Messages And Books You Should Have
(If You Don't Already Have Them)


Neptune in Pisces

Relationships?!? The Webs We Weave (Relationship Workshop Recorded Live)

2012: Winning An Impossible Battle
(Uranus Square Pluto)

Breaking Free, Busting Out, And Changing Your Life (Uranus In Aries)

Dealing With Power
(Pluto In Capricorn)

Relationships: A Big Drag Or A Great Opportunity?
(Saturn In Libra)

Luck And Fate
(Jupiter In Taurus And The Transiting Nodes In Gemini And Sadge)

Consquences Of Commitment
(Relationship Workshop Recorded Live)

Made In Heaven: The Astrology Of Why The People You're Attracted To Drive You Crazy And What You
Can Do About It

Childhood Rising: The Astrology Of Your Mother, Your Father, And You

SunShines: The Astrology Of Being Happy Or Else!
(The Moon's Nodes By Solar And Ascendant Whole Sign) (paperback)