2021 January

19 Jan: Is this for real?

So is this for real and is the Divine Force actually intervening, or is it a fabulous, elaborate years-in-the-making, cast-of -thousands 5G Technicolor, CGI, spectacular, all talking , all singing,…

11 Jan: Well, Jiminy Cricket! As I live and breathe!

Always let your conscience be your guide, especially since this week when pretty much every member of our woozy civilization is trying to keep from going totally mental.

10 Jan: Shazaaam!

Continuing the Pluto affair, As Moon approaches astrological aspects to Mars, Saturn , Uranus and Jupiter, what seems impossibly crazily random, may well be part of an impossibly, crazily cosmic…

03 Jan: TWO YEARS AGO 3 jan 2019

It seems everyone is down with the same bug.
But that can’t be,
Or Can it?
That every single person on the Earth is down with the same bug.
But that’s impossible.
And yet, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

01 Jan: Of course I would love to wish…

Of course I would like to wish everybody a freer, much less restricted and more fulfilling year ahead. It’s just that for reasons I can’t figure out or fully explain, I am moved to delay my sincere and heartfelt happynewyear wishes for all beings everywhere to the New Moon in Aquarius on the eleventh of February, just to make a nice change. Until then it seems to be all in the dark.