2018 April

30 Apr: A little Unsure of yourself?

So odd, isn’t it? So many things you’ve always taken for granted about yourself and found confidence in – – your looks, your talent, job, resources, relationships or whatever—suddenly you’re feeling  vulnerable and unsure…don’t worry. We’ll tackle that. It’s just Chiron and baby’s first steps.

Like being on another planet. Gotta watch your step.

29 Apr: Full moon in scorpio ‘18

M This Full Moon is about surveillance and policing yourself. It’s about your ability to contain your desires and postpone gratification for more creative outlet. It’s not, as some people…

29 Apr: 2018-19: over the next seven years…

Chiron in Aries:Now that you have no one to lean on, This is your personal identity crisis to solve—a no-holds-barred confrontation with Self. We will discover through your horoscope who you are and who you are definitely Not, and how Everybody is actually Nobody. But not so fast…..

28 Apr: Don’t know who you are any more…

If  all of a sudden you don’t fit in anywhere, and you feel like a total gawky shloomp, that’s normal when Chiron first enters Aries. It gets better as soon as you start rebuilding your identity.

26 Apr: Messages you should be reading now!

We posted these messages below a while ago, they are active now, if you have them review, if you don’t get them.


Uranus Saturn Configuration– of course you want to be free, but you still have major responsibilities that you cannot run away from

Saturn Cap March 18 – where you have to put your nose to the grindstone and honor commitments before you run off to something new

Uranus at the end of the 12th for Taurus– don’t give up

Sharp Turn– expect anything, but predict nothing

Eclipses of 2017-2018 – love or friendship, the path to intimacy

Law of Attraction– obviously it is what everybody should embrace to become successful

Audio Recording of Boom– what’s going on now in politics in the world

Sexual Obsession– ‘nuff said

25 Apr: Psychic surgery & MarsPluto

Don’t laugh.
When you put your head there,
Healing power exists.
Like right now.

25 Apr: Ouch!

Mars conjunct Pluto. Cauterization and cleaning can prevent infection. That goes for relationships, too.

24 Apr: Looks mighty cozy, but…

What’s the catch? With Mars Pluto in Capricorn there’s always a catch.

21 Apr: Major kick in the head?

You can Act like one of those annoying people who deny the recent enlightening kick in the head you’ve received (and given), and pretend everything is always wonderful , but when Chiron happens, usually ALL MAJOR RELATIONSHIPS HAVE TO BE RENEGOTIATED.  Since Chiron  is going to be hanging around zero for months, know this: any individual you believe hurt or violated your trust or space feels just as wounded in his her own way. You can either use recent events to justify separation and alienation, or the opposite—-grow closer and more respectful as adults.

This is going to take work. Im not kidding.

 Stay tuned.