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Dreaded Saturn Station: you still have options

Ok I don’t think I was specific enough when I posted the message “How to get there from here.” I am talking right now, not 2020.  If you think you are at the end of the road, you aren’t.  It may seem you have run out of options, but you still have options.  It is a dangerous path now the requires prayer, right action, intention, mindfulness, but real hard work on a down to earth level.  Not two years from now but right this minute.
DIG DEEPER.  Focus all your energy in the right place. Have you read this message yet?


I am not kidding


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Prayers, right action, good intentions, mindfulness and very hard work. This Capricorn lacked the mindfulness part and the world turned upside down, inside out since 2015 during the first Saturn return.
Am I supposed to carry on being a good boy when I have started questioning the laws of Karma to be BS. I’m sinking. Might drown. Tired of swimming when I don’t even know where is my shore. Then this comes up…

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