2018 September

30 Sep: Pluto crosses the line

Today, as Pluto crosses  the Sun’s path into the South, it manifests in full  what we said in the famous December 2006 Vanity Fair piece. Since current events will chronicle…

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27 Sep: Read carefully before answering

During this retrograde of Chiron in PISCES, in your own personal life, as of this moment in 2018, are you aware of having recently risen, rising now or about to surface, complex but necessary issues to courageously face and resolve, involving
perpetrator/victim or
innocence and guilt?


Re-read or get for the first time my message Chiron in Pisces offered on michaellutin.com at the beginning of this transit in 2011 and see how you’ve been able to grow toward greater maturity and wisdom. Or you can book some sessions with me and we work it out together. ofcemiaeut@gml.m  212-529-6464

26 Sep: Everything comes out of your own mind.

Remember everything comes out of your own thoughts. Doubt is part of this whole process, so if you let yourself get scared by your own mind, you’ll start shitting green and have to have liver tests.

26 Sep: It’s all getting slightly wtf

Chiron: It’s sort of like when some major element in your life for some strange reason seems to be causing a mild nausea…like morning sickness but nobody’s pregnant…

24 Sep: I’m just little old Me

You get a good, refreshing and liberating feeling when you read the sentence above aloud.
But…when being you becomes colossally boring,  it leads to restlessness,  which I believe any day now could complicate EVERYTHING….

23 Sep: Chiron returns to Pisces

“But what if I  make  a horrible mistake?”

During a necessary period of intense, humble self-reflection, moments of doubt are inevitable. 

21 Sep: chiron Retros over the Aries point….

And….as Mars approaches the Node,
You’ll probably convince yourself you’ve finally made a firm decision and taken positive action, but Please don’t blame me if there’s a bit more brain-chewing involved.