2017 November

28 Nov: Wwhjooaa! Oops!

One of the serious consequences of  Venus and Mars simultaneously weak and in mutual reception: Loss of balance on every level. If you’ve experienced it lately, begin to restore it.

27 Nov: Laugh till you cry

Moon/Mercury/Chiron/Saturn with Venus at the lunation point (2014-15) See the film now. You’ll laugh hysterically till you end up sobbing your head off.

27 Nov: When the Moon..

…travels between Chiron and Neptune…

26 Nov: sagittarius: You just gotta wonder

I swear  we should all take a lesson from Sagittarians. From Nero to Lil Fizz —Only they can  go through a Saturn transit and when you ask how they are… “I’m fine!“ Inside? Could be maggots in a pail but Outside?  Just Fine.

23 Nov: The blindfolded swimmer

Talk about when you need faith! Here’s a message for all the new visitors who have not yet read about Neptune in Pisces.

20 Nov: New moon between Scorpio and Sagittarius

Whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not, something did happen and is still happening. Some intervention of some kind has occurred to produce the spark that continues to elevate humanity. In astrology we call it the ninth cusp, or that point right now just ahead of the…

17 Nov: Darrrrk moon

Don’t stalk it tonight. Let it come to you and it will.