Michael’s All Day Workshop Horoscope Interpretation Recording up!

Recorded live at Mikey’s office.

We are offering a recording of a live presentation I did on June 1st. What you will be hearing will serve as an introduction that will become a 4 day retreat next year.  It is a lecture recorded into 4 parts in mp3 format. It is a response from many requests from other astrologers and students to describe and define exactly what I do, how I read charts, what I include and how I impart the information to clients. This is a culmination of my study, for longer than 30 years, to unite 21st century modern western astrology, Robert Langsian communicative psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with a Tibetan Buddhist approach. So this is not for everybody or beginning students.  So you should get this set of recordings if those elements are congruent with your desires to have an astrological practice using the method I have devised.  We are sending it with a pdf of the outline, so you can follow along. If anyone wished to pursue it and wishes to form a group of study around this material, do contact me at officeofmichaellutin@gmail.com


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