Every day is Mother's Day
(whether we like it or not)

The minute the subject of Mother comes up,
some people shed a loving tear
in gratitude.
Others quickly protect their feelings, deny,
run, flee, hide, and feebly wimper
"She did the best she could,"
and that's that.
Was she that sweetheart
who timed her cookies
so they'd pop out of the oven
when you came home from school?
Or was your childhood home
more like a Dickens orphanage?
Was she a nurturing
and protective figure?
Or did you learn the survival skills
of a Navy Seal before you went to school?
And what does your mother's astrological sign
have to do with your feelings
every time Mother's Day rolls around?
Do you get that warm, nostalgic feeling,
or do you get the willies?
Since your mother was the first human being on Earth
that you had physical contact with,
the meaning of the contact
lies deep within the unconscious.
Nobody is all good or all bad,
and no matter what kind of mother you had,
you have to work it out to have a happy life
with her or without her.

If you haven't already read Childhood Rising,
the book we published back in the 90s,
here's your chance.
Have a happy Mother's Day.

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The Astrology of Your Mother, Your Father, and You


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