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Don’t be naïve.

You are being told NOTHING of any importance by almost every news outlet. As whacked out as it may sound, the real stuff is darker, more machiavellian than you would ever believe possible in the mad crush to control the entire human world. Think
deeper into every shred of information fed to you during this transit of Pluto. Snuffing is child’s play. Real, scary pros are running this game and the stakes are impossibly high. They’re all actors. 

 But certainly don’t listen to me. I’m one of the nuts.

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No, I don’t believe anything I see. And, I have my ideas about what is happening. But, if you have a better idea(and you certainly do), I want to know.

Well said Mr. Lutin. I’d already reached this conclusion. Correct: Scary

“What you do speaks so loud, that I cannot hear what you say.” – Emerson

In other words, pay no attention to what they say, just watch what they do.

And who do you suppose “the prince” is? Or is the prince a group as yet unrevealed?

What they allow you to see is not of importance! What they DO NOT show you is what you should most be concerned with. People must begin to see through the mirror!

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