11-12 august

Strong pull
from the Dark Side there is.
But soon
growing the Resistance will be.



We have to intervene.

It's at the point now
where it's not funny any more.



Pluto Passes the Midpoint of Capricorn
What Does it All Mean?
Hold on to your hats,
wigs, and eyelashes...



Lyrics- Michael Lutin
Music/Arr.- Doug Morton
Performed by:
John, Frank, Gloria, Jeff, Jeannie, Liz, Doug, and Michael



8 August

Virgos, and Virgo Risings:
If you feel alone in or out of a relationship don't moan to yourself about it: How to enjoy your independence!


A Word for the Week
About Watching the Transits




hottest news
on the candidates



4 august

Nothing is impossible
and it's coming


Like the guy who claims to be
the greatest magician in the world
and insists an audience member
come up on the stage
and hit him over the head
with a sledgehammer.

There right in front of everybody
half his brains fall out on the floor
he is out cold of course.
Taken for HOPELESS


Three months he lies there
in the hospital
in a coma
hooked up to the machines.

Until the doctors and nurses
finally advise the family

to pull the plug.

Just as they are about
to pull that plug,

The magician
sits bolt  up right in bed,

smiles, and says.

This is
and the following weeks

after going through hell
how to put the past behind you
for all twelve signs
click here and read it



Have faith, however, not in fairy tales,
but in the realization of the truth
of impermanence of all things



23 july

Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio
As the ritual comes to an end:
Turning Desperation into Inspiration?
Or merely clutching at straws?

When the Moon is between
the Node and Chiron , i
t's hard to get a bearing on
where the hell you really are.
But before you go hysterical
and call yourself a loser
just strap yourself in,
hope the plane doesn't crash
and get back to work.

for astro session


Sun Leo Moon Pisces

The dawning of another day
Creativity,warmth, tenderness,
passion, affection,
the frtuiful union
of male and female within you


21 July

You ever get the feeling
that you just want to quit
whatever you're doing?
Even if you love what you do,
do you ever get that pointless feeling
that you're exhausted,
out of gas,
and ready to drop off the planet,
and then somehow, miraculously,
you get out of bed and keep going?
As the South Node
approaches Neptune now,
all these feelings are heightened
and many people are asking themselves
"Why bother?"
We first offered this message
when the Nodes entered the Pisces-Virgo axis.
But you could use it now
more than ever.
If you don't have it,





18-19 JULY
Is this the culmination of
the Mars ritual transit?
It doesn't make sense.
How can a person feel
totally drained, anxious, rejected,
fed up
and utterly exhausted,
while at the same time be
wide-eyed, restless, passionately energized,
obsessed and on the verge
of violent hysterics?
Don't know how that feels?
Drink seven Double espressos
then go to bed



18 july

Written in summer of 2006.
Check it out.
Stay tuned for update.



the first pic to be taken
of Earth
from Mars
by an Earthling


Mars at critical mass?

This is NOT critical mass

"I liked it better in Latin."."

is critical mass
The amount of fissile maerial
needed to sustain nuclear fission


Still with this Mars transit?

No matter where you go these days,
that damned stupid thing
seems to still
be after your ass
got it yet?




14 July

Whether you've been tapdancing your way
into the hearts of millions,
or gotten your hands nice and dirty with politics,
maybe you should consider
leaving the stage graciously for a while
before they give you the hook.
In case you don't have it:
14 July

We know you're more eager than ever
to reinvent yourself and have impact
on everybody in the whole world now,
but could you please wait till they ask ?
Don't just stop people in the street
and start operating on them.
In case you don't have it:


13 july


12-13 july

OK, OK, we get it.
It's the end of this long
Mars ritual transit
and you're feeling more than a little
unusually stretched at the moment.
You'll live


12 july

Talk about Scorpio going mental.
Gene Tierney in "Leave Her to Heaven.
She's so obsessed with her husband
and afraid something
will come between them,
she induces her own abortion.
( At one point her mother says,
"there's nothing wrong with Ellen.
She just loves too much.")
Then so jealous
of her sister's friendship
with her husband,
she does the ultimate
darkest Scorpio thing possible – –
she kills herself
and makes it look like murder.
It All works out in the end though.
I'm writing the musical version

11 july

thanks to the magical Carly Simon
Viewing your life on Earth
from Mars. Exactly what
we are all doing right now.
click if you don't get it yet


10 july

Of course it's not true
of everyone but....
If you see some zany,
manic performer strutting

around the stage
like a baggy pants vaudeville comic
from the 1930's
or Mick Jagger in the 60s,
you could bet that such upbeat cavorting
is covering up a pretty deep depression.
Many folks are trying to stay afloat-
psychologically and spiritually
any way they can.

it will take effort and energy
to remain positive through
the end of this month
and the end of the Mars

visit to the past.
Don't be scared of it.


9 july

("Drowning Girl'
Acrylic on canvas Michael Lutin 1982)

We all need support this month.
Yours, mine, everybody's
world has been tilted, nobody's floor is level
and whole lot of us are reeling.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius risings
need the most support of all.

They march bravely on,
laughing on the outside,
dealing with deep internal struggle.
We offer the message below
to help Sadges turn the pain into art.
Btw....Always Read the solar chart, too!
Click for message


8-9 july

As Mars crawls slowly
toward the final degrees of
the tension mounts.
Frustration reaches
intolerable levels.
In some cases this is sexual,
stemming from lack of partner
or too infrequent an orgasm.
But it's also good old-fashioned anger
that has been building up
for a long time.
Maybe you're even mad at yourself
and looking around for
a convenient someone to lay it on.
And progress
seems to be taking forever.


7 july -2 august


Please do not ask for further explanation.

If you need one,
you probably won't get it anyway.



4th of july weekend.

I wasn't kidding about Mars Scorpio

We joke around about how dark and scary it is
but the truth of Mars in Scorpio
is a lot different or Can be.
It's not just the sleazy stalker
who looks at your behind
as you walk by.

It goes way beyond an overflow of sexual hormones.

It's the constant creator
impervious to obstacle--
like the Terminator
or one of these robots that are coming on the market:
you push it down, and it gets up
and it can be programmed
to kick your ass
Or go on with its business.
You could get whacked with a lead pipe
or smash into a tree.

They think you got it .
Think it's dead .
But you return,

renewed, refreshed, repaired. 

So wherever Mars in Scorpio
falls in your chart
you've been knocked down
and taken for dead
but you rise up
renewed, refreshed, repaired.
But what about 2014 and 15?
What's that all about?
Very often the effects of a retrograde Mars
work unconsciously,
so over these past few months
you have been working over material
from two years ago
and even longer back to 1985
or 55 and 56.

Most often you don't even recognize
that you're working over old material ---
events that happened a long ago
and your current projections about them.

But here we are,
 no longer safely burying in our unconscious
what we can't even remember,
Now is the confrontation
with yourself and with others.
So if you have found courage,
great. But don't be obnoxious
because everybody else
feels the same way.
It's definitely time to go ahead
and move forward,
renewed, refreshed, and repaired.
Some permanent damage has been done.
Let's get that straight.
The past transit of Saturn
between 2012 and 2015 was a whopper,  
mainly because both Mars and Pluto
had their hands in it.
We can chalk it up to the old
"shit happens"
routine, or look for deeper reasons
why our lives are so deeply touched
and irrevocably changed
by the people in our lives
and the situations we run smack into.
July 2016 is crucial.
Visit the site of the events
that have marked your life forever.
It takes a lot of time for deep scars to heal. 
It's very difficult to face the fact
that someone you love
has died and they're never coming back.
It's also difficult to face
that's some relationships must go.

This is your month to make
either war or peace,
either with others or yourself.
That's the news.
By all means share and use this material
and talk about it,
but don't sell or distribute it for profit
without my permission.
Just credit your source
and have a great Fourth of July.



30 June

you think YOU're uncomfortable
from this transit of Mars?
If it will make you feel any better,
everybody else has
hemorrhoids too



27 June





26-7 june
Moon chiron
Oh what's the matter, Sweetie?
Did you fall down and go boom?
Do you miss your Mommy?

There may be a tender spot
someplace deep inside
where you believe that
your genius or loving nature
has been unappreciated, or even abused.
You could even experience
embarrassment, guilt or shame
and a sense of not belonging.
Maybe you have been left out,
passed over, and ignored,
or in some other way made to feel
you just don't fit in.
An outsider by choice or circumstance,
you are maybe still hurting
and yet you can't tell anyone why.
The way out
is through compassion and empathy.
You can help others
who lack your keen awareness
turn a sense of alienating inadequacy
into a badge of honor, pride and accomplishment.
Did you get the
Chiron Pisces message
for your Sun/Rising Sign yet?



25-6 june

Moon conjunct South Node and Neptune
(why drugs and some people are so hard to kick)
While going on your way,
you come upon an unfillable hole.

You either go around it
and continue merrily along,
or are curiously drawn to it and fall in.
Every damned time.
gotta think outside box




Message to England:

Why you shouldn't rush into action
while Mars is still retrograde
in Scorpio:

You could get all dressed up
and leave the house
with your fly open




23 june 16

Everything happens during the
station OF mARS
if you have patience.
Horses at the starting gate
are champing at the bit.
Bakers: Refrain from opening oven
until cake is done.
A significant turn lies around the corner.
But, Oy,
the Fun House can scare you silly....
Talk about death anxiety



20 June

We've just discovered
a series of recordings
of workshops and lectures
we thought had been lost
in a mass deletion on our computers.


20 june at the Solstice

Jupiter North Node conjunction
In Virgo
May your harvest be plentiful now.
May all beings receive
the generous bounty
of a glorious, fruitful Earth,
be nourished in all ways
and restored to well being
and prosperity---
( yes, even gluten free )



19 june sunday

Mars at the stationary degree
Bear wakes up
energy returns

Bear wakes up
Bear wakes up
What was stagnant dormant
is active



18-19 june
when the Moon in Sagittarius

is besieged by the malefics
as it is today,
you show great spirit,
courage and good humor,
even surrounded
by unfortunate or hostile circumstances.
You reveal no shame
fear or disappointment.
On the contrary you carry-on bravely,
and if the lights go out,
you whistle cheerfully in the dark.
As for any elephant in the room,
as you squeeze by you just say,
"Nice Doggie. Nice doggie."



16-17 june

Mercury Gemini BREATHE!






14 june
stay Positive now
even if things get



9-10 JUNE

Ridiculously optimistic
and desperate at the same time?
Depends on how
you look at the current situation.
Two sides of the human mind;
Sun/Venus in Gemini
ruled by mercury in Taurus

retrograde all by itself
at the end of Scorpio.

Gemini and Scorpio

Like Trump and Clinton


6 june
It's no joke
when you can't
fix upon a
subject for long.

the week ahead?

5-6 june

Actual contact or your imagination ?
Venus at superior conjunction,
Mars back through Scorpio---

"Wait a minute, quiet!
Don't anybody talk,
Don’t anybody say a word.
I think I'm getting a message,
And it's from the other side,"......
Through a hole in the cloth t
hat keeps us from them,
A finger is waving hello
Yes, a finger is waving hello....
Is There a lady from Chicago here,
Your mama is all right,
She says please call Your sister now,
Sisters shouldn't fight,
She's very happy where SHE is,
You really must not cry,
Surprise to learn there's no such thing,
As farewell or good-bye.

The man in black with blue-striped vest,
Your wife sends You a shove,
Yes, take that job in Santa Fe,
She sends You all her love,
She'svery happy where SHE is,
You really must not cry,
Surprise to learn there's no such thing,
As farewell or good-bye.

A special word for Marcia B,
Miss Marcia of Duluth,
It comes from Mo who thank You so,
For telling him the truth.
HE's very happy where he is,
You really must not cry,
Surprise to learn there's no such thing

As farewell or good-bye.

To Fred, Your health is fine, Love Jane,
To Bill,' You're fired," Signed Max.
A nudge from Mr. Rosen's wife,
"Al, pay that probate tax,"
They're very happy where they are,
You really must not cry,
Surprise to learn there's no such thing,
as farewell or good-bye.

I get a sense of someone here,
Who's suffered way too long.
The message comes from You-know-who
Who knows what You did wrong.
I'm told to say it's over now,
Live And let live again;
Be wiser And a little kinder
Than You were way back then.

I'm sad to say the moment's here,
When certain hearts must break,
You have to let them slip away,
For their own, sweet loving sake,
The veil has dropped it's all a haze,
I think I heard a moan,
It's only my own voice I hear,
I'm sure that I'm alone.

"What gives a peach tree peaches?
What fills the spaces between the stars?
What happens all along moonlit beaches?
And Sometimes late at night in bars?
Scorpio, my friends, Scorpio,
now playing everywhere.
And don't You forget it."
(From "Pluto In Scorpio: The Musical"
Copyright Michael Lutin Lutin 1983)

mars ritual click here if you dont have it yet



2 JUNE 16

We've asked some good people
to weigh in with their advice


31 May

If you see your past flash before your eyes,
join the club.
If you don't see it, yet, be patient.
may 27th-august 3rd, 2016
A Critical Moment Of Choice
For all parties involved


27 MAY-AUG 3

Your own private
may 27th-august 3rd, 2016
A Critical Moment Of Choice

27 MAY

Look familiar?
You've been on this road
in exactly the same spot before.
The royal trick is
to navigate it differently
this time.


25 may
entering time warp
2015 2014 qne beyond

let the Mars healing begin


Next Week in Review
Or rather

The Next Two Months And 11 Days in Review




Poised between what
you're scared will happen
and what you hope will happen

We are all living on the edge
between our unconscious drives,
wishes urges, and fears,
and the joyous freedom
that comes from
conscious awareness
and wise choices.




15 may

The moment has come
to step into
the time transporter chamber
and experience A
temporal displacement cycle.
The dial is set, but nothing to fear.
You should be back
by sometime in August.
It's OK if it all seems puzzling
or you don't understand
where you are .
It will all be clear.
As the clock begins
ever so slowly to unwind,
you will notice
you are moving backwards.
Soon it won't be now anymore....
It will feel strangely like then.
Now will begin to be then.
You will recognize the scenery,
It will soon not be now anymore.
It will be then.
Where are you?
And when?
August 2015
February 2014

This is the beginning of
the Mars healing ritual.


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