12 OCTOBER 2015

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The enemy of happy relationships;

All the icebergs could be melting,
aliens and politicians
vying and fighting for control of Earth,
but people will still be falling in love. 
Nothing can stop
the unconscious yearning of individuals
to make a deep connection
with another human being.
All creatures in this world of duality
are seeking to locate the "other"
and find wholeness in companionship
on one level or another.
Nothing can stop
the desire of babies to be born.
So it is a little naïve to think
you can close up and swear off relationships
just because of one little South node trip,
or even a serious loss
from disappointment, abandonment,
or even death.
It is also a little naïve
to say "That's it, I'm done, no more selfish #%%~@#."
We all need to understand
that our particular emotional constellations
are derived from a complex web of factors.  
What comprises the web
of our personal attractions
depends not only on the chemistry of attraction
but our childhood conditioning,
family and cultural influences,
and Astrological configurations
that make up our destiny in relationships.
So in this new Moon in Libra
with Venus moving toward a conjunction with Mars.
Here is required reading and listening for the month
If you already have the following material
you don't have to get it again,
but if you don't have it, you really need it.

Reading for the month
(two full length books) :
The astrology of your father mother and you.
When it comes to relationships,
how much are you influenced
by the horoscopes of your own parents
and their astrological marriage?

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although some are selling
for more than $400 US
and I'm still alive!

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The Astrology Of Why
The People You Are Attracted To
Eventually Drive You 
Crazy And What You Can You Do About It

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The answer is not so simple.

Perfect audio for this new Moon in Libra.
An hour long lecture
recorded live in Melbourne Australia 2012.

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