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Eighth house transits are merely indicators
of rekindled sexual desire,
mainly because with both Venus and Saturn,
without meaning and deep connection,
there’s nothing there.
It’s also a good time to do business
and feel good to be on top again,
especially after the horrendous first half of 2014,
when your ruling planet was
in a weakened state
and you were dragging yourself around.
Just be careful not to get too bossy,
or you could end up just like
the fascist pigs you despise.


Whether in business or personal life,
even the most well-balanced,
unshakably stable of Tauruses
have had to extend their patience with,
understanding of and sensitivity
to the needs of partners.
Even as the family grows
in size and depth,
it has been hard sometimes to avoid feeling
overburdened and underappreciated.
There are perks, however.
As your ruling planet passes
through your house of relationships,
you can feel closer than ever.
People, however, can still be pretty demanding.

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You need space. You need movement.
You need light. You need action,
variety, change.
Contact with different people feeds you.
Being stuck in an office
or behind a computer
with the same maddening routine
stifles your creativity
and drives you cuckoo with boredom.
There’s a twist, however.
When you see how rewarding
it is to thrive by holding on
to a framework of discipline,
your self-esteem rises immeasurably.
And when you see how much better
you feel and look when you eat right,
the sky is the limit.

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When your heart speaks,
your life listens,
whether or not it’s rational or appropriate
or even logistically possible. Venus with the Sun
in your solar fifth house this month
is ruled by Pluto in the seventh house.
Great for an artist showing public work
and even greater for human beings,
especially Cancers, who have fearlessly
allowed themselves to be honest about their feelings.
It isn’t easy to acknowledge your dependence
on another person for your emotional sustenance.
It’s just true now.

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There remains a part of you
that acts like a child
about to be abandoned
and sent to a public orphanage.
Such insecure behavior,
even though unconscious,
can actually drive people away.
Leos are lucky.

Jupiter is a blessing when it passes
through your Sign.
You’ve already seen your own
surprising residence of spirit and body.
It’s fabulous the way
you can bounce back
and feel kind of great
no matter what is going on
at home, at work, or health-wise.
You keep on plugging.
Be loving, not fearful.

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If you were an only child,
you probably missed having siblings
to chill with or tease.
The Universe always provides
those experiences for you anyway
in the form of neighbors and associates
who drive you just a little nuts,
like brothers and sisters.
When a lunation occurs
in your third house
with benefic and malefic planets,
you have communication issues,
one way or another.
Fortunately you are protected
from evil by your own
sense of compassion.
Keeping a proper distance
will keep you safe as well.

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You may have once-upon-a-time
been completely unconcerned
with money or how it got into your pocket.
In recent days and months,
it is amazing how much
you have learned about the economy,
thrift, and the management of resources.
It is often a pretty harsh lesson to learn,
but you should already see
the benefits of business.
Sure, what is it — just a couple of plates,
a couch, some jewelry,
maybe the piano,
but wow, when you realize
the value and what you personally
are worth — think about it.

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What you've got going now
is the Sun Moon conjunction
at the beginning of your sign,
which gives optimism, renewal,
a sense of rebirth and puts the inspiration
back in your life.
Once again, you rise from the dead,
full of beans.
Saturn, however, is still tapping
it’s foot at the end of Scorpio
so you know you’re going
to run into moments
when you think it’s all over,
and why bother.
During those moments
you’ve gotta force yourself
to stay disciplined and stay with it,
because that’s what helps you
complete any creative project,
even when you feel totally crappy.


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Despite the happy clown-face laughter
Sagittarians are famous for,
so much more is taking place
beneath the surface.
With your ruling planet Jupiter
transiting the ninth house,
you’re out there pitching,
brimming with enthusiasm
and all sorts of big plans
for the future.
When nobody is looking,
however, even jolly old you
can be plagued
by countless doubts
about what tomorrow may bring.
Or if there will
BE a tomorrow.

A twelfth house month
means play it down,
and avoid extreme highs and lows.
Use the time for
private meditation and joy,
and not hysteria.

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You’ve got clout now, so use it wisely.
With a conjunction
of Mars and Pluto in your Sign,
you are in no mood
to tolerate any lies or deception,
and you’ll let anybody
have it between the eyes
who even tries.
Standing up for yourself
shows your leadership abilities,
especially if you are allied
with equally powerful
like-minded friends and associations.
Try to keep your mind
on what you can do for humanity.
Always have to be careful
with Pluto transits, however.
They can turn you into a real stinker.


You’ve got a job to do out in the world.
It would pose no problem
if you were still wholly interested in
(or obsessed with) with power,
position and money.
With Saturn up there
at the top of your astrological chart,
you’ve still got plenty of ambition.
You’ve been touched,
or as some would say
tainted by an ethical dilemma.
Exactly what are you
supposed to do
about all your moral convictions
and personal needs
that conflict with
strictly pragmatic politics?
Ah, those lucky folks
who can sit in the garden
reading poetry.


So many of your critics
spread ridiculous rumors
about what all Pisceans are like.
The members of your noble Sign
are certainly NOT
all lying around in a hammock,
sipping a drink
with a little umbrella in it,
and thinking great thoughts
about things they will
never follow through on.
In spite of all doubts and insecurities,
you are seeking some concrete
and useful ways to train your mind.
In fact, you love learning.
If only it weren’t for teachers
and infernally rigid thinking.
Question: theirs or yours?



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