2018 May

31 May: Despite the noise outside….

When Venus touches Jupiter and  Neptune, Baby  wakes up smiling.

30 May: A rare blessing

Amid travail, battle Or self-doubt: from the solar system to you now, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune send a gentle blessing of love. Find someone to kiss.

17 May: How to Save the world

To perpetuate good will and avoid the total extinction of humanity, I suggest an immediate co-ed summer camp for teens from Israel, Palestine, Tehran, Los Angeles, Greenwich Connecticut, Gambia, Detroit and the Apache Nation. Let ‘s just try it. What’s the worst that could happen?
The pregnancies alone would be worth it.

16 May: News at zero

The Mars transit over the zero aquarius point is a harbinger of the Pluto transit on that point the next few years. This represents a transformation in society and human social, cultural, political and financial evolution.

What’s happening today and this week will impact that 2020 election in ways we cannot imagine it now. 

We are all involved in a process That will change life on Earlth in as yet unimaginable ways.

The US presidential election of 2016 took place during this Mars transit, and has energized this point. Some people see it some people don’t.

It bears watching now each time any Planetary body occurs there  as Pluto approaches the same zodiacal degree.

That’s how Pluto works.  The unexpected twist in the US Election of 2016 Started the process. From now on, events in the news at such points   As zero Aquarius impact the future in ways that become clear as time goes on. Keep an eye on zero Aquarius. Not necessarily the drink.

15 May: The unfolding of events 16 May 18

phase two of THE COUP

16 may, 2018, 01:38 ET

Not only the turning point of government but the turning point of humanity. IT’s subtle, though.  If you can stay healthy till 2170 you’ll see the whole revolution revealed.   Be sure to Watch that Mars point AT ZERO from 16 May over the next couple days,
And then again around 12 september when Mars hits it again.

14 May: The world coup continues

The seeds of the coming global planetary revolution were planted in the early hours of 9 November, 2016 in Washington DC. Those Seeds are about to be watered and sprouting in the next 48 hours. It is now 8:16 AM. eastern daylight time, 14 may, 2018.Be sure of nothing. Those who know my work will remember that I first posted about this in December 2006. So this is not news. Is the approach of the Pluto return of the United States at the terminator point between 29 Capricorn and zero Aquarius.

13 May: Uranus 2010-2018: Lessons learned?

Before we jump into the new transit of Uranus in Taurus, let’s  take a deeper look at  What has just  been happening to all of us over the past seven or eight years. If there is any rational meaning or lasting purpose of the planet Uranus, it is to provide for unusual and even ingenious growth in discovery on your part. It’s what makes mutation and adaptation possible, which factor, let’s face it promotes evolution and  survival of the species.

Ironically it restores balance in your life by destroying your balance and whacking you off your feet. It reminds you of what you have neglected or avoided and where exactly the balance has gone out of your life in that area.It brings unexpected rewards the same way.

It always seems random – the last thing you would ever think of, but actually a shake up you need. Need? 

Who needs disaster, which Uranus does sometimes bring. It represents the challenge of compatibility in certain areas of our  lives and our abilities to adjust to circumstances we have never had a chance to either enjoy or cope with before.

Of course it’s natural to be relieved at the passing successfully of an unusually difficult period, and just as natural to look forward with joy and expectation to a new adventure. It becomes neurotic magical thinking either way, when you put all of your expectation is the change of simple planetary position. As if “now the bad stuff is over and I can really have a good time at last.“

Take right now for instance the 13th to 15 May 2018. It is now leaving where it has affected the sector of your horoscope across which the sign of Aries lies. But one word of wisdom: don’t hoist up the flag just yet.

During the first week of August 2018 Uranus begins a retrograde motion in the first week of November will return to the point it occupies right now At the very end of the sign of Aries. Then in early November it will move forward and Pass across  this same spot for a final time the first week of March 2019

So we have to stay frosty and make sure we have learned all the lessons that transit is trying to teach us.



Can you relate to what we have been learning since 2010?

Aries: Do absolutely everything you can to prove your superpowers while you still have them – within reason or without, of course. At least try to obey the rules. Which you won’t.

Taurus: Prove you can spring back eventually from any unforeseen disaster and forgive the malfeasance of any goofball trying to do you in so when the psychic storm is over you’re still standing.

Gemini: Friends may come and go, but always retain your faith in the goodness of human beings, even as your associations have changed.

Cancer: it’s not about fame or fortune or whether you are a household word or not. It’s about how people think of you and how they look up to you after you have touched them and they you.

Leo How your mind has grown and your behavior developed! All of your relationships have risen to a higher level even if your choices in partner come at a different cultural level.

Virgo: Althoughyou may have had to deal with what seems like insurmountable debt, be proud of how your  sexual authenticity has grown and deepened for

a more fulfilling expression.

Libra: you have been learning that granting freedom and independence to those you love is not abandonment at all. It shows a new way of bonding and understanding the needs of others.

Scorpio Taking care of your health, listening to your body and finding alternative measures to remain well have been your full time job. You’ve also learned how to use your ingenuity at work and live by your wits and genius.

Sagittarius: Parents and Children have to go their own separate ways-that’s part of life as your creativity has grown with children or without.What  remains is a bond of love that never leaves the heart.

Capricorn: Likeany organic entity the family itself eventually mmolts and changes. No matter how you try to hold it together and disruptive it may seem, the growth of disruption and transformation is not only inevitable. It is healthy.

Aquarius: living two lives as you have had to do, you have learned flexibility and I’ve gained a new respect for honesty and communication. Asthreatening as that can be sometimes, no matter how many roofs and separations there have been communication reunites.

Pisces: It may seem strange, but even if you were the richest person in the world or the thriftiest seven years ago, you have been challenged to tap into your wily resourcefulness. As a Pisces, financial security may not be your ultimate goal but it sure has been a trip to stay even close to being on top of the money thing.

10 May: Ur0Tau May your landing be soft

parachute at sunset silhouetted

09 May: The secret of life right now