2019 May

27 May: Believe it or not….

On Mikey’s World News  Right across the Hudson River…they  could see everything going on in Manhattan and beyond

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26 May: Somebody help!!!

It’s nice and comforting to read affirmations and prayers, but what do you do if the panic still grabs you?

It’s like a mad monster Is right in front of you growling, drooling and showing his teeth,   and  you stand there whispering, “Nice doggie. Nice doggie.”

If that happens (the feeling of being under attack against which you are defenseless), don’t freeze . Stay focused only on your very next task and don’t think further, even if it’s just brushing your teeth. That’s Saturn’s contribution to your sanity and well being. When it’s all over maybe  you’ll look back and see it was a doggie after all.

25 May: If this is true, it’s good news.

 And I sure hope that things are Going better over there, and I especially hope that all the other ME’s Have a more goofily  happy-go-lucky attitude about the near future…

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24 May: What would YOU do ?

  What would you do if your Neighbor, whose mental illness was becoming obviously progressively worse   (Saturn Pluto in his eighth) starts exposing himself,peeing all over your nice front…

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24 May: Hey! Look over here!

It’s  fantastic and absolutely brilliant how they got People to be  focused only on Trump and nobody is looking at the partition of the world. Cle—ver, I must say.

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24 May: I can’t recall who said it I know I never read it…

Despite rampant relationship  paranoia, which is another murderously cute aspect of Saturn  Pluto……there’s also pleasure and passion disguised within the battle for control and dominance,   Thank heaven