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“Donald Trump said Tuesday he would ‘most likely’ replace Federal Reserve Board

Chairwoman Janet Yellen if elected.” – David Harrison, “Trump: I’d likely Seek New Fed

Chief,” Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2016.

“If you think the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could be nasty, just wait

until he starts on Janet Yellen with her natal full moon falling opposite his natal Mars on his

Ascendant.” Our second YouTube interview on “The Incredible Spring Lineup of Geocosmic

Signatures,” at //, March 25, 2016.

World equity markets continued to fall last week from their 2016 highs of April 20-21,

which was also an MAA three-star critical reversal period, and a time when Venus made its

translation to the Uranus/Pluto square. On Friday’s new Moon, May 6, stocks dropped to their

lowest price since those highs of two weeks ago.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for instance, fell from a high of 18,167 on April 20 to a

low of 17,580 on Friday, May 6, after the nonfarm payroll reports showed an increase of only

160,000 jobs when expectations were for over 200,000. The market dropped, right to the

extension of a former trendline as discussed in Part 1 of our YouTube series on “The Incredible

Spring Lineup of Geocosmic Signatures.” The less-than- expected payroll numbers actually

boosted stocks because 1) new jobs were still up, and 2) because the increase fell below

expectations, it implies the Fed will not raise interest rates soon, despite their last announcement

that they were cutting back from four increases to only two this year. Maybe there will be none

prior to election now, again per our YouTube interviews. The Central Banks do not want Trump

to win because he threatens their independence, ala Andrew Jackson. However, as far as equity

markets are concerned, not raising the rates will likely propel the economy and stocks onward and

upward, maybe enough to take away that campaign advantage for Trump that the economy is

weak, as covered in interview #2.

In other markets, Gold and Silver made new multi-month highs on Monday, May 2, then

declined into Thursday-Friday, and then Gold rallied again to test $1300 on Friday. It acted very

much like a typical Mercury retrograde (April 28-May 22), by first breaking to new cycle highs,

then falling below daily support, then rallying up again. Under Mercury retrograde, it seems to

shift momentum every 1-4 days, exhibiting first bullish, then bearish, signals along the way,

which turn out to be fake-outs. Currencies are doing the same cosmic dance, exploding to new

cycle highs early last week, then falling rather hard into the end of the week. The Trickster

Mercury seems to get added energy from Mars, who is also retrograde now through June 29.

Treasuries were strong all week, while Crude Oil traded in a $3.00 range.


Our column last week stated, “… next week we will find a harmonious grand trine playing

out between the Sun and Venus (in Taurus) to Jupiter and Pluto (in Virgo and Capricorn). That is

an earth sign grand trine, which usually means “money.” This favorable configuration starts

May 3 and lasts through May 13…. This is one reason why it is not wise to get too bearish on the

stock market. Yes, equities can fall into this period, especially given that Mercury is retrograding

at 23 degrees of Taurus, which makes a hard aspect to the New York Stock Exchange chart (May

17, 1792, known as “The Buttonwood” chart). If they do continue to fall into this period, it

suggests a strong rally will follow”

Besides being in the middle of favorable Jupiter transits, which can give a temporary spike

to stocks, there are other notable geocosmic signatures unfolding now. On Monday, Mercury will

eclipse the Sun, a rare phenomenon that happens about 13 times per century. In the skies, it will

look like a black speck crossing in front of the Sun for about 6-7 hours. If you are looking for it,

use proper safety glasses. I am not sure that by itself will affect financial markets, but I think May

10 could, since that is when the midpoint to this Mercury retrograde period occurs, and midpoints

of Mercury retrograde have a strong correlation to reversals in financial markets that did not

reverse when Mercury turned retrograde on April 28, +/- 1 day.

Another important cosmic occurrence this week occurs when heliocentric Mercury begins its

11-day journey through Sagittarius, May 13-24. This will be fascinating because that pairing

usually corresponds to sharp price movements in metals and currencies (usually up), but it is

occurring near the end of Mercury retrograde, which is a time that is usually not very volatile for

financial markets. Which will dominate? Or will we see both expressions manifest?


“Key U.S. economic information may have been leaked ahead of its release, judging from

the price moves in key equity and bond futures contracts, according to a study released Monday.

The European Central Bank published a working paper arguing that seven out of 21 market-

moving announcements show evidence of “substantial informed trading” before the official

release time. The authors looked at price movements 30 minutes before that data’s release and

studied the movements in futures on the S&P 500 index and 10-year Treasury note. They did this

on 21 indicators from January 2008 to March 2014…” Steve Goldstein, “U.S. Data is Being

Leaked, ECB Study Suggests,” Market Watch, May 2, 2016.

“As stated before, Neptune can be sneaky, lurking invisibly behind the shadows as if

part of the environment itself, while it goes about its subterfuge. It concocts ways to not

be seen, and discretion is held in the highest regard in order to carry out a plot that others

cannot see or discover easily. Neptune is stealth-like. When this behavior is applied to financial

markets (or valuable jewelry, art, or financial portfolios), it can lead to such activities as

thievery, bribery, embezzlement, hoaxes, and manipulation in order to make a financial fortune

dishonestly. It can manifest as manipulation of financial markets. There have been several cases

leading to charges of insider trading lately, but this may begin a new round of actual market

manipulation by large firms, and even governments.” Forecast 2016 Book, written by Raymond

Merriman, November 2015.

Life during the 36-year Saturn/Neptune waning square cycle has certainly been… strange,

especially following the Uranus/Pluto waxing square of 2012-2015. Sometimes it seems

overwhelming when you try to put together just how remarkable and bizarre these years have

been, and continue to be today. It is hard to comprehend because we are living in it. When you

are going through the experience, it is difficult to be objective about it. It is as if you need some

time and distance away from the experience to realize just how profound it is. Did anyone

imagine the emergence of ISIS before this period? Or that there would be a USA election

between someone like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who both possess the highest

disapproval ratings of any two candidates running for the office of presidency ever? With

Saturn/Neptune in hard aspect, the core psychological issue to navigate is “trust versus mistrust.”

Who can you trust? This was supposed to be an election about character and trust. Instead, it has

become a contest between two characters that are both mistrusted by the majority of Americans.

On top of that, we now learn what has been suspected all along: financial markets may be

manipulated – taken advantage of - by those who pay for access to government data just before

those announcements are made public, and which sharply affect market prices right afterwards.

By engaging in this dishonest behavior (Saturn square Neptune), they gain an unfair advantage

over others, which amounts to thievery (also a negative manifestation of Saturn square Neptune).

Who is paying for this information? Who is agreeing to release it? We probably won’t know

while the Saturn/Neptune aspect is in effect (through September 10), for Neptune is adept at

hiding what it is doing, creating distractions away from the “hand in the cookie jar.”

The good news is that these transits will end, and the truth will eventually come out. With

Pluto still in Capricorn through 2024, revelations of corruption will continue to come to the

surface, and the public will continue to demand accountability and consequence. Right now, with

Neptune having the ability to evade detection as well as accountability and consequence (domains

of Saturn), these stealth-like activities will probably remain hard to discover.

However, looking ahead to 2020, we note that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto come together in

Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn. The shift from dishonesty, in a climate of distrust, will start to

give way to a climate based upon honesty and trust, resulting in a much different election climate.

People think that both political parties are on the verge of self-destruction, never to return to what

they once were. I don’t think so. I think in 2020, both parties will return to the higher standards of

what they once were. Under the Capricorn stellium, the pendulum can radically shift back to the

desire for unity and basic values that once made America great. That is what Capricorn does. That

is what Saturn does when aligned with Jupiter (and Pluto). I think the election of 2020 will

produce a leader that will go down as one of the great presidents in US history, along the lines of

Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, whether it is Elizabeth Warren or Paul Ryan.

The election of 2016 is a catalyst for this shift. It is also a turning point in a long-term social

cycle that started with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of 1965-66. Back then, the world exploded

socially, politically, financially, and then manifested in the stormy violent protests of the 1968

election season. In 2012-2015, the world likewise erupted into great violence as the Uranus/Pluto

first quarter cycle unfolded, highlighted by violent protests leading into the 2016 election right

after the Uranus/Pluto hard aspect (again). The USA and the world made it through that period,

despite the doom and gloom that the end was near. The pendulum of vast social change will make

it through this one too… I think. Being a Capricorn myself, I always believe history repeats itself,

But I always worry that the great German philosopher Friedrich Hegel may be right too, when he

wrote, “What experience and history teach us is this: that people and governments have never

learned anything from history.”


No guarantee as to the accuracy of this report is being made here. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. Reader should understand that futures and options trading are considered high risk.




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