2020 February

28 Feb: In the darkness of the planetary nodes….

a portal opens , a bug flies in from nobody knows where, and life suddenly becomes a lethal spoof.  Get the picture?

27 Feb: As the moon touches a separate in conjunction of SaturnPluto

think about what is NOT being told or revealed, no matter how far out, crackpot or looney it may seem. And you just have to wonder if we are looking at the face of evil right in front of us or it’s just another day in the life…

26 Feb: Thin ice, Babe…

Thin ice.

24 Feb: She’s leaving home….

I understand perfectly how this New Moon is making you feel, but I have to ask you, where do think you are going when you know  there’s really no where to run?

20 Feb: Take a break!

Get off it, for crissakes. Give it a rest for five seconds, will ya’,please?There’s always refuge.

19 Feb: The most delicate balance for prosperity and happinedd

The shared ruler ship of the heavens by mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn – – – and Neptune in Pisces: it’s a balance between greedy skull-Fuckery and the gentle love helping those in need. Meaning: no matter how freaked out, hopeless or in pain you may feel, if you come across someone worse off than you (and believe me,there are plenty of them), take the time to talk them down off the ledge. That’s where you’ll find your superpowershttps://youtu.be/bUY48aQFcwA