2020 October

30 Oct: Holding tight keeping a grip and not letting go

Different kinds of surprises on this full moon an odd sort of trust and loyalty


Don’t laugh. Wait.

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09 Oct: With Saturn strong now

we have to grow up,
pay our debts to and live in society
According to social contracts
of earth and cosmic law,
led by fair and honest judges.

But don’t kid yourself.

There’s a dark side, run by miserable, punitive, power-crazed soulless bastards out there at this very minute who are getting their jollies breaking your spirit just to make you OBEY.

07 Oct: In good hands?

following doctor’s orders

05 Oct: It’s calming music time when Venus is in Virgo

But the minute Mercury or any other planet hits Scorpio and your animal self starts howling at you,You can’t just sit there playing the harp if you know what I mean.

02 Oct: Venus kisses Regulus at the doorway to Virgo

               PURITY OF HEART