(Everything seems normal on the outside!)
Do you remember what you were doing in
July August September 2015?
If not it doesn't matter.
You're going to take
a little trip back there now.
C'mon. Don't be bashful.
Time travel can be fun.
Come in, come in.

What's Scorpio have to do with it?
Well, let's strap ourselves in and find out.
Things you'll need: your brain and your mind

In order to take best advantage of
retrograde planetary periods
you need to understand that they are not as some people think--
signaling horrible moments in life
to be dreaded or feared.
As of mid April 2016, both Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of Scorpio,
have both begun their retrograde motions at the same time.
Although retrograde motion is a natural astronomical phenomenon,
it has a specific function for individuals on Earth.
Retrograde planets give you the opportunity
to metabolize material and thoroughly digest experiences,
find solutions to long-term problems
and properly adjust to changes in your environment .
It does impede at least momentarily
what normally passes for progress.
Progress is always taking place of course,
but in retrograde periods,
it requires you,
or rather you require yourself, to understand that
there are no shortcuts
to love, health or prosperity
in personal relationships, politics or business.
Planetary retrogrades do seem frustrating,
but their purpose is to deepen your understanding
of the results your own actions.
They are little time machines through
the time-space continuum
to events that you are sure you have forgotten--
Or thought you had
put in the past.
They show you that you cannot march mindlessly forward
without thoroughly working over memories
of events circumstances and situations
that need a more satisfactory resolution.
In many cases retrograde periods last
just days or weeks or even months.
In the case of progressed planets
it could be years or even a whole lifetime.
They sometimes demand philosophical contemplation
For now, let's look at the
Mars/Pluto simultaneous retrogression of April 2016.
The closer a planet is to the Sun
the more readily observable its effects will be
on your every day life, relationships and consciousness.
Mars is close enough to the Sun
to be in that category .
There's nothing subtle about Mars.
You feel passionate about something
or you burn your hand on the stove
it's right there in front of you.
Outer planets like Pluto produce cosmic, long-term effects
often through the unconscious mind.
From its great distance,
it takes longer to surface and understand the effect of Pluto and the way it can operate.
It is, in fact, a key participant
in your spiritual Evolution.
Although Plutonian manifestations can
be quite literal, clear, often harsh and deeply shocking , the real significance usually takes years to comprehend.
When Mars and Pluto go retrograde together,
they put a temporary stop
on your life.
You have to take time out.
Energy and motivation are sometimes lowered.
A crash.
This can be disconcerting to active people who
Maintain control of their lives.
Some external force, something has interfered with your plans with an
unnecessary distraction ---which of course turns out to be anything but.
Both Mars and Pluto
are going backwards or seemingly to re-examine some astrological territory they covered back in 2015.
Going even deeper we nay even mainly because the events back uncover a few buried memories from the mid-80s.
You have to dig pretty deep to make the connections.
And if your game enough and old enough,
you could even travel back to the mid 50s
where that all started.
We could call it a sort of astroarcheology,
traveling back through time, back and back and back,
layer under layer
till we discover the fossils
that lie at the base of
our minds and memory\

If you are one forward-thinking
action-oriented individual who likes to
put the past behind you, it may be hard to remember what you were doing
last year or last week.
But between April and September 2016
we must all step into the gondola
of retrogrades of Mars and Pluto
and gently ride along the waves of time.
We must pass-through Scorpio along the way,
since it is a certain section
of that sign
the echoed a great and significant change
in each of our lives,
In 2015,
largely dependent upon where Scorpio falls
around your own Astrological wheel.
If there are issues to work out, metabolize and digest,
debts to pay and rewards to collect,
this is the perfect time to return to the scene
this time as an observer,
less enmeshed, less emotional and less involved.
It's a time to uncover new evidence,
understand more deeply and clearly
what really happened and
the impact it had
upon your future life
and the power of deepened or severed the connections.
This is the reason we think everyone should read and keep handy all the relevant Mikey Messages we've been offering since 2008!
What you may think
That what is going on
is an annoying side issue
or unnecessary distraction that should be over and done with,
the fact is ,
it's not quite over and done with yet.
The purpose of the retrogrades
is to cleanse, metabolize, digest, and heal.
This is why we think everyone should look through their Michael Message Folder.
Make sure the following messages are handy from April through September at least:

Pluto in Capricorn: The Final Bump
The Plot Thickens
First offered in 2008
and 2013 respectively,
we're only halfway through the sign
and can already see how the signs affect your life.
The Mars Ritual
Offered a few weeks ago,
it gets more intense
as Mars triggers events from 2015
that need to be healed
as the days go on from May to September 2016.
Saturn in Scorpio
The entire transit
of Saturn in Scorpio from 2012 to 2015
is about to be brought up again
for healing and resolution.
There's nothing to be afraid of,
nothing can harm you.
The Departure of Saturn in Scorpio
Return to the scene now.
pay the final respects, and
claim your final reward.
This is a moment of healing.
Contact for Private Session

Aries / Aries Rising
You have confronted
the issue of life itself ---immortality and mortality
and learned who is really in charge. Having experienced loss or separation now you know how to live more fully. Especially now that you seen who's really in charge of your well being.
Catch up on your messages

Leo / Leo Rising
Having dealt with the permanent changes in close relationships, deaths and births, and father issues, you see the true meaning of family.
And changing attitudes to work and health can only bring greater fulfillment
the sometimes painful but necessary release of things and people
you no longer need
a spiritual exercise of saying goodbye to an old life
The private and solitary surrender to the plan of the universe, learning what wealth actually is.
Catch up on your messages

Pisces / Pisces Rising
The wisdom of knowing you have to learn before you teach, accepting the patience and discipline of education and the need to use your mind in the highest way. Finding yourself in groups of strangers.
Catch up on your messages

Taurus / Taurus Rising

The integrity and loyalty needed to succeed in a deep, long-term relationship and finding trust in partnership despite any past disappointments. Slowly stepping out of childhood notions and prejudices and raising consciousness.
Catch up on your messages

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising
The struggle with misplaced loyalties in politics or profession, honor or dishonor in public position and the difficulty due retain status, authorities especially male.
Coming to grips with the consequences your dedication and seeing it through.
Catch up on your messages

Cancer / Cancer Rising
Releasing all control of what you think love is, with children and relationships.
This is about the joy and heartache
of having kids,
a not so ideal but loving partner,
and the irony of all attachments
in this life.
Catch up on your messages

Virgo / Virgo Rising
Expressing love with less inhibition and coping with strains or conflict in
sibling relationships through impairment in communication.
Catch up on your messages

Gemini / Gemini Rising
The maintenance of health and hygiene through strict discipline. The effort to obtain mastery in work no matter how lowly. Treating your body with love, not resentment.
Looking squarely
In the face of mortality and fearing nothing.
Catch up on your messages

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising
Wrestling with the physical and metaphysical issue of staying alive. And since you're going to live, living a more real, mature life. Creating a new identity. Sibling relationships figure prominently.
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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising
Survivng the prospect of impossible change
Increasing respect for your courage and leadership in the eyes of others while not getting carried away with your own power.
Getting along with people. Maintaining or losing friendships.
Catch up on your messages

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising
The Sagittarius Challenge
Catch up on your messages

Libra / Libra Rising
The value of money and the link to family and real estate.
The effort to
Make wise real estate decisions and hold fast to ethical
economical practices while grasping the inevitable, irreversible changes in family.
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2 february 16

Sometimes at the end of a movie
that has been particularly affecting,
enriching, inspiring, disturbing,
spiritually uplifting or emotionally devastating
but somehow profoundly meaningful,
I will remain seated.
The lights will go on.
The members of the audience
will gather their coats and hats and popcorn
and rustle past me on the way out
as the rolling credits are still listing
the names of all the performers
and technical people
who had made the experience possible.
But ...
I will not be able to move for a while.
I will sit there for I don't know how long
until I come back to myself.
Were they just actors?
Did they put on costumes and read lines
and strut around pretending to be
someone else as they flickered across the screen?
Or did it happen to me?
And as I eventually leave the empty auditorium,
step into the street and return to my life,
I confront myself
on the deepest possible levels.
No matter where I go or what I do,
that film stays with me,
changes me, opens my eyes
to another dimension
I was previously unaware of,
altering my perception of my own reality,
as I continue on my way.
That is how
the retrograde Mercury conjunct Pluto
of January 2016,
combined with Neptune,
is still operating for everyone






remember this????
reread it all
(it will keep you
at least

or get
your Neptune message

if you don't have it



It's on again BIG TIME

Are you being led

by the hand of God ?
Or is a monkey beckoning you
down a winding path

and you, idiot,
are following ?
Odd isn't it--
How a sane and grounded person
can feel elated
and filled with the buoyancy
one cannot explain
other than you're being guided
by a divine presence?
Yet that same person can be hit
in the gut
with an eerie malaise,
a nausea and regret,
as if you've  made a huge,
stupid, intractable blunder
you can't take back--
Like getting drunk
and marrying a bellhop  in Vegas.

It would be great
to always be in the now.
Sometimes, however,
like now,
you can't even figure out
when the hell
now is.
And speaking of higher consciousness,
I'm all for it.
There's a lot to be said for
answering the higher call.
In astrology we often say that
Neptune rules the
Truly Inspired---
Scholars, teachers, artists
and advanced Beings.
And we do meet
people like that on our way.
However difficult as it is
to imagine,
there are some " people"
(actually leeches posing as people),
who consciously,
with malice aforethought,
seek to exploit the faith of others.
And this is something
you also have to know
about Neptune.
In addition to the pursuit of the divine, 
 Neptune also symbolizes
gullibility and naïveté,
no matter how many times you're
kicked in the teeth.
 It's the part of you
that makes you
an easy target for
well-meaning mystics,
or sad-eyed artists
sitting at the end of the bar
at closing time.
Or you could actually BE
one of those.
Like it or not,
Neptune in Pisces
at this point
in our
personl and social evolution,
is the triumph of
and it's going to be with us
for several years.
It must be honored now,
and bravely embraced
not only this week
but for years to come.
We mention it now
because of its
significant participation in the Mercury
retrograde transit.
Neptune is the source
of empathy,
the power to experience
It's the point in
your horoscope
blameless acceptance
of all circumstances.
It's where you must
surrender to ignorance
and acknowledge
that your life,
my life,
all life is
the result
of the frailty
of human choices.
We live with the limited
scope we have
of understanding
the nature of mystery

The facets are many,
all intertwined
and intertwingled,
too numerous and intricate
to define separately
and we must bow
to an indecipherable
mix of
blurred perception
and distorted

to our ignorance,
defeats all
or blame.
and we bow
the wisdom
found only
really hard to do,
if we start out with
the premise
that deep down
people are good and loving,
some moron
comes along
and tries to screw you over.
We have to stay
loving, trusting,
but cautious
at the same time.
and now...your sign.

Keep this message handy.
(just don't ever try to sell it.
It's copyrighted)

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