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A Message for Everybody

The October transits of Venus and Mars
are favorable for communication between the sexes,
which by the way are way more than two.
Bisexuality and the 50 shades
of rainbow color in between
allow for more open expressions
of personal feeling than ever before,
especially with this Venus Mars Transit.

          Of course with Pluto and Neptune involved,
along with the idyllic fantasies of romance
come the usual jealousies, love-hates,
and falling-for-the-absolute-wrong-person
type adventures.

By and large, however,
it favors almost a perfect brother-sister,
sister-sister, brother-brother sort of
good-natured companionship
that we all need to enjoy
and appreciate.

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Looks like you’re getting out of town more
these days and for pleasure.
That’s usually the effect
from Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus in fire signs.
It’s funny, too that when you
tell yourself you need R + R you grab some. 
          Gotta remember, however, that
as independent and free-wheeling
as you deserve to be as an Aries,
the north node of the Moon in Libra
is there to remind you that there are people
in your life on whom you depend.
They represent your stability and are in your life
to keep you from completely blowing it.


Passions get stirred when Mars is in the eighth house.
It can be a deeply loving and intimate sort of feeling
that puts you in touch with both
your need for closeness and creative expression.
Living at the very edge isn’t usually fun,
for any Taurus, and yet you can’t
seem to avoid it these days.

Consider the impossibility
flying at you,
unexpected whacks that
can come out of the blue.
Instead of expecting some miracle
to save you from disorder or disaster,
simplify your life. Work regularly at it.
Restore a truly healthy diet and exercise
to your daily regime whether or not
you like to get out of your favorite chair.
That in itself is a miracle.

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You will benefit if you can love the person
who leads you in the dance this month.
We know you’re all caught up (overloaded)
with work and still seriously concerned
with your weight and stay fit and well (read: alive).
Commendable. You don’t have to
abandon your good habits
to profit from companionship with a free-spirited individual.

          It’s just that despite your insistence
on being independent,
with a North Node in the fifth house,
sometimes you have to face the truth
that a more intimate almost
parent-child relationship is the more fulfilling one.

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  Many Cancers have had to deal
with major aggravation
or with political reversals and complicated relationships
with impossibly irrational and unpredictable people.

          It’s made business a nightmare
for some members of your sign.
You have to keep your inner equilibrium.
Jockeying for control, playing power games,
or fighting for a position
is an irresistible temptation, however.

          But as both Venus and an Eclipse
point occupy your fourth house,
keep in mind that your job
is to keep the “family” together,
and so your private life
means turning your back on the world
and improving the domestic scene.

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When the planetary ruler of your fifth house
passes through Leo, naturally you need attention,
stroking, adoration and a little healthy narcissistic
feeding of your ego. So you are to be forgiven
if you burst into song and start serenading
loved ones with your version of
“Have I Told You Lately That I Love Me?”

Venus in the third house will
give you the desire to spread that love around,
but… Don’t get too grandiose or somebody
will pop your ego balloon.
Communication on an honest basis
is urgently needed
to bring your brain back into focus.
Your performance depends
as much on your audience, as always,
as it does on your talent and love.

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          You’ve probably got people coming
and going in your house these days,
stirring you (and disturbing your peace and quiet)
to new emotional and creative depths.
You must remember, however, not to get lost
in or seduced by your own personal needs and desires,
powerful and valid though they may be.

          Supporting oneself, maintaining your life style,
and developing greater prosperity
have to be primary goals.
That means keeping your mind on business,
and not getting tangled up in fantasies and promises,
offers and temptations.

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The Venus transit through Libra
may last for only a few weeks,
but it sprays you with a touch of Spring,
no matter what hemisphere you live in.
Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra,
so it offers you a dignified sense
of your allure at any age.
Near to or distant from the idea of romance,
Venus lets you treat yourself
to an enhancement of your beauty
or to enjoy couture that elevates
your idea of your own attractiveness
and elegance.

Of course when it approaches Pluto
during the first several days of the month,
you’ll have to feel the obsessive longing
for people you shouldn’t be longing for,
but as that passes and
Venus touches Mars later in October,
you’ll be back in contact and socializing
(sometimes in a sisterly or brotherly way),
with carefree people who love you as you are,
especially since they are
in and out of town so often.
It’s a pleasant moment in the Universe for Libras,
in terms of personal connections, and provides
a letup from a conflict all the members
of your Sign have been grappling with for months.


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 Without being too crass about it,
this is a good time to make money.
Your numbers are up.
You’re getting attention and offers are out there
if you are willing to go for them.
Saturn in your sign works for your benefit too sometimes.
Even if half the time you feel half dead,
your competitive spirit is very much alive.

A key ingredient to success
will be your commitment to excellence
and a deep sincere love for what you are doing,
mainly because prosperity comes from a spiritually
generated desire to enrich the lives of others.

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Your outside life is now once again, thank god,
active, positive, and full of hope and promise –
thanks to the planetary ruler of Sagittarius
in your solar ninth house.
Nobody has to know
your other private woes and agonies,
or whatever other self-destructive
fantasies you are feeding.

You’ve got to try at least
to curb any romantic obsessions
you may be nurturing, however,
in favor of more altruistic goals
of honest and true friendship.
Those are your real goals.
Besides, when you support
the freedom of other people,
guess what – you get yours in return.

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The word “career” is often mistakenly considered
as a synonym for Capricorn,
but that is not exactly accurate.
The members of your sign are not seeking empty reward
or for some pursuit, chosen because
it results in legitimized recognition.

          For one thing, you have a strong desire
for love and fulfillment in your private life
as you do in public, sometimes even stronger.
Your real ambition, however, is to achieve a level of respect
from your peers and community,
which includes an activity that fulfills you mentally,
spiritually and emotionally.
Money ALWAYS helps.


Higher consciousness is not just a completely
worn out notion from the 70’s.
With Pluto in the twelfth house and Saturn in the tenth,
it would be easy to be driven
into a potentially destructive political morass.
Remember your prime directives:
always working altruistically
for the common good,
and contributing to group efforts
for collective prosperity.

Yes, of course there are the daily contingencies,
conflicting loyalties,
and always the issue of your reputation.
But above all lie your integrity
and your reliance on your love and respect
for truth and justice. Not a joke.



     Although we only speculate and rationalize
what the purpose could be for all the pain,
suffering, doubt, confusion, and alienation we often feel,
at least we can pinpoint a use for it now.

          And although we know that in the end
nothing in this world amounts to beans,
at least with the North Node in your solar eighth house,
you can trust artistry and creativity.
That sometimes means forgoing the money up front.

Surrender to the forces
that turn the great wheel of our galaxy
implies honesty on all levels of life and death,
and that includes sexual integrity.


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