2017 September

30 Sep: Revelation and Pluto

With Pluto you never see the whole picture right away. What has just happened this week will take at least five years to see what went down–in world relations and in your personal life. Something clicked in the global destiny andin your own sphere as well. In  the images below, Get too close and it’s just a black hole.
Gain healthy distance and it is the noble praying mantis.

29 Sep: We’ve been bewitched !

! Magic happened tonight. We have been spoken to by an unearthly voice. The Moon’s passage across stationary Pluto has nudged us all along our evolutionary path.
IF…..we can face what has to come next

27 Sep: We are now entering a new dimension of reality.

Nothing to be afraid of, be calm.  Nothing       can harm you, be calm.

25 Sep: Nuclear war this week?

Chill, will ya’ please?
Moon on direct Pluto could  be a stunning performance of brilliant statesmanship.
Don’t ask me who though. The nice thing is, if I’m wrong, you’ll never know it.

22 Sep: Pluto: your personal life changes

Pluto Messages you should keep

If you don’t have all of these Pluto  messages safely in a folder, get them now so you can trace your own  history before it happened. See how you have  personally changed, and ask yourself  why, and where you’re going because of it:

The Vanity Fair piece 2006

The following three messages are still for purchase: valuable right now in following why you absolutely  had to do what you did, no turning back.

Pluto at zero: 2008  

The plot thickens 2013

why  your life took the unavoidable and unexpected  turn

BOOOMM!! The end of life as we know it ‘nuff said



21 Sep: Did that all really happen?

As you scramble around, dry out and put the pieces back together again, is the tremendous impact of the recent solar eclipse finally hitting?
It’s like waking up married in Vegas!