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MAY 2015


The perfectly miraculous Aries characteristic
of all the members of your sign
is your ability to move forward no matter what
and never look back.
The events of last February and March
may have cut as deep into your soul
as it would anybody else’s,
but you are never defeated.
You just keep rolling along.
Loved ones and co-workers gape at your resilience.
They forever wonder how you can emerge
from fire and flood seemingly unscathed,
always unflinchingly able to find some way
to go on loving and living, dangerously of course,
still screaming about money all the way.

Sure you’ve been hurt. You just don’t show it.


Tauruses were born and made
for the pleasures this world has to offer.
It’s not about hoarding every last penny
under the mattress for a rainy day.
Money is your passport
to the land of sensual joys,
and that’s why it feels so good
when your assets are in place
and you’ve got the airy mobility
to move around and enjoy yourself.

When the ruler of your second house
is in a strong position, accompanied by Venus,
you can zoom down the highway of life,
fly above your cares and woes
from one happy moment to another.
Despite the retrograde of Mercury
in that house mid-month with all its screw-ups and normal delays,
Mercury’s casual breeziness
permits you to live relatively anxiety-free
in the area of finances–
no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

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Autonomy is uppermost right now.
As much as you are seeing the link
between companionship and your sanity,
you are also aware that you need time alone
to process the changes and losses
that mark a turning point in your life.
Whether you are living on your own
and dealing with separation,
or you are right smack in the
beginning of a new relationship,
you can’t bear somebody constantly monitoring
your comings and goings.
When you are by yourself, however,
try to stay steady
and not let the money monster take over.
People will have to cope,
as usual,
with your last minute reversals.

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When Mercury goes retrograde
in your twelfth house,
followed by a several week passage of Mars,
naturally you are going to have
eight hundred thousand billion different prayers
for hopeful outcomes, haunting fears,
moments of surrender, periods of regret,
all buzzing around your head like a hive of drunken bees.
Once Venus enters Cancer,
the swarm should calm down.
That position helps you regain your equilibrium
and reawakens your nurturing instincts.
Ironically, no matter what is going on inside your head,
it is your power to calm others that keeps you sane.

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When Jupiter
(ruler of your house of love and self-expression)
passes through your Sign,
you don’t give a damn how much cautionary advice
you get from conservative friends and family.
And why should you? You’ve got friends.
People like you.
You’ve got one hell of a bright attitude
that permits you to you encourage everybody
with upbeat conversation and advice.
The rare feeling of complete optimism
and belief in yourself
and your personal powers
and loving feelings can heal all ills and wounds.
Positive thinking IS the primary factor in achieving
success on every level.
Well, isn’t it?

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We’ve already pointed out
in previous months that the members
of your noble Sign
have finally succumbed
to the foolishness and romantic fantasies
that have forever been haunting the rest of us.
Neptune and Pluto are not through
with your emotional education,
so you will be buttoning up
and being re-unbuttoned for a quite a while.
Mercury at the top of your solar chart now,
helps you stay in professional mode
at the same time.
It will take some compartmentalizing your life
and juggling priorities so that few people,
if any,
catch a glimpse of that naughty side.

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You need some adventure and
the freedom to wander now.
Your mind is thirsty for a peek
into how other human beings live.
You also need time away from the problems
and obsessions that nag at you about your family,
and a past that’s gone forever.
Getting away can be utterly refreshing.
You will do best to take a Zen attitude
and be flexible in all your travels, however,
thanks to that dratted retrograde Mercury.
The capricious twists and turns
caused by that planet
are forever reminding you
that the Universe gets Its jollies,
sticking its Fingers in your plans.

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You’ve already gotten a look
at how much skillful dancing it takes
to negotiate your way through rocky financial waters.

You most certainly need not only
strong companionship now,
but you will grow from
any challenges and advice you face.
That is the deal with Mars on the western horizon.
Three inner planets hitting your eighth house is fun,
too, mainly because that sort of transit
gives you a chance to lighten up
with your usual thoughts of death and darkness.
On matters of intimacy, answer this:
which is more fulfilling a loving,
intimate non-sexual bond or a quickie?

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This could be the trippiest period you’ve had in years,
if ever.
Don’t freak if you find yourself bubbling
with the thrill of pursuing new options,
only to sag and deflate,
like the wheeze and fizzle
of a collapsing balloon.
It has been an isolating time,
and now you are almost ready
to come out and show the world
you’re still full of promise.
Well, yeah, but in reality you are still nervous
about being tossed out
into that world,
all naked and exposed.
You’ve got to get your confidence back,
but there may be just a little more
you have to learn about surrender.

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Your ruling planet is wobbling
between your eleventh and twelfth houses.
The effect still leaves you contemplating
exactly what it is you want to do
with the rest of your life.
That is actually funny since you were
about forty when you were nine.
It’s not that you’re frivolous or irresponsible.
No way.
It’s just that goals seem fascinating
and alluring until you achieve them right now.
You’re looking for something
you can sink your teeth into,
and yet as enjoyable as everything is,
novelty wears off and the joy loses its luster.
You’re still looking for your thing.
You need patience as an inner search begins.


You’re getting your first breaths of fresh air
and freedom now that Saturn
is slowly leaving your tenth house.
It’s not totally out quite yet,
so you can’t exactly flee to your
home planet and be liberated for a while.
If you try to run, you’ll get pulled back
into politics a while longer.
Inner planets in air signs, however,
will give you a chance to perform,
make love,
hang out with the kids
and return to some shred of normalcy
after all the maddening pressure.
When we say normalcy,
we realize that we are dealing with Aquarius,
the members of which sign
usually look upon normalcy
as an agonizingly bourgeois pursuit.


Despite any lingering doubts or dizziness
that keeps you feeling safer,
joyful, and blessed while sticking close to home,
you also need communication
with the outside world
and the mobility to keep your mind active and fresh.
Even if you’re an independently wealthy heir/heiress of a great fortune,
or you are merely comfortably supported
by a mate or retired after years of hard work,
you still need to remain
a relevant, contributing member of society.
Now that you can enjoy good health
and work at something fulfilling,
it shouldn’t be so difficult for you to grasp
that people respect you now.


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