Everyone has one. Don't you?
Come now, let's be real.
You know that little thing you do when nobody's looking? 
It's no more than your version
of a coffee break from the grueling effort
you put in every day to keep functioning.

It's your private, vulgar way of saying,
"Aw, screw it! I need this or I'll go nuts."

Don't be embarrassed.
We all need that release.  

Don't blame Pisces. 

In addition to impossible perplexity, 
that sign has enormous wealth to give us right now.
The current eclipse in Pisces
turns all her attention to a particular drug of choice.

Just like the weather, both mild and gentle, violent and fierce-
around the world and in your mind, body, and soul.
That's the experience.
We're going to do more than one message for March
exactly for that reason.

Now it's time to examine the culminating effects
of the Pisces Virgo Eclipse cycle of the last 18 months.

We all have a drug of choice, and as we said,
it's our way of finding rest and respite from an uncompromising reality.

It's not really a question of
liberal or conservative, right or left.

The north node at the very earliest degrees of Virgo,
which is actually the end of the transit,
exerts the need for you to remain diligent, practical,
realistic, and continue to work
at whatever it is that keeps you marching along with the parade. 

It's vitally important for you to drag yourself out of bed sometimes
and continue to perform your service.
Whatever you find therapeutic to keep you rooted in the world,
even if the routine and regimen seem arduous
and take enormous effort on your part.
You will find it when you are of service on any level,
your own aches and pains diminish and even disappear.

We're not even going to deal with the retrograde of Venus right now.
We're going to deal at this point with the complexity of Pisces. 

You just gotta love it.

There is a secret to your amazing breakthrough.
It is not, however, just kicking ass,
but some people don't get that.
They convince themselves that pushing their way to the front of the line
is the best way to get past the velvet rope and into the club.

Yes, kicking ass means bravery,
and a determined action to move forward in your life,
look positively towards a future,
and courageously cut through all the bullshit
and do whatever you have to do to create a life you are proud of living,
whoever and whatever you are.


There will be consequences you cannot just ignore to any major action.
You must consider not only the results of your actions
but the effect your wake will have on the people around you.
Thin line, friend, thin line.
You cannot allow guilt or regret to hinder your path of progress,
and yet,
the sign of Pisces demands you include compassion
in your amazing breakthrough and leap forward.

So you cannot just merely blow everybody off.
The sky now is filled with ironic ambiguity.

Brash impetuosity and grandiose notions of one's super powers…
right beside a teetering tottering fear of impending collapse..

It's the fear of failure
right beside the courage of a fireman,
and his ability to plunge into a flaming house to save a kitten.
That's how everyone feels.

It's the sad eyed, wounded bird with a broken wing
hopping along a sidewalk.
Will that bird ever fly again?

True story:

I once found a bird in the park that had been mauled by a dog,
and I mean mauled.

At first I was just going to put it out of its misery,
but a friend and I placed it in a little box
and brought it back to my apartment.

It was pretty close to dead.
I just happened to have some veterinary antibiotics,
and put a few drops in some milk and the bird actually took it.

After a day or so the wounds began to heal miraculously,
and the bird perked up.

Five days later,
my next-door neighbor started to bug me
that we were all going to get encephalitis.

So I was forced to turn the bird out and let it take its chances.

Here's the weird part:

As I was walking out the door with the bird in a box,
a woman passed by my front door walking her little dog.

I didn't know her,
but had seen her walking the dog before.

I have no idea what prompted me to say it, but I said to her,
"Is there a bird sanctuary around here someplace or something?"

She looked at me and said,
"Funny you should ask,
I'm driving up to one in Connecticut this morning."

That little bird is living the life in Connecticut right now.
That's a great example of action and compassion.

For the next several weeks right during the Mars Uranus conjunction, 

The South node of the moon, Neptune, and Chiron
will all be rising in the east before and after dawn.

Everybody needs love. Realistic or not,
it is flowing now, and in some cases,
more torrentially than the floods in California.
The urgent demand for love cannot and should not be denied.

When not fulfilled or satisfied,
life can become a grim conundrum
and a senseless turning of the hamster wheel.
That's where the drug of choice comes in,
and that's why we all have one,
because we all need a place for release of tension.
We all need to find a moment of comfort and security.
When taken to an extreme,
that's where your life could become really murky, muddy,
and totally WTF.

Everybody has a place where they desperately try to avoid desperation.
Pisces provides a necessary outlet for love and inspiration,
and it could also be a place of great pain
as we seek to deal with our problems with over attachment.

That is exactly why if you already have received the three messages below,
you should definitely whip them out and re-read them as March rolls around.
And if you do not already have them,

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