2020 July

If you want to find out what they are really all about and what they’re really doing to us, you’ll probably have to wait till the next Saturn Pluto conjunction…

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29 Jul: Think we’re kiddin’?

 Sometimes it’s a lot easier to hide behind a thin veil of the madness or what appears to be Madness. Sometimes it’s safer to allow people to think you’re crazy….

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27 Jul: What’s happening, you ask?

Mars besieged by Chiron and Eris:

As rage mounts, With a barely audible deep, low growl, a lion painfully watches and waits.

24 Jul: When Aries Mars meets Capricorn Saturn

The attempt to socialize a wild animal
Us now
Story to follow . Stay tuned

23 Jul: This means something

 Captured by a guy named Mikey Cee, Who is probably a lot more tuned in that he ever dreamed. This is meaningful. Stay tuned.    

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23 Jul: What if?

What if all of a sudden out of the blue you get word that a distant relative you never even knew you had shows up in town for a brief and what you think is a fleeting encounter, but…when you look back upon it much later, the visit ends up to have marked a complete and total change in life as you knew it?

23 Jul: It seems like yesterday in China

On the subject of my favorite subjects, The Lawsof Recurrence and the Spiral of Consciousness: The last time Comet NEOWISE paid us a visit, emerging cultures in eastern China were…

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21 Jul: As world politics start to encroach, remember

                It’s your own shadow.