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JULY 2014
Looking for shelter?
Everyone needs a place
to hide out,
even for a moment or two.
Saturn stations this month.

Uranus retro.

One stemp forward.

One step back.
Jupiterchanges Sign.
Experience a miracle.
Then let go.
SO much internal processing.
The search for resolution
to long-term issues......
Jupiter enters Leo
Leo's rebound.
Sadges feel hopeful.
Think time travel is impossible? Think again.
You don’t need a fancy time machine
or one of those wormholes physicists have been talking about.
Just your sharp memory – that’s the virtual ship you’ll be traveling on.

So make sure your seat belt is securely fastened,
your seat back and tray table in the upright position,
and carry-on luggage safely stowed under the seat in front of you
or in the overhead compartment.

The position of the planet Saturn at this moment
is whizzing you back in time.
In fact, all the way back to August, 1999.

Remember that period? Everybody was nervous about Y2K
and thinking the banks were about to fail.
People were wondering if the patriarchy was actually finished.
Would women be taking control of society?
The year 2000 was around the corner.
We already knew we would not exactly be dressed
in silver mylar leisure suits and flying around on hover boards.
Would we finally be contacted by extraterrestrials?
Would Al Gore as President of the Unites States
actually do something about the environment?
Or was all that talk about global warming
just a crazy conspiracy nut notion that
we would be at the mercy of weird weather and freaky storms?

What about you?

Think back. Travel back.

Where were you in August, 1999?

How about 2012? That could be another fast trip down Memory Lane.

And then of course there is always our old favorite --
if you were born back in 1982-3 for the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

Has anything from back then come up in your life yet again?

We bet yes.

The best way to beat anxiety
is to remember how
temporary everything is.
YOU must always be able
to find peace
in ithe middle of all strife.



Just when you’re beginning to have some real fun,
which you know you richly deserve thanks to Jupiter,
Saturn moves forward in your solar eighth house.
This position always demands that you forego
instant gratification and get hold of your natural and fleshly desires.
Financial negotiations with taxes or joint fiscal ventures
won’t get hairy if you’re willing to bend. It is also natural to think
about your own mortality.
Think, not obsess.




If you’re single, you certainly don’t want to be at this point,
and you are probably idealizing how wonderful relationships can be.
If you’ve been in a relationship for a while,
you’re probably feeling restless (a euphemism for strangled ).
The "other person" in your life is either demanding,
wrapped up in themselves or absent altogether.
Commitments demand loyalty, and ask you
to be even more sensitive to the needs of others.
Annoying but true.

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You should have more mobility than ever right now,
and oh, what a relief it is. Of course, like the rest of humanity,
there are boundaries and restrictions.
Total freedom isn’t good for the mind.
You still need structure and regularity,
and even more importantly, you have to feel useful.
So within the bounds of whatever work or health issues exist,
you need to be contributing and not just looking busy.
As for the health situation, remember this:
Food is medicine.

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The transit of Jupiter in your Sign
for the last several months has shown you
just how amazingly miracles do actually happen.
You have indeed been blessed.

No matter what your complaints,
woes or sorrows have been,
you have also enjoyed decent health
and a stunning ability to play,
despite all the strife around you.
And there has been strife.


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You are a born actor, whether you’re on
the actual stage or just living a regular life.
It’s wonderful how you can smile, laugh, shine
and tap dance before the world, and God bless you.
Few people, however, understand what tribulations
you’ve been going through when you honestly face
your family history and where it has brought you.
Saying good-bye to it all takes guts.
Part of you is still that little kid wanting to be cared for.
The other side is the brave, grown up entertainer.



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Dealing with siblings, relatives and neighbors
will call upon all your skills of communication,
diplomacy, kindness and compassion.

People naturally assume you are in full mental control,
and are not deeply touched and affected
by surrounding circumstances.
So you’ll probably have to keep your own
emotional insanity to yourself.
You’ll have your secret moments of escape and ecstasy for sure,
but on the surface, you’ll still be giving advice
and keeping everybody else sane.


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The retrograde of Mars, which has been
a pain in your neck for months, is finally over,
so you can definitely plan to move ahead
and unhitch from terrible frustration and grief.
Not that everything always comes back to money,
but there are moments like now when you have
to arrange all your extracurricular activities
and desires for freedom around some
pretty tough financial negotiations.

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If you have been on lockdown, shutdown and generally collapsed,
you’ve still miraculously been able to show
some swagger and pull off some semblance of being present.
Now is the moment to begin coming out of that
cocoon you have been in. Nobody with half a brain
would ever minimize the traumas you have been enduring.
Then, too, because you are always so successful
at making such a giant effort to conceal your fragility,
they all think you are breezing through it.
Emerge now.

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Jupiter, your ruling planet, is entering
your solar ninth house and thank Heavens.
It will help you immensely from
plunging into the depths of despair.
Sadges have been having a devil of a time,
so this transit of Jupiter is a godsend.
The twelfth house passage of Saturn is still in effect,
so you still have to have your
periods of isolation and meditation.
It’s hard enough to maintain your faith
in the face of tough situations, so try not to
feed the goblins inside your head.

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As much as you need to explore various options
and experiment with different possible new paths,
total freedom makes you nervous.
You like to have a set goal, tasks to be fulfilled
and a schedule to meet, but at the moment
long term oaths don’t cut it. On the one hand
you’ve got a position to maintain and want to prove
that you are still on point and as committed
and competent as ever. But you can’t deny
the part of you that wants to live life as it comes.


Depending on how you have played the political game,
considering your tactics and behavior to date,
you have come to a pinnacle and turning point in your life,
one you’ve been working toward for almost fifteen years.
Some people make it big when Saturn culminates in their charts;
others hit one hell of a speed bump and have to change directions.
No matter how motivated we are to achieve status in this world,
Fate has a funny way of intervening.




It’s really amazing how important it is to value education.
Whether you quit school at fourteen
or have three Ph.D’s from fancy institutions, learning never ceases.
Now more than ever you need to seek out the persons
who can help you expand your mind and deepen
your understanding of your place in the scheme of things.
With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces now, it is too easy to just flop down
and get mentally lazy. It is vital to focus and tame the mind.
Well, maybe not totally.


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