We are all surrounded ---

Job, relationships, money, kids, health,
not to mention your own inner conflicts,
philosophies, lifestyles, spiritual responsibilities,
the whole nine yards.
We all do pretty well considering.

It's not constant however.
Sometimes the pressure is off.

But other times...

We’re now going to look right now at the astrological perspective
of being surrounded,
or as the term is usually used,

Although it affects everybody on the globe, 
there are especially intense effects for all Sagittarians,
and especially those born between
November 23 and December 8.

The other mutable signs are affected,
as well Geminis born from May 21 to June 6,
 from August 23 to September 2,
and Pisceans from February 19 to March 7.

Those dates are approximate,
mainly because the sun is not always in exactly the same spot
every year on a given day,
so you really have to check with your astrologer
to be more specific about the effects.

In fact, depending on the positions and degrees
of your other planets,
you can be feeling it if you’re a different sign
with those degrees.

Mars-Saturn can be in some cases a lethal combination,
but it can also turn out
to be just a big tight squeeze.



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