2019 January

29 Jan: Alive!

Mars at the exaltation point of the Sun approaching Uranus in Aries. No matter how lousy it gets, you’ve got a reason to celebrate! You’re alive, goddammit! You’re alive! You’re still very much alive!


27 Jan: Other side of the fence

And right now toward the end of these forty nine days
If you find yourself sliding into THAT old mood, do not start comparing yourself to other people.

26 Jan: Joke’s on us!

The massive  deception being perpetrated on men, women, children and your little dog, too, one certainly too stupefying to metabolize, by those who have convinced themselves they know best and…

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26 Jan: My friend Jerry’s dream

My neighbor Jerry’s dream was so weird, I insisted he go see the Doktor.

Good Morning, Doktor Insekkt. So I’m in this theater. It was me but it wasn’t me. My name was Morty. A lot of people are there. And suddenly I realize that there is a movie we’re all watching. 

And suddenly something happens. 

I think someone up in the projection rooms turns the projector off and all the lights go out. Just for a second. Then the lights go on and the movie starts playing again, but, here’s the weird part. Noone remembers what the movie was about or what they are even doing there.

And all at once  I feel compelled to stand up and shout to everybody in the theater, « SEEK SHELTER! »

Does that mean anything? I did have spicy pizza that night.

24 Jan: Hard on the outside…maybe

True or false: With so much turmoil and uncertainty all around, no matter how proudly we may display a crispy exterior, to be quite honest right now there’s a bit of a super gooey mess going on inside everybody, in many cases approaching critical mass.So put your mind in a high place and keep it there, ‘cause the minute you let it slide, they’re just dyin’ to get in




23 Jan: Rebooting

Ever mindful that one’s intentions alone cannot tame the wild in every animal, here’s a cool Chiron wish for anyone to say to everyone in process of seeking a new start :
“May all those whose lives I touch know joy as  a result of my efforts.”

21 Jan: Don’t laugh

Don’t laugh.
It could happen.
At any moment of the goddamned day or night.
It could really actually happen.
So why worry..