Neptune's influence
is skewed,
let's say by Chiron or the south node,
can become distorted
and you can easily lose sight
of your spiritual aims.

The outer planets
demand a transcendent experience,
which always includes distancing
from what the society of the time
considers normalcy.
That sort of demand
often produces genius as well,
I must say,
as subversive reactionary
for low responses.

There is absolutely no way to predict
how Aquarians will make money
or how Leos will deal with their sexuality
or the kinds of people Virgos will attract
or how Scorpios choose to love
or how Tauruses struggle
with mistrust of humanity
or how Libra deals health.
A few examples,
but they're all unpredicatable.

This is what deviation is all about.
Many factors affect the results:
childhood experiences,
what kids are taught,
their habits, education,
ethnic origins,
and their own natural predilections.

People have asked
why I keep repeating on my side
to reread your Neptune and Pisces message now.
We offered that message quite a while ago,
but since Pisces will contain Neptune
until the 2020s,
it's a valuable message
to keep with you all the time.
If you already have it

keep it handy.

If not,






















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