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MAY 2016


If Aries is the celebration
of the spark of life,
Taurus is the celebration
of living in a body.
Of course it is easy to celebrate
life in the body
if you look like these two:

but what if God,
in HIS infinite wisdom
gave you one big schnozola,
hair in all the wrong places
or a physical vehicle that keeps backfiring,
sputtering and pooping out
like a model T Ford.
Then what?
Well we could always call on
our old friend Mr. Karma,
the Great Excuser
of all things we cannot otherwise explain.
 But no matter what kind of
physical frame you were born into,
whether it was as fabulous
as the Palace of Versailles
or as humble as a shack in the woods,
everybody has Taurus somewhere
along their horoscope wheel.
And Taurus represents your opportunity
to be grateful for the body you have.
Value it, revel in it, and treat it as a priceless gift
you have been allowed to live in.
Above all you are supposed to enjoy it.
Reverence for your incarnation on Earth
and the ability to find joy
and delight in it are the gifts of Taurus--
with all the physical sensations and pleasures
that go along with
being able to see, hear, smell, touch, taste
and above all, enjoy---
--which in some cases includes gluten-free crackers.

So even if right now
you're stuck, squeezed and can't
move a muscle either way,
when Taurus comes into play,
here it comes with it joy and stability.
It's especially true when
Venus enters as it is now
to brighten up the joint,
throw open all the shades
and put on some music.
Venus decorates your life
even if it's a little vulgar in Taurus.
Preparing as she is to
descend into the night sky,
Venus is now rising before the Sun,
there's some dancing around the bed.

(Just don't spend big money on clothing
during retrograde Mercury.
You will either hate it
or not fit into it afterwards.)
Nonetheless, Venus brings pleasure,
and the brilliance of color into your life.
No matter how squeezed you are,
or how tightly you are caught
in the vice of life,
enjoyment can be yours
if you let it in
The presence of Venus in Taurus
adds stability to the horoscope
and a healthy steadfastness and determination
and good attitude
toward life and living.
It minimizes the power
of the retrograde maleifcs.
Venus in Taurus is the huge oak tree
in the front yard of your house.
After a typhoon, hurricane,
tornado or earthquake
that tree loses only a few branches
but remains standing.
God bless Taurus in the horoscope.
It represents fertility and fruitfulness
and the potential of a planted seed.



You need your piece of turf now.
You may love to wander
or you may need your
freedom and space,
but you're also fiercely territorial.  
Loyalty and intimacy go together now,
and that's what makes you
more traditional in family values
than you would want anyone to know.
It's a great paradox,
mainly because you are
progressive and forward thinking,
hate to be hampered, tugged at  or nagged
to come home
when you want the wind at your back.
you want that home still there
when you return.
You need the feeling
of an intimate connection
in the comfort
of a place that is yours.

Is it really possible
to love many people equally,
deeply, loyally and sincerely?
Other than serial monogamy?
is it possible to have emotional interests
simultaneously with different people
and retain genuine feelings
toward all of them?
Especially with a person
of universal taste like yourself.
Ponder that.
It's actually a good time
for siblings and partners
to be on good terms with each other
enjoyin healthy, loving communication.
Because many members of your sign
have been struggling personally
they've been pretty tough to live with,
it's fortunate to be stabilized
by the people around you
and be the recipient
of the generosity
of a hard-working practical partnership.
Try not to run from it.



Good time to stabilize
and make money doing so.
Bosses may be stubborn and controlling
but provide a venue
for you to increase your
sense of prosperity.
You need your autonomy
and your sense of being in control
of your own destiny|.
That's why so many Leos
have to work for themselves.
But no matter how you strive
to live in the illusion
of complete individuality and free will,
we all work for somebody.
We have to find a balance
between calling the shots
and remembering where
our  bread is buttered,
and who butters it.

With Venus in the solar eighth house
and Jupiter in the solar 12th,
this can be a spiritual exercise
in joyful transformation
compassion and forgiveness,
along with the happiness they bring.
By and large the members of your sign
are rarely promiscuous .

And in matters of love and sexuality
ideally you tend to prefer
an enduring relationship
which lasts through time
and grows deeper and more enriching
with every hour ( and orgasm).
Of course sex is not always
age or situation appropriate,
but coupled with Jupiter
as Venus is now,
there could be desire
and maybe opportunity
for intimate companionship
and the development of a loyal bond.
IIssues of property inheritance
and shared resources could arise.
requiresl wisdom
as well as generosity
---- as you will see this month.
If the Universe sends you a gift,
give one.


An odd but strong connection:
The more you serve others happily,
the more your prosperity will increase.
The better you work at keepinig
your health and mind active,
the richer you'll be
in every way.
Even with Mars,
your ruling planet,
even if travel plans are askew
or your mind is not focused,
your feet are firmly planted
on the ground. 
That's a good thing.

Money in the bank helps
With Venus in the second house
you take care of business
and take care of yourself. .  .
Enjoy your wealth.
Prudence dictates spending, however,
even somebody thinks
you're being cheap.
If you give it away to others
you won't have it. 

Women from afar
with financial means
will share their resources.
That's Taurus in the ninth house.
It is not magic or random.
It actually comes
from your wisdom, kindness
and willingness to help others--
just from your wish
to relieve suffering,
and for the sake of
pulling the other guy
out of the mud
with no promise of reward.
The reward does come
but usually out of left field.
Rejoice in that,
knowing that your struggles
to gain or regain security
could lessen and disappear.
When you give from a noble heart,
whoever or whatever is out there,
answers your prayers
Don'tt ask for the Moon
when you have the stars.

An unusually stable and beneficial time?
How can I possibly say such a thing
with Mars and Saturn in your 12th house
Neptune squaring it,
not to mention Pluto looming
over your head like a buzzard?
Other people would be
climbing the walls and screaming
to be living
in such t an uncertain condition.
 But you are a Capricorn,
so even if you were on your deathbed,
which you are not,
you would never leave
a living room half -painted.
 So apart from your determination
in a gritty time,
you are still able to laugh,
and be happy
and look upon your life
with an uncharacteristic optimism.
. We can thank the benefic planets
for comforting, supporting you
and helping you look for
that silver lining.

 Yes you've got Saturn
going on in the 8th house,
and that can be really scary.
Here is a true story I always tell:
One of my favorite relatives,
Aunt Matilda, a Taurus
(ok overweight, sure
as she grew older.)
But boy did she enjoy
every mouthful.
 Family always worried about her health.
Well, finally she was diagnosed with
a ravaging, incurable disease
and given three months to live – –
no hope.
All her siblings,
themselves elderly and ailing, 
 made a tearful pilgrimage
to make a final visit
to Aunt Matilda's bedside,
mainly because they knew
it would be the last time
they would ever see
her jolly, round face.
Seven years later
all her siblings were dead.
That summer Aunt Matilda went
down the Grand Canyon on a mule.
The doctors knew everything
about her condition
except one thing:
she was a Taurus.

You have friends
and family and associates
to buoy you up
when you're sliding down,
and that is also an amazing asset.
Attitude is half the battle in life.
The other half is having
deep strong enduring
associations and.contacts.
If you're in the working world
and you have headaches now,
not to mention
the aches and pains
 that attack us all,
you must handle and address them.
Lucky to have benefic planets
like Jupiter and Venus
doing their job
to shore you up and stabilize you
let you know
you're not going to fall through the floor.
.Because you are ruled by
the light of the silvery moon,
. you've already learned how to cope
with constant change,
but you still need people
on dry land
to come in after you
if your little boat
is ever really about to capsize.


If you've been following
my website or Facebook page
you know I've been posting,
some serious messages
about sadge and sadge rising.
Next few months might be
a pretty hairy time.
That's why I wanted you
to have th
Mars ritual
the Sagittarius challenge
and the siege.
It may turn out to be
just a squeeze and thats all,
partially thanks to
. Venus and Jupiter. 
You have good people working for you.
Although you don't know
who the hell you are yet,
you have helpers and advisors
and opportunities galore
to juice you up and keep you going.
Those external supports are invaluable,
as long as you keep pumping
the energy from the inside out.


Nobody does it all alone.
No matter how independent YOU are
and we know you want to be,
you still want somebody out there
at least part-time
to bring you back to rational sanity.
The dependence doesn't have to be
Of course there's always
a string attached
to every relationship in the world.
You have to rely on
other people's sanity to do so.
All you really need is
one family member
who hasn't lost it completely.
Try to appreciate the gifts
that come from an unexpected source.
Don't question them.
If you yourself are nurturing,
compassionate and forgiving,
there will be
bread on the table
and your mobility will be secure.
God bless the family----
at least some of them.

When people see
your genuine love for humanity,
that you're honestly motivated
to make the world
a better place
and you are striving
to be a good friend to all,
prosperity will flow your way.
The world economy,
forget the upbeat propaganda,
Some say jobs are getting better.
Other say Mad Max is coming
The more fruitfully
you can link up with
partners and groups
the safer you will be financially now. 
You must gotta be wondering
about marriage
between commoners and royalty.
 There is at least the opportunity
to be backed by billionaires
who'd like a piece of
your wisdom,
creativity and,
who knows,
other things as well.
Don't knock it if it pays the bills.







It's a good time to come back,
do yourself,
and restore your life energy. 
A lot has been poured
into your emotional area,
whether it's prayer, kids,
your love life,
or whatever.
Now you need to recharge and return
to carry-on the good fight to stay alive.

Not only to survive but thrive,
and you cannot do that
unless you have your head on straight.
And that means no stimulants of any kind,
other than your own powerhouse of the human furnace.
You have to be able to think
before you act out right now
if you want to move ahead.
Not blindly moving ahead
just because you think your instincts are spot on,
which they usually are,
but because now the stakes are much higher.
You have to put your brain
in working order and not use just your brawn.
Not only does your continuing good health
depend upon it,
but your ability to remain productive.

The retrograde of your ruling planet
demands that you slow down
and play by the universe's rules. 

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Curveballs. God knows you have seen your share of all.
Couple of whoppers in the last few years.
10 years ago,
would you ever in a million years
have been able to
project the wacky turn your life would take?
Who can you thank?
A planet in your 12th house?

We can't really question miracles,
because they enter into our lives
to show us the path we should be on.
It's very often opposite
from the road we thought we were taking.
Is very clear to you
that you have been sent on a major detour,
and sometimes it's very difficult
and impossible to understand
what the hell is going on
and where are you really going.
It is definitely a spiritualization process
that demands blind participation with no promise
of what's to come,
but it's all about unconditional love and surrender.

Yes yes yes, we know your money
is somewhat tied up with the finances of others,
blah blah blah.
All of that will eventually straighten out
because it's only about money.
Besides the transit of the planet
Uranus rising well before your sun
is all about generosity of spirit,
and it has nothing to do with the crazy world of finance.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


It's a fabulous, heady feeling
to streak across the road
headed East, West, South, or North
with nothing ahead of you
but the thrill of an independent adventure
and starting over fresh.
There's no greater sensation
of complete autonomy
and the ability to carve your future
as you see fit,
liberated from all constraints, barriers, obstacles,
and people who stand in the way of your freedom.
That way you can put all of your ideal wishes
into practice
to help all people all over the world
be free to make their own decisions as you love to do.

Go where you want,
and do what you want when you want.

The individual right to pursue happiness
whether it's foolhardy or not with no limitations.

And it's even more wonderful
when you have the support and encouragement of family to do so.
That way you know there's a cushion –
somewhere, somebody
has offered you shelter if things go wrong.
But in general, independence is what you seek. 

Only thing: truthfully, you need to share your life now.
Although sometimes roommates and partners
can be a drag,
they do provide a certain kind of balance
and companionship
that keeps you from going over the line
and over the edge.
It just shows you that even depressing people
can be fun to hang out with---
as long as there's a place to get away to.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Cancer is usually private people- the intimate sort.
The attention that you crave is not usually
splashy, scandalous, or iconoclastic.
With the planet Uranus
at the top of your solar chart, however,
you've been making waves.
Politically, you're sick of the rotten system, 
and even in your own little world
you’ve been breaking a few laws, traditions, and customs.
And let's face it- even a couple Commandments.
Not acting normally is perfectly normal
when the ruler of your eighth house culminates.
Professionally, you cannot stand anyone on top of you,
and that probably works in the bedroom too.

Couple your behavior with the fact that the mob
is fickle and careers could fall and rise in the snap of a finger.
Sometimes a scandalous reputation is good PR.

But you're under surveillance, constant surveillance,
so you can’t go too far out.

On another note,
despite all those superpowers we’re talking about,
you do have a human body.
And it needs to be nourished and fed
and treated like the temple it is. Just sayin’.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


It is absolutely amazing
to see how you have expanded your vision,
perspective, and even geographical borders lately.
This even extends to your personal relationships.
With the ruling planet of your seventh house
currently transiting the ninth,
not only are you connected with people who live far away,
but your cultural and ethnic standards
have opened up immeasurably.
Not that you were parochial or narrowminded before,
but your perspectives on everything personally
and sociologically have taken quantum leaps.
And you're about to go even much further. 

Mentally and psychologically,
you're on a path of incredible discovery,
exposed to philosophies designed to expand the mind.

Emotionally, however, the growth is much slower.
Two planets retrograde at the same time
in your solar fifth house
indicate that the heart will take
more time to catch up with the mind.
Intellectually and psychologically,
it's full speed ahead,
but naturally you're a little nervous
about putting yourself out there
and taking a chance on love.
That is very wise at this time.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


When you're stuck in traffic and you're late for a meeting,
or you're standing in the street
in the pouring rain waiting for a taxi,
life seems interminably long.
But one of the things
that you have been learning
with the planet Uranus in your solar eighth house
is that life is incredibly short.
It is a brief candle that glows and flickers,
able to be blown out by one gust of wind. 

That's why you must make every moment count
and be truthful, loving,
and bold when it comes to showing your feelings
and acting on your passion.
Even sexually you've already opened up tremendously
and found ways of expressing yourself
candidly and without fear. 

That's a sign of maturity and understanding,
that being emotionally real
makes you a happier and more authentic individual.
It spills over into your creative life as well.
You are more able to take risks
and live a little dangerously,
although it does put you in some debt to others.

It's funny too, because in other ways
you're trying to hang on to family ties
and a notion of security
even while running away from it at the same time.
You are trying to keep the family together and thank God.
You were the voice of reason even amidst chaos and upheaval. 

You need to be supportive,
but keep your distance
and don't let them scratch and claw at your mind.
They may not be interested in any of your insecurities,
but they all need your sanity.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Can you believe how they have turned on a dime?
People you once thought you could never live without,
now you never want to see you again.
And on the contrary,
just when you thought you were all alone and lost,
somebody new drops through the chimney like Santa Claus.
No matter how controlling many Libras are,
or how they have the reputation
of being passive aggressive,
you have demonstrated flexibility.
It is usually not by choice
when a co-ruler of your solar fifth house
appears on the western horizon.
Children and lovers come and go,
so encourage their independence 
and don't take it personally.

The success or failure of relationships during this
depends largely on your ability
to maintain communication
with a high standard of tolerance
for other people's behavior,
not to mention insight into your own. 

In fact, contact with siblings,
relatives, neighbors,
and all those you interact with on a daily basis depends,
or should depend,
much more upon your intelligence
than your capricious moods and attitudes.
Not by how you expect to be treated,
but by compassion for the plight of others.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Even the most conservative professionals
in all walks of life have seen the light.
They have wisely begun to turn away
from long-accepted practices
and adapted more revolutionary,
progressive methods of doing their jobs.
Doctors are exploring alternate healing,
bakers are going gluten-free.
All those poor souls who believed
that if they stuck to their boring job
they'd get a gold watch after 30 years
have learned that freelancers
have just as good a chance to have work. 

Although because you are Mars and Pluto ruled,
you still like to control the situation.  
You have been learning, however, 
that spontaneity and ingenuity and innovation
are the best ways to stay ahead of the pack. 

So don't freak out if the money
doesn't come in right away right now.
Cut back as much as you can,
use what you have, maximize your assets,
and minimize your liabilities.
You may not have all your sharpest edge back yet,
but your survival instincts are never dulled. 

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


You're in a really funny mental state, you know?
Odd-funny, not ha ha -funny.
A new Moon on the planet Uranus
in the fifth house
tells you to get out of the house
and have a good time, for Chrissakes.
Don't let dark thoughts
or a crappy mood
hinder your powerful creativity,
ability to perform,
or yearning to express your love for everything and everyone. 

In fact, this transit denotes courage,
daring, creative brilliance,
and ardor,
no matter what sort of sorrow or grief
you suffered or how indisposed
you have been over the past couple years. 

It's easy to say that without looking at the rest of your solar chart.
The fact is you’ve been slowed down tremendously,
either for physical reasons or your psychological state of mind. 

Since you're in the process of reconstructing
your identity and getting your ego strength back,
it would be ridiculous to encourage you
to get back immediately into your tap dancing mood.
Although it is still very important to laugh at life,
plant a kiss on your own cheek,
and remain determined to get back
your old enthusiasm and verve,
your mind and body are moving slower,
and it takes patience for them to catch up with your heart.
So get out of bed,
hear your bones creak, and go forward.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Capricorns are not usually well disposed toward surprises,
unless it’s comprised of a pile of gold bars.
God knows you had your share though lately,
the family being so toppled
and changed and security so shaken as it has.
Of course,
it's one thing for other people to tell you
that it's important to be shaken up once in a while,
especially if it's begun to be stagnant or boring,
but Capricorns have to take a while
to adjust to unexpected change--
especially when it's bold or out of the blue.

It's very difficult to know the difference: 
magical, wishful,
childish thinking
and unshakable faith in the future. 

Nobody can tell you
if you're being overly dark and cynical
or foolishly naïve.
It's up to you now to find a place within your heart,
soul, and mind.
It's wise to be skeptical of blind optimism.
And the other hand,
you cannot deny that life is sometimes a mystery
none of us can solve with rational explanations.
No matter how logical and realistic we try to be,
it ends up that we are liberated
when we can find inner happiness
and fulfillment in seeking the purpose
for all the questions we have yet unanswered.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


Some people think you have gone haywire.
They see you running this way and that
first here then there then back here again,
almost as if your two different people.
You say one thing, then do another,
unwilling or unable to fix upon one simple path and follow it.
Your mind is more alert and active
than it ever has been
and your actions are more versatile than ever.
To accomplish this feat and live your "double life",
you need freedom to move about.
An autonomous mobility,
the way a motorcyclist can weave in and out
of traffic and go ahead of the crowd.
Not to mention to be able to talk
to so many different people
in so many different languages figuratively or literally. 

In your process of leaving one whole professional part of your life,
however, your goals are not clearer now.
No matter how unique and spontaneous
you have had to become,
you still like to have control of your future
and know what lies next. 

That is not possible now.
You're in transition from one professional mode to another,
from the more conservative position to a freer one.
That may make you kind of nervous and insecure
to hear it but there's one thing you must never ever forget:
Aquarius is the sign of risk,
exploration and the thrill of taking a chance on life.
It sure is risky.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection


You could have diamonds, rubys, emeralds,
pearls, fancy fast cars,
homes at the shore and in the mountains,
and chic apartments in the city,
but what's really most admirable 
about Pisces at the end of the day
is the enviable trait that you can take it or leave it.
If anybody tries to hold money over your head,
you can turn around and walk away. 
You may go through a period when you hoard
every keepsake and save every farthing,
but with the ruler of your 12th house in your 2nd,
your greatest possessions must be your ability 
to enjoy everything and be attached to nothing.

Such an attitude is worth all the money in the world.
Relationships now mean more to you than any of that anyway.
You do have to be somewhat careful,
in terms of what or whom you toss away as unimportant.

You certainly have the right to object to the morals
and practices of other people,
especially those in authority or part of the "establishment".

But we're all suffering human beings,
and your position in your community
depends upon how far your tolerance for others goes,
and that means without judgment or prejudice.

Definitely reread your
Uranus in Aries message
we first offered
when that planet first entered into in 2010.
It’s just half through at this point.
Or get it here.
Special Message
A Five Month Projection




MARCH 2016


The Solar Eclipse at Chiron and the South Node in Pisces

Whether you are looking back to memories
of happiness and bliss, 
or still aching from what you may see
as a personal failure
or a devastating loss,
this eclipse helps you prepare
for a new future by shedding what you no longer need.  
It's not always easy
to keep looking toward the light,
mainly because there's a darker pull
that is forever yanking downward.
Old wounds are bound to be opened now,
to be cleansed and healed.
We can see the past
flash before our eyes
without becoming trapped in it. 
Read on.


Pisces / Pisces Rising

From seeing youself as worthless,
to becoming aware of your talent and creativity.

Forever bouncing
between tear-stained happiness
and the urge to end it all,
as many members of your noble sign
seem to be (are),
what could I tell you
that you don't already know?
The lilting, lyrical songs
and grinding cement mixer noises 
that have floated and pounded
constantly through your ears
have challenged you to absorb
and translate
the Cosmic music to the world.

We, your admirers and your critics,
are challenged to learn from you,
accept your gifts,
cope with your grandiosity and inferiority,
allow you to spill into us
while securing a levy
to keep you from invading all our borders.
You're an inspiration,
a gift,
as well as a danger.  
You present divine, poetic beauty
as well as serious erosion
to everything solid we stand on.
As a Pisces you are our irritating quagmire
and eternal font of loving wisdom.

May the Force be with you-
the Light side, that is.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces

Aries / Aries Rising

From a near crushing of your spirit,
to discovering true inner freedom.

God bless your wonderful ability
to keep going effortlessly
when everybody else's batteries
have almost worn down.
It's nothing short of miraculous
and you've heard it before,
especially when we look
at the living hell you have been through.
There are moments, however,
when it's OK to kick back
and let the past catch up with you
a little bit
once in a while.
One thing, though,
in your effort to prove
you are not only about yourself,
your sneakers could get stuck
in the muddy past.
Then, the recriminations could start
crawling all over you
with a million should've would've could've's.
It's fine to honor the past
with prayer, meditation,
and sentimental visits to the grave.

If you have been harmed or hurt,
endangered or put in jeopardy,
or even abandoned,
you have already gone beyond the limit of endurance.
Whatever debts had to be paid,
you have to make your peace with it
and do what you do best keep going.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces



From experiencing betrayal,
to appreciating loyal friendship.

It may be fine for you
to go off to the Himalayas
and help clean up after the earthquake
or fly away to Cyprus
to bring windmills to people
who may not even need them,
but are you seriously
really selfishly
that interested in humanity right now?
Sometimes the grandest gestures

of friendship and generosity are genuine, of course.
At other times,
they represent an effort
to be loved and accepted
simply because you feel like a reject or outsider.
In some instances,
you may not even be aware
of their other relationships.
You should be nurturing more personal
and intimate ones.
But close relationships
often put a pressure on a person. 
One that may impinge upon
your illusion of needing wider circles
of a relationship
or independence
when in reality, you do not need any of those.
Granted, sometimes it's a lot safer
to call it friendship
considering what sacrifices
are often demanded
when it's love like for children.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Gemini / Gemini Rising

From falling flat on your face
to winning the reespect of all.

We all agree
that the whole system
is corrupt and rotten.
From the highest leaders,
to the president of your garden club,
to your mother and father,
or any other nut
who tries to manipulate and control everything
and makes you want to run away someplace
for the anarchy of it all
where nobody is going to try to hoodwink,
hypnotize, or play with your head
and turn you into a helpless puppet.
There must be
a philosophy of being able to live your life
in complete autonomy and peace somewhere.
It may be in the absence of government
or the loss of government control,
or somehow to find a way
through the confusion and wildness
in which people in a country group
or a family
do not behave with any normal rules of conduct.
Politics is dangerous
on the national & international level,
or in your family.
So if you can,
withdraw to your kitchen
and stuff chicken instead.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Cancer / Cancer Rising

From confusion in the mind
to the dedicated pursuit of truth.

One thing
that must make you sick to your stomach
is the condescending, know-it-all bullshitters
who claim to know what's what,
when you struggle so hard
not to be taken in by frauds and rainmakers.
But… considering how you loathe prejudice
and the practice of mind control,
especially how it is perpetrated
on an unsuspecting and gullible public,
think for a minute.
Might you not yourself
be imposing your belief system
even a teensy-weensy bit
on the people who look to you
for guidance and direction?
Facing the fact that our brains
have all been scalded by the hot coffee
spilled upon our heads
by unaware parents,
is it fair to offer some sort of disclaimer
to our own kids students and followers?
The danger is to allow our own insecurity
about such matters
to rule and then think
because we don't know everything,
we don't know anything.
So own your voice
and be proud of it
because your opinion
is as good as anybody else's
but be humble while speaking.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Leo / Leo Rising

From sexual sensitivity
to ecstacy through giving pleasure.

There are certain things
you don't like to talk about.
Private things nobody does.
There are certain issues
regarding intimacy: your attractiveness, your sexual allure
and prowess.
These are all sensitive subjects
that reveal our most extreme points of vulnerability.

Unless you have already risen above
the silly illusions of physical and earthly desire
and you are an ascending master
and you no longer have any interest
in wasting your time
in frivolous pursuits, competitive games of cat and mouse,
control, or indulging in absurd,
defensive projections.
You do need your occasional thrills
during these eclipse times.
That's what often distracts you
from moneymaking and business,
which is exactly what you should be thinking about:
operating at a profit
and not throwing money away foolishly.
It is about giving pleasure,
not getting it.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Virgo / Virgo Rising

From depression over relationships,
to success through keeping boundaries.

In relationships,
timing is not quite everything,
but it's pretty damn important.
There was also something to be said
for the impossible but recurring coincidence
of synchronicity.
How could it possibly happen
that all of your relationships now
are rife with deception?
People end up abandoning or disappointing you,
or you end up helping them out of a jam,
financially, emotionally, or otherwise.
Is it just a Virgo tendency
to seek out the unfortunate artists,
musicians, addicts,
members of the clergy,
or other fascinating subjects
who are only half present?
Or is the search for glamour and escape
the culprit
that throws such strange creatures
to your doorstep?
So here's the trick:
treat them all with love
and welcome them with kindness,
but make sure they remember
that Sunday noon is checkout.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Libra / Libra Rising

From the poorest habits,
to the simplest cures.

Maybe the key
to health and sanity
is to dedicate yourself
with absolute devotion
to some sort of service.
And it's definitely not about money at all.
It is rather about encountering impossible situations,
and pledging your whole soul
to improving, solving a problem, curing an illness,
or restoring health and beauty.
What happens to some Libras, however,
could be one of these two extremes.
They could flee from the task
and then unconsciously punish themselves.
Or they can throw themselves
heart and soul
into a task
and place a responsibility
upon themselves to achieve.
Some people would think it's unrealistic.
Some would just give up and order another bottle of pills.
Others, although feeling quite lost,
will pursue the path of health
and service with unswerving faith.
Who is crazy and who is sane?
You tell me.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

From a notion of being unloved,
from an outpouring of creative / emotional expression.

God, how many times
do we have to be shown
that we cannot reel people in like fish?
Yes, you're open hearted and loving
and it's not that you're not generous
to your kidnappers.
It's just that the heartbreaks you have
and the ones you had to bear
from children or lovers or anyone
should be proof enough
that we have to appreciate, forgive, and above all
enjoy those we love with all our soul and spirit.
We must always remember, however,
the truth of improvements
and the danger of feelings of attachment.
The grief we feel
when we open our hearts
is sometimes hard to bear.
Just as you insist upon
your own freedom and liberty,
so must you grant
the same sort of independence to others.
They have a path which is theirs
and not yours.
So through your tears,
help your fellow human beings
and you will be healed.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

From feeling abandoned
to providing shelter for others.

Whether you are remembering
wonderful gatherings in your home
at holiday times,
or you have to invent them with your imagination,
you seem to need to restore
a sense of warmth and belonging.
No matter how you use
all of your Sadge powers of denial,
there still exists a feeling of domestic emptiness
and abandonment-
past, present, or future.
Memories can help or hurt,
even the happy ones.
So when those old movies
start playing in your head,
you could easily get lost
in a melancholic reverie.
Or, you could create a fantasy
around your current domestic situation
to convince yourself
it is not falling apart.
It is like holding up the timbers
of a fallen home in the process of rebuilding it
after a storm.
It's the effort to maintain
a strong professional image
and then collapsing in your own private emotional chaos.
So no matter what's going on at home,
just keep enough clean clothes for work

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

From hopeless attitude toward communication,
to the magic of connecting with others.

Although it can be painful,
silence itself is sometimes more effective
than conversation.
Empty conversation, that is.
Why bother to get all enmeshed
in a garbled communication
that will go nowhere?
If the parties involved
come from different worlds
with different cultures, beliefs, and moral practices,
it is unlikely they will ever truly make
a profound connection
without taking into consideration
the gulf that separates
one human being from another.
Oh, the frustration we feel
when our connection is jeopardized.
Even if it entails
the preference of different foods
at holiday time.

Communication can only be achieved
when we acknowledge those gulfs
 and make efforts to compensate
for the boundaries between dimensions.
Even with serious breakdowns in business.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

From seeing yourself as a financial loser,
to gaining humble pride in your prosperity.

Considering the current insane financial madness
surrounding us all,
people still need to do business,
develop services,
create new products,
and move toward greater prosperity
and economic security.
Is there a sound reason
to abandon financial goals
and suddenly throw yourself
into an artistic inspiration,
with no idea if it has
any promise of commercial value?
Some say yes,
while others still beat their heads
against the business wall.
On a more intimate note,
sexual integrity and honesty
may jeopardize your public
and professional identity.
On second thought, however,
does authenticity guarantee you
a genuine and warmer applause
from an appreciative audience,
whether there's only one other person in the room

or 20,000?
Time will tell.

To deal best with
confusing vibes of this intense eclipse:
desperation, doubt, and loss of faith,
reread all three of the following messages,
or if you don't have them
get them now:

Chiron in Pisces
Why Bother
Neptune in Pisces










Listen here:








No matter which hemisphere you live in,
whether it's 40° C or F,
lolling before the ocean
on your retirement cruise,
or you're  an Olympic skier
contemplating a horrific mountain slope,
when Pluto rises before the Sun 
in the pre-dawn sky,
everyone feels a moment Of dread.

Every morning when you wake up,
you should give thanks
for the power it provides.
Even if you wake up as if
you had just been to hell and back,
it's actually your unconscious
operating full-time making sure
you don't forget how short life is.
So there is early-morning anxiety
disguised as worry
about this or the other thing
from your latest hangnail
to impending disaster.
Some folks arise sexually obsessed.
Anyway once you're up and about
you come back to the land of the living.
With the lunation at 19 degrees Capricorn
in early January 2016
the month is that much more intense.

This lunation continues the molting process
of each of us
in our evolutionary development
as humans,
both on a personal and sociological level.
We are becoming aware of our
darkest and lightest qualities
and the inevitability of consequence.
Make every effort
to be aware of every moment
you make a choice.
With Pluto rising above the Sun
the more conscious you are
of your choices right now
the better your future
and the future of all beings.

Now it's your turn.
Remember the weird images
we posted in 2008
when Pluto entered Capricorn?
Here they are again,
this time you should write
and essay on how you associate to
them in your

Sun and Rising Sign.
Keep them in your
Michael Lutin portfolio
and every time
pluto makes an aspect
you can add to your essay.
There's a lot more to these pics
than you might think.




Superman,Clark Kent,
Christopher Reeve


apes discovering monolith
"2001 Space Odyssey--
Stanley Kubric"



tsunami surfer



Tonly & Carmela Soprano
James Gandolfini &
Edie Falco



robot doctor in hospital



the singing nun



sea turtle



Jekyll and Hyde



Nero's coin





in a nursing home




RuPaul & Arab Sheikh

Have fun








You’ve still got plenty of passion
bubbling around in there,
and with Mars in your seventh house,
people are still noticing you.
Good thing.
Challenge is life for any Aries.
The same conflict still exists
as the beat goes on;
You want your independence,
but you need the shelter
of a large corporation or other organization
to keep you focused and performing.
If you’re in a philosophical frame of mind,
the Saturn Neptune square
from your ninth house to your twelfth
is a most fascinating examination
of the discrepancy between religious doctrine
and personal spirituality.
Who says what is right for you to do?
Your inner life? Or laws of church and man?

Much more pleasant love life
and relationships
with Venus transiting the seventh house,
brief as these things often are.
Personally, you can be happier
and less hassled
than you were earlier this year.
The Saturn transit now requires
that you be way better organized
and clear about financial deals
involving other people–
wills, legacies, lawsuits, taxes,
and other annoying details.
In questions of mixing friendship and finance–
that’s a tough and tricky one.
It’s not always easy
or possible to keep things from getting muddy,
but you’d better try.

People need your attention,
but not only on your terms.
A deeper commitment demands
you be present on a more consistent basis,
and while that fulfills your need
for a deeper connection,
it encroaches about your mobility
and the unbridled freedom
which you have so jealousy been cultivating.
Although narrowing your focus irritates you,
it helps keep you from wandering all over the place,
mentally and otherwise.
If you are seeking
to obtain or uphold any sort of long-term
professional status and respect,
right now,
it’s going to take a hell of an effort.

A positive attitude is vital
in staying productive
and maintaining well being.
Everybody knows that.
Consistent regularity counts
at least as much.
So you have to find ways
to stay mentally and physically
as active as your body, lifestyle,
and age will permit,
but not let your machine run down.
That’s where your mind comes in.
Or doesn’t, depending on how disciplined
and diligent you remain
when Chiron and the South Node
are passing through your ninth house.
Remain in communication
with sane practical individuals,
even if you think they are boring.

You have to come out and socialize
after many moons this year
of staying solo in your house.
It’s not only emotionally healthy
to take a chance on life,
but it’s better for you in business.
Apart from the continuing long-term issues
with staying healthy
and patching up the walls at work,
while keeping good boundaries,
you’re still enmeshed
with the chaos of finance
and your fascinating if mysterious sexuality.
A fourth house transit of Venus
helps make you feel more intimate
and secure at home and in the family,
considering the losses
many members of your sign
have sustained during 2015.
And it’s actually more like a real home again.

You continue to soldier on,
whether the audience is there or not.
It’s amazing how well you function
as an adult,
although most Virgos
have been doing so since they were five
and keeping the members of their family sane.
Close touch with a sibling now proves that.
In fact, you’ve got to put your head
into personal relationships now,
mainly because for many members
of your sign,
the choice of partner will challenge
the traditional notions of conservative family beliefs.  
One would think that in 2015
such prejudices have all but disappeared.
But they certainly have not,
and it’s up to you to juggle.
You do not, however,
have to keep absolutely everybody happy.

After worrying about money
for so many months,
it’s a relief to see Venus
enter your second house
and let you feel prosperous again,
even if only for five minutes.
Greater efforts must be made
in the areas of communication
and mental health, however.
The older we get
and the more experiences you have,
you realize that idealizing relationships
or believing that all conditions
remain stable are fantasies,
and that we are all presented
with one challenge after another
in our effort to find peace and tranquility.
Only control of the mind can help us
find that spot deep within ourselves.
Always think critically,
but never laugh
at what you once thought was ridiculous.
Miracles happen.

Go ahead.
Feel beautiful, cosmetically as well as inside.
After the more than two years
of losing confidence in your magnetic powers,
rejoice that you’ve got it back.
You’ve got wonderful friends who adore you,
even if your "love life"
gets more impossibly fantasy-oriented than ever.
As an artist, that’s good news.
As a happy little homebody, it’s complicated.
A rivetingly fascinating wrinkle, however,
is the philosophical/psychological question
of love and money.
We see it often between parents and children,
but it exists even between couples.
Love is endless, unconditional, unselfish and giving.
On the other hand, money talks.
See if or how it plays out in your life now.

You must be feeling
about one million times better
than you were this time last year,
even though it may not be
as dramatic a change as you would like.
The transit of Saturn
through your twelfth house
that began in 2012 put you through hell,
not to mention the sense of isolation
that made you feel like
you couldn't even scream about it.

Acting with the highest moral integrity
is certainly the way to go now,
especially with your ruling planet
in the twelfth house.
Your conscience demands it.
It’s just that with Pluto
traveling through your Sign,
you are more self-protective
and survival-oriented
than ever before in your life.
While it would be relaxing
to put all decisions on hold
and take off somewhere,
you have to be where the action is
and keep all the machines running.
These days, thanks to technology,
it is easier for you to be
in two places at once
and not have to resort to cloning.

Dealing with groups and associations i
s supposed to be the Aquarian purpose.
When people gather, however,
the difference in philosophy
and outlook will require flexibility,
which is NOT in every Aquarian’s DNA.
When you’re hooked in financially, however,
you’ve got to suspend prejudgment
and preconceived notions and bend a little.
A powerful woman
figures prominently in all negotiations,
so you’ll have to bite the bullet
and remember that keeping dignified integrity
is way more profitable
than letting fear of failure screw up a possible good deal.

It’s not that you
were necessarily born complicated.
It’s just that the sign of Pisces
contains all possibilities of reality
at any given time.
Pretty much all things are true.
You make an effort to squeeze
into polite society and act professionally.
To do so, you have to conform
to rules and regulations
you think are preposterous.
With Chiron going direct in your sign
and Neptune so prominent,
despite all the help you
get from level-headed partners,
it gets harder by the minute
to go along with social nonsense.




In case you are wondering,
the past always eventually catches up
with the present,
and there is, after all, continuity.
The planet Saturn
has now reached the spot
it held last February and March 2015.
Whatever you were doing back then--
the connections you made,
the issues you were dealing with,
the delays you ran into,
the projects you began,
the people you were involved with--
all of it will now come to fruition one way or the other.
Contacts will be renewed
and you can at last move ahead
on any journey or decisions
that may have been made at that time.
For many months it may seem that nothing came of it,
but you will see now the results
of last February and March.

You gotta adore being an Aries,
no matter how many times
you dance with that big ugly bird
with the bad breath.
You always know exactly
when to stop the music,
before the fatal bite,
and any other crisis before it goes over the line.
Much wellness comes to you
now that allows you to be more productive than ever.
With Venus in charge of your relationships now,
play nice with others.
Pay attention to your honey sweetie pie,
or even business partners.
Maybe even go out on a date.
As always before and after trauma,
you are a force to be reckoned with.


You have been good.
You have been very good.
You’ve behaved almost perfectly.
Just think how stretched to the max
you have been with responsibility
to others and how you have had to obey doctor’s orders,
the "doctor” being just about everybody
demanding your loyalty.
It's good news now
that tensions have lessened a bit
and bonds are far more loving.
If you avoid all extremes now
and work to maintain
a healthy, more balanced regime,
you'll get way more cooperation
from those trying to help you.
You still have some really weird friends.
You should be getting
a much better handle
on your work situation
and not be so overwhelmed
with changes and problems there–
if you are working at all, that is.
There’s a much more stabilizing influence
at the moment
which will reduce all turmoil
over health issues as well.
Not only should you feel more emotionally stable,
but your domestic situation and relationships
with family will vastly improve.
Lingering situations could actually clear up
if you make the effort to listen as well as love,
and between children and adults,
that effort will bring more love and warmth into your life.
Do not sneer.
One more thing:
Despite damage done,
career could still survive.

We have all heard the old saying
eight hundred million times:
Once you are able let go
of your expectations and romantic illusions,
love comes back into your life
in a more mature way.
But who wants THAT
when you need comforting?
It’s true, though.
The heart mysteriously
repairs itself when you say goodbye
to your naive notions.
Communication reopens
in the most magnificent way.
Apart from the usual aches and pains,
you can find joy
when those you hold dear
are right there in your home.
Looking at it with perspective,
you can think maybe there is a cosmic plan.

Asserting your attractiveness
and reminding everyone of your potency
can still give you the same old rush
you had at eighteen.
Somehow you managed to do it,
thanks to the dignity
of Neptune’s transit
through your solar eighth house.
It may still be a little squirrely
(read: messy and unclarified),
but Jupiter brings increasing prosperity.
Plus the homeless abandonment anxiety levels
have mercifully decreased tremendously.
If anybody asks you
who your current main squeeze is,
just toss your head back and laugh
and be all casual and answer,
"Oh, it’s like a brother and sister thing."

Thanks to a New Moon
in your solar third house of communication
and close cosmic alignment
with Jupiter in your sign,
you can stop worrying for two seconds
and enjoy what is considered
essentially a good omen.
Closer contact now with siblings, cousins,
and all the people buzzing you
keeps you running around and busy
and definitely unable
to completely isolate yourself from the world.
You can’t tolerate
too much outside noise these days,
and require enough quiet
and separation
to be able to think
and sort out your feelings.
Of course,
guess who the burdens
fall upon to deal
with family problems and give support?
Be grateful you have the brains
and health to do it.

Jupiter in your 12th house
adds a further blessing
financially and otherwise,
mainly because you're being protected
by an unseen force.  
Although we all love
when Venus goes through our sign,
because then we can feel gorgeous
without feeling guilty,
it lasts only a few weeks.
It's wonderfully restorative, however,
puts you back in control of yourself
(your favorite thing),
and gives you the keys
to handling everything in business
and personal life without going ballistic.
You do tend to lose it when people bug you,
which they usually do.
Venus and Mars both in Libra
bevel even your sharpest edges
and grant you grace,
even if you do you growl
silently beneath your breath
now and then,
and you do.

We have heard it a million times
from sages and psychics
and mystical, spiritually evolved people:
Attachments cause sorrow
and freedom from attachments
leads to freedom from sorrow,
and is the only path to joy and liberation.
We don't only live in our heads, however.
You've got a heart, too.
And you can't ignore
your need for love,
whether it leads you to joy or sorrow.

The entrance of Saturn into Sagittarius
at the end of September
has given you a more sober approach
to your future,
but in many ways it has been liberating.
Let’s face it:
Saturn is always a mixed blessing.
You are freed from impossible dilemmas,
and certainly no longer the plaything
of hidden circumstances and manipulative people.
In fact, you're definitely in charge
of how your life is to go from here on.
At least nobody is going to be allowed
to play with your head.
you are floating on a raft
and hiding your personal confusion quite well.
The trick is to maintain
a professional demeanor
and maybe no one will notice
how wobbly you still are.

Jupiter bodes well for travel.
Neptune going direct
is great for music and poetry,
but NOT for clear, practical communication.
Venus and Mars overhead
help you get more motivated.
The big news, however,
is Saturn in the twelfth house
and Pluto in Capricorn.
You stand apart from it all,
and watch all the little ants
dragging around their crust of stale bread.
You still prefer to be an outsider looking in,
while you cope with your own survival.
Though you’ve lost some,
you need friends be part
of a larger human experience.
If you have foreign contacts or investments
or wise advisors at a distance,
call them in now.
A good shrink can always help.

You’ve come to see the complete idiocy
of anyone thinking they can
control the flow of money
and predict financial cycles.
For many members of your sign
the period from October
on marks the beginning of a new adventure,
especially in your professional sphere.
In many ways,
you are currently
like the proverbial monarch
who is abdicating the throne
and preparing to pass on the keys
to the kingdom.
You’ve got to be sick
up to your eyeballs
of the rat race by now,
and looking around with eyes toward the future,
hoping to finally find a more fulfilling outlet.
This is not about retiring to the farm
and growing organic beans--
although if such a pursuit
could be profitable and
still allow you to participate
in the "Common Good",
well then, maybe.

As usual,
you have every possible thing going on
at the same time,
inside your head and out.
Thank God for Jupiter
in the seventh house right now.
You are blessed to have supportive people
who have been gifted
with a more pragmatic attitude.
Shrewd as you are,
now you need the alliance
of those with business heads
to help you manifest and realize your lofty ideas.
On a personal level,
they can also cut you off at the bar,
and limit all intake
of destructive substances.
Summing up:
Keep your balance
between ecstasy and sobriety,
but don't let anybody put you down
for your eccentricities and ideas.
There’s great genius in your madness.
Neptune in its dignities will prove that to everyone.



Message to everyone;
Thanks to the eclipses of 2015,
which are culminating now,
we all hope to have gained the wisdom
to find joy and happiness
in the blessings we have
instead of obsessively focusing
on what's missing. 
The eclipses have hopefully taught us also
to move from self-centered narcissism
to greater appreciation
and sensitivity to others-
from a stubborn independence to cooperation,
from primitive acting out
to the spirit of compromise. 
The crossing of the
Moon's path with the Zodiac
helps us find a middle way
between the male and female
that live within us all.


Your superpowers have not failed you.
It's just that hopefully
you have learned that even superheroes
can get bossy, impatient, nasty, and controlling
when independence is at stake.
Sometimes you have to land flat on your back
to appreciate help.
Kindness, diplomacy,
and a gentle approach to life is a strength,
not a weakness.

Many, many people
believe that a strong belief in prayer
can produce miracles.
Positive thinking
probably can move mountains.
When escapist behavior, however,
replaces practical common sense,
growth is not possible.
In business deals or personal relationships,
and even in areas of mental and physical health,
success is found in diligence,
hard work, discipline,
and regularity with the details. 
Honest qualities
will always produce the best results.

There may have been a time in your life
when you were surrounded by lots of friends,
and maybe even found yourself
the center of a large group or association.
There is no doubt we often find safety in numbers.
You see now, however,
that circumstances have removed you,
or you removed yourself from such a social domain.
You are facing life
on a more challenging and intimate basis.
If you know any
relationship-oriented people,
you can thank them for that.

Recently, the former head
of a giant corporation (now retired)
was interviewed on TV.  
As a CEO,
he faced constant criticism, scandal, and reproach
for all of his measures and tactics,
and even death threats--
just trying to hang on to his position. 
He now remains at home
chilling out in his crib with his homies
and raising money for research
into illnesses
in women and children,
accomplishing more to help humanity
than he ever could do when he was a big shot.

P.S.: He is a Cancer.

You can be a highly educated person
with fancy degrees espousing all sorts
of moral, legal, and philosophical positions. 
When it comes right down to everyday life,
outworn beliefs and prejudices
could block your honest communication
with people close to you.
When that happens,
all the wisdom goes out the window.
It's really difficult to stay in communication,
but now you see how valuable that can be,
especially if love is at stake.

Even under normal circumstances
Virgos have to be on the lookout for
subtly seductive scoundrels.
Now with Neptune and Chiron i
n your house of relationships,
it's 100 times more important to be vigilant.
But you still have needs.
You don't want to seem selfish or closed off to people,
but there are sharks out there,
who are willing to take your money
and make you think it's love.
It might as well be love
but money is always a factor,
at least right now.

Many Libras are looking around and thinking,
"Hey! Where IS everybody?"
People have been popping out of your life like crazy.
What happened?
The Eclipse at the South Node,
Pluto station,
and Uranus in the solar seventh house.
If the old support system is gone,
you have to rely on yourself more
and find new ways to relate to everybody.
Some of it is natural:
kids grow up, jobs change,
personal goals shift, and people just grow apart.
If you’re not able to communicate honestly,
some relationships have to end bitterly
and even violently.  
We all need each other,
but there has to be clear boundaries
between one person’s life and another,
and Libras often have trouble drawing the right lines.
This is your new goal,
and will make you happier in all relationships.

If you're in the working world and you lose your job,
don't freak out .
It may well be a blessing. 
Saturn in the second house
could certainly give you financial angst,
but don't hang on to a boring gig
just because it's easy.
Oh, you have to work.
It is vitally important for you
to stay relevant and needed.
In the end, financially,
it always works out better
when you go for the impossible,
creative challenge.
In health, nature and a positive spiritual attitude
can do wonders.

Although many brilliant teachers
continue to tell us that the illusion
of romantic love 
is the most fleeting of all,
who among us does not crave
that mind blowing feeling?
When we see a gorgeous stranger
from across the room
smile at us and all our fantasies
go into high gear,
it is hard to resist and be realistic.
We all know what happens after a while,
but we can end up,
if we're lucky,
with a lifelong friendship.
Just think if we could treat a love object
like we treat a friend
(without that ferocious attachment).
We would have happiness.

Capricorns inevitably rise up in the ranks
and get noticed by superiors.
It's not even about ambition
or striving to get to the top.
Ironically, sometimes you would prefer to
just stay with the family,
make pancakes, walk around in your slippers,
and resist leaving the house.
There's something
about your staunch diligence
and skilled professional abilities
that eventually reward you at work
or in your community.
With some sort of honor position,
whether you wanted or not, 
you can never really hide your talent,
even when you try.

When you know you know what is best
for your family or group
or the whole world,
it is so damned difficult
to sit there and not say a word
when you're surrounded by idiots
and morons talking nonsense.
There is a weird mechanism,
that sometimes operates
and screws up your lofty thoughts
on their way to your mouth.
Either that or people are not willing
or ready or able to hear
what you have to say.
The wise person
goes about his or her business
and lets the fools make fools of themselves.

If you are lucky enough
to have someone support you
or float you loans or grants for your projects,
or maybe some other annuity
that is helping you at the moment,
be grateful.
Yes it's a compromise of independence,
but you have to recognize it
and accept good luck while you have it.
Nothing lasts forever you know,
or haven't you heard?
Sometimes money
is not the measure of real success.
In terms of creativity,
you're already rich,
and probably few people can come close to yours.
You have quite a bit of magnetism right now,
sexual and otherwise,
and you should see how artistry
can be more fulfilling
than plain old material wealth.





Talk about a trial!
If only you can take a break or a vacation.
Well, that would be great,
but you are still participating in
and coming through a ritual of separation.
Aries is forever plunging into these depths
when it all seems to being going down the tubes,
but somehow you make it through to rise again,
brighter and unchanged by fire, flood or loss.
Until this stress is ironed out,
keep on loving your kids and
pretending the vacation has already started.


Living in beautiful surroundings
is heaven for a Taurus.
You need to be near enough to nature
to hear the birds twittering,
but far enough away
from police sirens or bug bites.
Although normal family noise
gets on your nerves,
where there is love, there is joy.
In every major relationship
you still need to exercise forbearance and patience.
Of course you would love to be out of the whole thing,
but frankly,
part of you hangs on
and has a hard time letting go.

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Have fun juggling people right now.
You’ll be checking out new scene after new scene,
giving everybody a warm kiss on the cheek
and promising to stay in touch.
That’s the deal
when Venus travels
through your third house.
It’s your flair for sociability,
and it’s not exactly cheating.
It reflects the freedom
every Gemini needs to flit around and spread the love.
Oddly enough,
it’s usually not sexual at all.
Sooner or later, however-
uh-oh, the need to finally commit!

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Wealth and prosperity:
two things many of us yearn to achieve.
Loving relationships with siblings
and relatives can also keep us sane
while strengthening bonds and ties.
One thing, though.
So many folks think that once they find romance
their troubles will over.
Allowing your heart to take possession
of your head can also to twist you into a pretzel.
Cancers may try to free themselves
from the blessing and curse of attachments,
but in the end,
learning to love without attachment
is the trick of existence.

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Well, you’ve got center stage now.
And don’t even try to say,
"Aw Shucks folks, I don’t need all this attention.”
Be real, you know you love it.
Forget the money.
The only thing to focus on is how to find a healthy,
loving way to separate from the family
and set out on your own new personal journey.
Appreciating the family
you came from takes courage now, at this point,
to say goodbye to a whole period of your life
and begin afresh.
The chick is about to crack the shell from inside.
Good luck.

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You must be wondering
what has happened to your bright
and bushy-tailed industrious self.
You used to be able to work so diligently
and steadily at tasks to be done all day and all night.
You were so easily able to keep busy
and remain productive,
and crisply able to solve
all the equations people brought
to you with all their impossible variables.
This sort of slow down (let's not call it a collapse),
and erosion of motivation,
we can blame on Neptune and Chiron opposing your sign.
This month, however, there's much, much more........

For more, click here read your extended monthly message.

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Jupiter’s entrance into your twelfth house
in late September will bring you protections
and blessings from sources you cannot see,
people you don’t know,
and forces you may not even believe in.
You will see, however,
that it’s the things
you do not try to control
that bring you the most benefit.
Socially, you should be active now with Venus
remaining so long in your eleventh house.
And you have absolutely learned
that using your assets wisely is a
whole lot more
productive than worrying about money.

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Old and new friends may pop
in your life to support and cheer you on.
Professionally you’re hot–you’ve got fans,
and people in power are actually attracted to you.
Inside, however, some days you feel just barely alive,
even if you are creative and social when you have to be.
Few people are aware
of the secret struggle to go forward
when you have been so deeply hurt and aching inside.
That IS a Scorpio, however.
As indestructible (and sometimes as scary)
as the Terminator.

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With such an active ninth house Venus
(going on for months)
you should be excited and chomping at the bit
like a thoroughbred at the starting gate.
You must be eager to make the jump toward,
if not a brand new life,
than at least a new adventure.
You are coming out of the dark and into the light.
The approach is definitely not all fun and games, however.
Frankly, there are still a few old debts
that must be paid
from which there is absolutely no escape.
The ritual requires one thing only:

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"An out-of-towner will make you a great
offer in coming months"
is a prediction bound to come true
with Jupiter approaching your ninth house.
Even though you’re suspicious of any good news,
What’s great is the Venus transit
in your eighth house which for many
Capricorns could turn out to be a pretty sexy moment.
A more practical use of astrology,
is to help you transition from one part of your life to another.
Moving toward a more intimate,
and spiritual existence.
This means surrender.


Even for cool Aquarians,
there has to be joy and romance.
You have to be open to it
with Venus staying so long in your seventh house.
It’s a renewal of vows of sorts,
when you feel deeply toward your significant other,
or even dating someone
you might think is the Big One.
Whether these passions last depends
on a host of other factors.
For one thing,
you’ve still got responsibilities–big time.
You can be about to leave a professional phase
of your life that has gone on a bit too long.
Could be time to start living again.


Despite any gooey mush
you have to slosh just to get through a day,
you are still able to put passion into your work.
In fact, if you have been diligent,
studious and morally committed
to learning art or cosmic pursuits,
you will be moving into a completely different,
more professional circle of associations.
And you will be considered a major player.
A word of caution:
it’s often during the second semester senior year,
when some students clutch,
get pregnant and quit school.
Finish the course.


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