2018 July

31 Jul: Get power back! Yeah, then what?

Mars comes close to Earth now in all its red planet beauty- -inflammations and circulatory issues, included. That’s one explanation for why people irritated with and annoy the hell out…

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30 Jul: A week that lasts months

The aftermath of an eclipse means that we must now make the changes brought on by the eclipse, so it’s not really “over.” And this Mars  transit we’ve been talking…

29 Jul: What the hell is THIS now?


is coming back this week.

28 Jul: With south node rising above the Moon


After such an eclipse, and being utterly derailed, It’s natural to experience a certain sense of unsettling emptiness. Not to worry. As Sun conjoins the North Node you get back on track and find all your truly treasured resources exactly where you left them.

27 Jul: During the lunar eclipse and after

As inevitable separations and endings are achieved, the world turns and the future unfolds. May all who suffer achieve an ocean of happiness, prosperity and health as a result of my efforts.

27 Jul: Antidote to Eclipse

Antidote to eclipse: ☉☌☊
Sun conjunct the North Node
Your source of renewal and strength. When chips are down Always return to your Sun Sign and by whole Sign house. it will pull you out of every situation no matter what. Your Sun by Sign and house- – your life line


26 Jul: There is nothing to fear, My Friend

Just empty your mind. Empty your mind.

24 Jul: Retrograde Mercury be damned


To penetrate the secret of the eclipse just stick with Miles and his Grandma(no charge) either from the post on fb, or the weekly message on the website from July 22nd. That’s all you need. Stemming from  what seed you planted during the Solar Eclipse of August 2017,  the secret to this Lunar eclipse lies in that account of  Miles and his grandma. Don’t miss it.

For those who wish a more direct  look at the nodes on the eclipse and how they are operating through the signs and the choices there in, click here for message to purchase.


To keep from going mental and getting completely hysterical, as impossible as it may seem, maintain your vision.