Eight root causes of Desperation as Saturn leaves Scorpio----

1,The feeling of helplessness
while awaiting a decision, diagnosis,
judgment, Revelation, miracle,
change, or new direction,

2,The delayed release
from a chronic situation or condition.

3,The experience of being subjected
to an agonizing long drawn out dilemma.... ,

4,The state of feeling suspended
in a vacuum, limbo or void
in transition from one state of being to another.

5,The anger brought by
having to accept enforced change

6,The frustration of being kept
from some item or goal
you believe will give you back your power

7,The urge to relieve
Lack of sexual fulfillment

8,The holding on to Improper attachments

imitating the primary cause:



After leaving its transit
through a Sign,
when any planet
returns briefly to that Sign,
it exerts its greatest force.
Only then are secrets revealed,
mysteries solved,
and lessons learned.
Between mid-June in late September 2015
Saturn briefly re-enters Scorpio. 
Deepest attachments are created
in the midst of
permanent separations.
Hasty  liaisons may be short-lived,
fueled by anxiety
and reactions to
what is really going on|
in your life--
mainly issues
that need to be cleared up and solved.
The last degrees of a Sign
give us an opportunity
to complete our tasks,
finish old business
and learn to let go
with dignity strength and courage.
Obviously such planetary alignments
can cause great anxiety
that comes out in many ways. 

Separation anxiety
( death anxiety)
can cause people to act out
in the craziest scenarios.
Death anxiety
is actually our fear
life-changing events
forces beyond our control.

Try not to project
or let your fears take hold.

It's not a dead end.
It's a major turn.

You'll see.

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