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College of Cardinals

Confidential to Their Excelenncies
The College of Cardinals: Salve, Fratres sancti

Hodie in veritati vobis dicere volo
Which roughly from Latin could posisbly mean,
” Hi, Guys, I Ain’t Kiddin, Fellas!”

Now that you’ve all gotten to chill and know each other and have finished up with your Chiristian Mingle thing and are ready to get down to business,
I am not going to harangue you about making Mary head of the Church
or bug you about the sex thing.You know you have to handle that, and besides,
who the hell am I to preach to Your Excellencies?
But that is definitely another story.
All I want to do is ask you once serious question.
And if you want to say it’s none of my damned business, I’ll shut up and drop the issue. But franchement Je creve de curiosite, which means
I’m croaking with curiosity.

And all I want to know is this:

Does Goldman sachs have anything to do with
your choice for the New Pope?

OK I’ll shut up.