This particular solar eclipse
on September 12-13th at 20 degrees of Virgo,
however, i
s not a disco party. 
So will somebody please turn off the strobe lights,
so nobody has a seizure in the meantime?

First of all,
it takes place simultaneously
with Saturn at the last
tippity degrees of Scorpio.
This is the residue of pain
and grief
and I agree it's leaving,
but at the eclipse point Saturn was still there.
At the same time there's a Pluto station.
This renders the period
a more serious solar eclipse
that initiates not a lot of screaming and dancing
but a period of repair, renewal,
reconstruction and recovery.
Especially recovery.

It would be wonderful if we could stay calm,
cool, and rational
over the 18 months
starting with the eclipse in September of 2015.  
In any relationship make sure
everything is spelled out
clearly on the dotted line,
all parties in agreement,
and let clarity reign.
But it won't happen like that
in this eclipse pattern.
It can’t.
Not with the nodes in Virgo and Pisces.
There is a twist in every deal,
a contingency not foreseen.
That's why some people
will feel cheated and defrauded,
and their efforts not appreciated.
Codicils and clauses slipped into the contract.
Slippery interpretation of meaning.
The emotional human factor eroding logic.
In this world of duality
nothing will ever be completely 100% rational.
As you will see during this eclipse cycle.

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