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JULY 2015


Big business types
will be wrapped up in real estate deals
and political scrambles.
Regular Aries folks, however,
will be doing with the less glamorous business
of getting the dishwasher fixed,
balancing responsibilities to the "regime"
and searching for intimacy and for peace.
There are loads of brilliantly shining joys this month, however.
If you’re an entertainer, you’re on stage.
Parents and grandparents
will be howling with laughter as they video the kiddies,
and all members of your Sign
will spend the month thumbing your nose
at the Bogeyman.


July is all about dealing
with living in two places at once
and dealing with siblings.
Tauruses are reputed to live their lives
sitting in one chair in one house in one town.
Fact is, though, although you need your power spot–
your chair, house, and town,
you’re not quite planted and solid yet.
You do have a safe haven, however,
and for that be totally grateful.
The only interference prohibiting you
from following a life of total relaxation and pleasure
is a vow to one other person,
legally and otherwise.

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It’s a new financial situation,
so you’ll be rearranging your fiscal life.
Stay balanced, if possible,
and free from fixations on anxious feelings
that keep you from breathing.
Besides, in life there are always threats to security,
well being and prosperity.
An optimistic attitude is the path
to liberation from stress,
and it’s your way of getting through
any sticky situation.
It will, however sound irritatingly saccharine
to some people who think they know
what’s really going on inside your head.
Nobody can figure that out.

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In the northern hemisphere,
it’s a summer of exciting emotional extremes:
laughing and crying, enjoying and releasing,
indulging and giving up,
and if you have the spirit of the drama,
you’ll see the wealth that lies in the exercise.
Anybody who thinks you enjoy splashing
around in self-indulgent moodiness doesn’t know you at all.
There is a world of difference between
being responsive to your surroundings,
and finding pleasure in being miserable
and anticipating the next catastrophe.
It is just because you are so sensitive
to other people’s needs.
If you didn’t put up steel walls now and then,
you’d be victimized by your need to answer everybody’s problems..

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Although July is usually
the time when you hang back
under a shaded tree with your shoes off,
this year you can’t resist showing off
and generally basking in your own beauty.
It’s a rare conjunction of benefic planets
that grants you the honor of feeling glamorous
as well as generous.
Inwardly, however, and secretly,
you may harbor a few dark forebodings
of tornadoes, hurricanes,
and other ways to spoil your own fun.
It’s a rich mixture of faith
and belief in the Goodness of the Divine Plan
and a fear of just about everything.
In the end, play the hero.
It’s much more attractive.


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Friendships provide not a place
for you to go out of the rain,
but an emotional haven as well.
Friends may not always able
to fulfill a romantic hunger, however.
You’re not exactly totally forthcoming
with all your personal woes anyway.
Except for a few close confidants,
you suffer your personal drama
pretty much on your own.
Also are there individuals
you’re not on speaking terms with now?
Such silences weigh heavy on you,
whether you admit it or not.
Your great fortune is a spiritual gift of forgiveness.
It is blessing that comes
from a Source you cannot see.


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So many Libras have struggled
with their home life lately–
either trying to hang on to it
or madly escaping it.
Believe it or not,
the place you call home now
is a reflection of the family issues
that have always existed.
Pluto keeps flashing your childhood in your face
these days.
Fortunately you have a most fascinating
support system outside the house.
A dynamic relationship exists now
between you and friends.
Your great fortune is to have friends
willing to come to your aid, even financially.
It’s tense with money and friends,
mainly because money and friends...
very iffy.

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It’s the perfect month to get out of town.
Of course you’ll have to drag yourself out of the chair,
but once you are up and out
you will be thrilled you did.
With Saturn making its last pass through your Sign,
probably EVERYTHING irritates you.
Changing your environment
will improve your mental state.
Your flourishing reputation
should be a major ingredient
to lift your sagging spirits
and quell your own dire prediction for your future.
Looking at yourself has not been fun,
thankfully nobody else sees what you see.

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You’ve got a lot going on,
especially now with so many
impossibly complicated financial matters
weighing so heavily,
not to mention that dark cloud
hanging over the heads of so many members of your sign,
have the absolutely uncanny
and nearly magical ability
to see the good luck in everything
that happens to you.
You could be stuck out in the middle
of a scorching desert
and even when your camel dies on you,
you somehow find water.
God bless you,
you’re sending selfies back to civilization
as if you didn’t have a care in the world.


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It is actually healthy to be challenged
once in a while,
and that is exactly the effect of Mars
in the seventh house.
It’s exciting too to have somebody
who’s attracted to you and not afraid
to draw you out in passion and confrontation.
And with Mars in an angular house,
you do want both the passion and the confrontation.
You can derive much comfort from a partner,
although it’s always going to be a bit of a control battle.
Here’s a funny little tidbit.
So many Capricorns say
they’re probably never going to have sex again...
but guess what.


You’ve probably had just about all you can tolerate
of politics,
authority figures including doctors and lawyers and other chiefs of affairs,
ambition, career and all the sacrifice,
compromise, and loss of integrity it will to get on top,
stay on top, be recognized for your talents,
and all the rest of the nonsense
people get old before their time trying to grapple with.
Thank Heaven for the loving support you get
from partners, although through it all,
you can barely even relate to them.
Is it a wonder you are tired of the whole business?



You expend much earnest energy
trying to create and maintain boundaries,
but it’s nearly impossible to draw a balance
between a detached, humanitarian zeal
and a personal, intimate, gooey attachment.
No matter how hard you try,
it seems the line between love and friendship
just seems to get blurred.
You’re getting better at it though,
mainly because the more you love what you do,
the freer you are from messy involvements.
Besides, when you love your work,
you are healthier all around.
One thing, though:
Keeping the mind clean is a job in itself, however.


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