We know we are all going through something intense  right now.  Some days,Some days,

Some days… I get it, we  wonder why we should even bother.well,  should you or shouldn’t you?

Maybe we can help.

Whether you’re grieving, or worrying, or just plain feeling nervous or lousy about the future, you have to rise above it and continue seeking mastery in the subject we all love—astrology.

Our pursuit of knowledge through the stars has to see us successfully through dark times in light.

And October 19 and 20th we are going to not only get you through the next three hairy months but as well give you all the secrets of the unconscious mind to help you do just that.

This is your shot to prove you’ve got the guts to fight right from right here, where you are at, to grapple with life and come out a winner and show yourself and the world how astrology really works to heal body, mind and soul.

Be present at all times

Live and live stream worldwide from San Francisco California   

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