20 july 2020

New Moon In Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn. The attempt to restore intimacy.

Whatever you do, don’t thaw  it out. (But they have to, it’s in the script.)

How I came to publish the big Vanity Fair piece from 2007

(still on their website 13 years later).

In the Spring of 2006, madly in the throes of a deadline for my latest book on the Nodes, (The Astrology of Being Happy), for a reason I didn’t understand I was seized by the desire to take a break (North Node in 12th House) and ferociously started writing about current events and the solar horoscope of the United States.

I couldn’t stop, I had also to prepare for a workshop up at Lily Dale outside of Buffalo- nice people, but I figure ok, they want to hear about the Moon’s Nodes, even if they sit around and talk to dead people.

Beautiful up there in June my way.  So I did talk, although when I realized these people seriously thought they were talking to dead people I was pretty skeptical, but decided to change my presence to include the issue of death anxiety, mainly because I figured they must they all suffered some traumatic loss to get them so into communication with the departed.

Did my workshop.

As I was waiting for a car to drive me to the airport, a leading and living well respected of the LDA(Lily Dale Assembly), approached me and said she had a message for me.

I shuddered.

She said “this was client of yours and he wants to tell you something.”

That’s always irresistible, but I was especially vulnerable to suggestion at the time having recently lost my close friend and literary agent, so I thought, “Oh yeah, Al, the Aries that always joked to me that he wanted to have placed on his tombstone, “I’ll be right back.”

The medium continued, “It was one of your clients and I think he worked for NASA.”

Well, I told her I never had a client who worked for NASA.

So it had to be a “ghost calling the wrong number” I answered with nervous skepticism. She insisted she was sure he worked for NASA because he had worked on the Mars project and he wanted to thank me for all I had done for him before he passed.  Uh. . .    . Didn’t I know anybody from NASA? Sorry. Wrong Number.

Then she abruptly changed the subject. Or so I thought.

“What does Paris France mean to you?”

“Oh, my second home,” I answered.  And I showed the silver St. Michel medal that had been around my neck since I was a teenager in France.

“He’s French,” she said quietly.

Stunned. Incredulous.  This couldn’t be.

Of course.  Of course he didn’t work for NASA.

It was the man who did work on the Mars project, but is Mars operated in is horoscopes.

Michel Gauquelin.

This was 2006.

Michel died in 1991.


She didn’t know him or who he was.  She didn’t know I knew him or that we had had a private friendship and how I had helped him with some things over the years and especially shortly before he died.

No one knew about that.

Then, and this is mental, she asked me where I got the St. Michel medal and when I told her the name of the Church in Paris I had acquired it, she interrupted “That’s his parish.”

At this point I was blown away.

Completely blown away by the experience to such a degree I could barely ask her what the message he had for me, as I was already in tears.

“Are you writing something now?” she asked.

When I mentioned the book on the nodes, something it took me years to get published.

She added, “Is that a yellow book?”

Shaking my head, I shrugged, “yes,”

“But that’s not the message,” she said.

“He’s very grateful for all your friendship and help and are you also doing something about Capricorn?”

Clunk!(That’s my head hitting the sidewalk)

“Well, he would like to help you with that.”

Two weeks later Vanity Fair bought the piece that was published in January 2007.


“Special Alert: Horoscope USA”, that has been on the website for these past 13 and half years. I’m still wearing the medal.  Thank you Michel and for all the people who still enjoy my work.

Follows is the unedited, uncorrected first version never seen by the public before.  Get it here!





Those beings dedicated to the benefit and betterment, joy, liberation, spiritual and creative freedom, exploration of dreams and pursuit of happiness for themselves and all beings on Earth, are welcome to immediately direct their minds one-pointedly and unwaveringly toward such goals, For themselves and all beings on Earth.
To All others:
Seek shelter elsewhere.

 To all American citizens, remember this on Election Day.:
Even skunks deserve A little tenderness and kindness once in a while.

It really seems sometimes that somebody is actually creating and amplifying horrendous discord and mistrust of other people. It seems real enough but it’s a crazy, manufactured distraction.
Whoever is creating, fomenting and disseminating fear among people should stop immediately.
For all kinds of reasons that in the end are specious, when you strip it all away you realize that alienation is death while cooperation means life. So for God’s sake, forget the politics.
It doesn’t cost anything and you have nothing to fear.
Focus on your Sun Sign by house. Help any of your fellow humans who need it right now and you heal the world.

Darkmoon before eclipse

Gotta stretch your mind like hot rubber for this part. When you think back clearly to the first six months of 2020, you will see that There was something also blessed and quite sacred in the alternate reality presented for the whole world, as well as personally for you and for me. This
showed us all, collectively and individually , what could be possible for us in another dimension, in brilliant technicolor, good and bad witches included, plus all the things we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s meaningful to have been given a peek into another future past future .
We got a sharp closeup view of another life and destiny we could have met in another possible realm and outcome of existence.

Now we, You and I, are back where we were before the lockdown, trying to Live with our decisions, embrace our all too human choices, make a lasting contribution, maintain relevance in a troubled world, and still
Realize love at last.

The Next Three Years
(might feel like 100)

Crossing a Perilous Bridge
to the New World


Transits of Pluto are always traumatic, in the first manifestation of the transit. When we look back in history we see the demonstration of how much chaos is associated with those transitions of human society. Looking forward for the next three years, the world and all of its sentient habitants will be. . . readmore







11 june Neptune for me: It’s my belief in Universal Love and cooperation among all sentient beings in the universe. and being grateful for the gift of creativity to share with all beings and help and lighten them and take away their sorrow. But it’s also got like A whole Nother side, to it, like, Offer me chocolate and I’ll get in the car.

6 june. Life  can be pretty goddamn nervewracking AND boring. But here’s the secret: when the Moon is besieged in Capricorn and Saturn is involved, you’re bound to be haunted by plenty of anxiety. It seems that the only effective way to get rid of it is to give your attention to the most MundaneTasks you have been totally avoiding. Doing so actually changes the chemistry inside your head.  That sounds like something I made up but it’s actually true.

7 june With the Moon so besieged in Capricorn, you should try to avoid panicky responses panic and rash decisions. Remaining sane and planning options and strategies may be difficult, since there’s a pull to run out into the street screaming and joining the craziness.
Do your thing stick to your commitments,
Carry on the detailed boring work And just resist getting sucked into the storm..

This guys got the right idea: no ideas at all.

Eclipses are fascinating and beautiful cosmic phenomena to observe.

So you can understand. . . how the sentient beings of long-ago on Earth might have been deeply spooked by such mysterious and rare occurrences.

When seeing an eclipse it looks as if something has taken a bite out of the Moon, if the eclipse of course is taking place at night where you happen to be present.  Of course it is still happening wherever you are, but if it’s daytime there the effects can be the same or similar only you just feel it without actually seeing it. This eclipse is a recurrence of a similar set of eclipses that took place back in June 2002 similar not the same this one is lunar what worth mentioning. This one temps you to become focused on and even obsessed with “wrong thinking.”

We say “wrong thinking” not as a judgment of good or bad, but as a reminder of what the highest good can come from a South Node in Sagittarius lunar eclipse. This is the point along the zodiac where this eclipse happens to be taking place. read more on the eclipse. . .



31 may 20. Message to everyone on Earth and in orbit:
No matter how sensational , threatening or seductive, ALL IS DISTRACTION. Though extremely difficult now,
It is vital to retain onepointedness of Mind.

30may20. “Tribulation, Shmibulation. Let’s get the hell out of here. For a minute back there in March during the New Moon on Chiron, I thought they might be getting the messagebut…If anybody asks, tell ‘em I was just passing through.”

Lunation in Gemini 2020


How the Earth meets the Air

Click here for  all 12 signs!



Michael Lutin probes the mystery of 2020

When did it happen?

How did it happen?

Why did it happen?

Who did it?

Have we found the key?

Recorded live May 16, 2020 at the NCGR Spring Conference



And now kind Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, a-wouldn’t-be-surprising alien invasion, Carefully crafted and expensive to produce, but ultimately so crappy and obvious that serious enthusiasts of the UFO phenomenon, the real aliens themselves up in their ships and even Werner von Braun from his grave,will all have A good laugh. (Spoiler alert: Norman Bates dressed up as his mother.)




One big giant pain in the ass?

Or a gift from the gods for your development and personal attainment? You’ve got to just buckle down, do your best, go with the program and don’t think you can sneak past the ticket taker, because you cannot. With regards to what is happening right now to all of us, it seems to me that those who are favoring prudent reawakening of the country with some measure caution in restoration will be wise.Saturn is just steps away from its retrograde return into the last degrees of Capricorn, with Jupiter also near Pluto. I do not totally agree with those claiming it’s going to be 1 million times worse. What I do agree with that there may be some serious conditions of discomfort and discipline, from these aspects, but Saturn and Pluto do not come closer than 3° they will not be exactly conjunct, anymore before they start to move away from each other. So I’m Optimistically hoping that their separation is a sign of slow but certain recovery. Even though Saturn’s returning to Capricorn will make it continue to stretch nerves even tighter and create tensions and situations hard to bear. Caution doesn’t mean stop; it means watch where you’re going and who is walking with you.

The purpose of retrograde planet is to guide you toward achievement of mastery in your horoscope and in your life. If you see a retrograde in your chart, don’t get hysterical and call the fire department or the Exorcist. Just know in your heart there is great wisdom unfolding there for you and for your benefit, but it’s not gonna be instant microwave coffee.

Could there also be devilish and nefarious motives behind slowing down progress in the form of a retrograde?

Yes, definitely. Count on it.

Certain beings – and I use the term loosely- whose motives are purely devoted to enslavement and control will always be in their pitching to take advantage of any situation to further their own agenda on a big or little scale.
Those Whose wishes are with the Right Intention and who values patience and forethought and justice for a happier outcome, they are out there to striving for Joy of all. Creating fear and despair will help no one. Stick with hardiness, determination and the discipline to come out alive, Successful and healthy.

We are all under the same sky subject to the same vibrations. It’s all how you use your energy, Besides the fact that there are many sides to the truth.

So in the end you can listen to all the size but trust your own gut to follow the right path.


Contact Me for insight on how it effects you.


Shocking! Simply Shocking! I just heard that they can now access your fridge without permission To check your cheesecake consumption. I’m absolutely sure I heard right. I think it is Part of the PASTRY ACT.

********************************************************************************************************************If you read Booommm! Saturn is on the Mars moment ( 0 Aquarius) in November 16, when Donald Trump took the election. Watch this point around Christmas time more to come

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Saturday on Zoom May 16, 11:00 ET

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Day: SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2020

TIME: 10:45am- 5:30Pm EDT


Michael will speak at 11:00am EDT about THE MYSTERY BEHIND THE CRISIS OF 2020.  This lecture will be an examination into the astrology, psychology and metaphysics of isolation and love right now.

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6-9 may. On this most auspicious Full Moon and hence forth:
May those who seek find shelter, May the hungry be nourished, May the thirsty find delicious drinks, May the impoverished find Prosperity, May those who fear find courage, May those afflicted with illness restore health and well-being, May the lost find their way, May all beings seek to benefit each other,May those who suffer find joy.
May happy times returnfor all.

5 may/20. Remaining hopeful, enthusiastic and trusting enough to resist a giant wave of depression that could sweep right over you when deep down, despite all efforts to convince you otherwise, you know you’re being lied to, – – well that would require phenomenal focus and one-pointedness of mind, do you think?


Breathe in Oxygen expel Carbon Dioxide, (not the other way around)
Figure it out


30 4 2020

Posted exactly a year ago, look where we are now.




30 4 2020

If you read my posts and messages especially from the whole period of 2019, you’ll  see what I mentioned several times. While the Moon was in Capricorn, there were high level meetings going on and plans are being made. Was it a battle to control earth? Even now I am not sure who the protagonists are or where the threats are really coming from, and how really any of it is in terms of the crisis in which we find ourselves.

This has been coming for a long time and it’s been planned for years – maybe from the 1940s or who knows all the way back to the 1700s because transformation is always in process. And birth goes to death goes to rebirth, every single time, world without end.

This time it certainly got ramped up from 2007 on, but I’m not going into that detail right now, mainly because well, the America we knew is gone. But I am currently working on a piece I’m calling “The American Spring,” which is definitely taking place, albeit buried under the snows of the American Winter.

Unfortunately any dastardly deed or “crimes against humanity“ or any such charges must remain in the eye of the beholder and fodder for “conspiracy theorists” at least for now.

The whole story of what is being done to human beings, however, will eventually come out, as we all live under the same sky and as the planets ultimately will reveal.

We have to remember that Revolutions are rarely begun by “nice people.” Their ideologies and methods are complex, their motives fueled as much by rage as any fervent belief in the necessity to change. Agendas are equally mixed as a blend of altruism and desire for power.

Just as the rebellion, chaos and upheaval in which we find ourselves now.

[Aside about “food shortages” just briefly, ultimately there are none if you believe Astrology at all. In United States horoscope Venus and Jupiter exalted are rising above the Sun in Cancer, and that means there’s plenty of food. So don’t get carried about the starvation anxiety.]

The whole story of what is occurring will not be fully declassified until the next Chiron return of the United States- -sometime around Spring of 2054.

But I’ll get to that.

In the meantime, on how it affects you . . . .





As Pluto goes retrograde it is time to review these must have pieces!

These recent lectures Michael gave at the NCGR in Baltimore are essential, especially if you have not already listened to them!

Lectures from the Edge of Tomorrow On how the Moon has been conspiring with Pluto, a bunch of corporate raiders and big-headed out-of-towners to keep us in the dark about what’s happening to us all.

The Future of the World According to Astrology and Magic
Just scrapping by emotionally?
And possibly every other way?
Bet you are. In fact who isn’t?
The Saturn Pluto conjunction is closer right now than it was back in the 80’s.Please listen to my lecture on the practical, but truly “magical” solutions to all of this.

And don’t forget these valuable lectures and articles Michael wants to be sure you pay attention, get them if you missed them the first time around.

Uranus in Taurus  Predicting the unpredictable: The seven-year transit of Uranus through Taurus.

Nodes of Capricorn and Cancer  It is a good trick to be close and intimate when you cannot even get near anybody, but re-establishing deep bonds is the way to go, any way you have to do it.

NCGR Webinar 4-11-20: The astrology for living now  There is no question that something stupendous and incomprehensible has happened to everyone in the world, and there are several way to define and deal with it.  Here they are.



And to top it off, Things seems impossibly just out of reach when Pluto stations retrograde

The Giraffe: now formally adopted as our mascot on Earth. ( even though their outfit IS a little much),
It’s how we astrologers can gratefully see over the treetops to the past and future

26 april

It may seem incredible that such a phenomenon could ever occur, but…. Every Sentient Being in this entire world has over the last seven or eight weeks, just been sent a personal, private message— and I’m not sure yet by Whom or by What. A message for you alone, one that gives you the appreciation, incentive, power and secret to change your life completely.

Just stop for a second and think about that. Now all we have to do is decode the secret and make it happen.

23 April 2020

Everything is a gamble in life especially when the New Moon falls on the planet Uranus in Taurus, you are urged to take a risk, it is a question on much you can win or lose. 

Yes, the New Moon on the planet Uranus in Taurus, whatever you think it is, isn’t. On the other hand you could win the lottery, but because this is Uranus, because you think it, it can’t happen. Odds are you can’t figure it out. 


If you already have it read it again, if you don’t get it now!

. . .

You should have these recently added pieces if you do not already have them!

Nodes of Capricorn and Cancer  It is a good trick to be close and intimate when you cannot even get near anybody, but re-establishing deep bonds is the way to go, any way you have to do it.

NCGR Webinar 4-11-20: The astrology for living now  There is no question that something stupendous and incomprehensible has happened to everyone in the world, and there are several way to define and deal with it.  Here they are.




22,23 April,2020. OK so here is how it went down. Last month’s lunation, following the Saturn-Pluto, fell exactly on Chiron, completely Paralyzing pretty much everybody, While giving you a whopping chance to stare directly into the eyes of your own death.
The April-May cycle at the threshold of the planet Uranus, however, signifies liberation, and that you have crossed the bridge successfully.
so now is the time to rebuild your whole life in a completely new way. If I can help…….


One. Complete devastation

Two. Emptiness

Three. Fertile Sanctuary.



If you’re from Earth, then we are every one of us under the same sky, and must all recognize, adapt to, deal with and discover practical solutions to the problems presented by the Saturn/Pluto, Chiron and the rest of the current transits. Of course you could just hang around hoping to hitch a ride when the good aliens pass by. But
while you’re waiting…


Michael Lutin’s Recorded Webinar for the NCGR: The Astrology of Living Now
April 11, 2020.

Michael presents the astrological significance of this time and how to sort out this period of crisis.
Get the audio recording now!

More to come, stay tuned.






13.4.20From my darling Cousin Lil’s and family Zuffante’s garden, says it all. And …and maybe, just maybe, we’re being given a chance to start over and learn to appreciate the treasures we already have. That would sure be something, wouldn’t it?

May all who Sorrow achieve joy. I rejoice for those who achieve liberation. Trust your gut.

Easter Passover weekend 2020. “Lamentation” Giotto di Bondone
From Good Friday to Sunday dawn:
a period of deep, inner searching for the answer to why.


April 9

North Node in Cancer

Intimacy Now: Is it possible? Read the Monthly



A planetary view of the present and coming future
NCGR Saturday 10:00am ET

Free for BOSTON NCGR Members
general admission $35

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To paypal:NCGRBOSTON@gmail.com
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Your Sun Sign: vital now, Think only of the brightness and life-giving power and renewal energy and light and healing power and love that emanates from your inner being and outward to all who enter your space. If you know your chart focus on the house of your Sun.

What if  it’s not a bug at all. What if it’s an interdimensional entity that thrives on some weird frequency of fear and hatred and  entered our sphere at the Saturn-Pluto south node point,   and to defeat it, you have to overcome all fear of anything and everything and open your soul to loving all beings. Just sayin’.  Worth a try.

2 April 2020



Why should an entire world stop spinning at once? How could that ever happen? As rational beings we always look for reasons to explain what cannot be explained.  The recent lunation on Chiron in Aries has manifested by paralyzing the entire human race, sociologically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and collectively. The world has effectively stopped turning.

Our first reaction is to point a finger at a culprit, but when we do that we are not seeing that we are describing something even astrologically and finding someone to hold responsible for it, while we may be missing the whole point.

It’s dark all right, and in this world of duality there is dark and there is light. So it is really impossible to locate the culprit and delineate a possible deeper purpose for what has happened.  Whether it is the infamous shadowy, power hungry cabal of xenophobic elite.  Or a nonhuman intervention, previewing the arrival of cold-blooded aliens or robots, the plain fact is that we too have gorged ourselves on the fruits of the Earth littering the environment with the rind.

This may be a chance to look down and talk to ourselves, our inner selves, and confront the many desires and aversions that have kept us from achieving greatness as Sentient Beings.

We have suddenly been paralyzed, and in the end it doesn’t matter how, or who or what has brought about this paralysis upon the world.

I know of a young man who, as he was just about to turn 30 a few years ago, who was just about to become a firefighter in his Midwestern town.  Awoke one morning completely paralyzed from the neck down for no apparent reason.  Just boom out of the blue.  Medical people gave it a name, but that was little comfort to Tim, to whom it appeared his life was over.

His family was devastated along with his dreams, because his only mode of communication was the blinking yes or no from his eyes.  That was actually 11 years ago.  People are amazing though; some folks would just silently wait there and wait for the bedpan to be delivered.  But this a guy who has something a lot of other people don’t have, this is not just one of those feel good tales they recount at the end of a newscast after frightening you half to death by reporting that a lost little puppy found his way home.

This is a gutsy real report of a guy who somehow discovered the esoteric message and meaning on why he was stopped dead cold in his tracks.

Depressed? What do you think?

Somehow he was able to see the art and perfection in halting his life to find himself, his real self, his real energy, his life force, his real storehouse of courage and purpose, first he had to accept that it has actually happened.  During the time he was unable to communicate with anyone but himself, he found that thing so many of us look for all of our lives.

Now 11 years later, almost fully and miraculously recovered, he works for the Fire Department.

But enough about him. His story of recovery has inspired me to expand my vision of my work into other dimensions.

When I myself  think of Tim I think of all of us.  I absolutely pray that I have the courage, patience, determination, dammnit! I wanna make it through all of this with the help of the angels. So we can live more fully and authentically, so I can make sure the people around me know greater joy because I am in their life.

So as well as continually doing my astrology work by bringing art to astrology and astrology to art.

I have done some pretty great pieces over the years, if I have to say so myself.  I am now making them available, by golly- not only to help myself prosper as I continue my life as an astrologer, but I think my work will appreciate in value as times goes on and help other people prosper.  Especially when I am not here anymore, which, dammit is a reality we all have to face.  But don’t worry.  I am still here to help rebuild this world and enjoy the process of transformation and participating the best I can.

Saturn in Capricorn through 2020: Oscar Winner Above the City


Neptune in Pisces for Aries until 2025: Evidence





After this election, the lives we were living are over.” Booomm!!! Published October 16 by Michael Lutin

Review this piece if you bought it when it came out a little while ago, it lays out the astrology of what is happening now and it is only the beginning.  If you didn’t get it before, get it now!

Here is the in-depth ISAR lecture for those who prefer audio.






Let’s hope we can count on the primitive survival instinct to pull us through.


But we’re going to need a lot of gratitude, determination and love afterwards.




CHIRON: Healing A Broken World

Some say that great wisdom is knowledge fused with the pain of experience.
You’re invited.

To balance the karma there needs to an exchange for my efforts to keep going.  Therefore for this piece on Chiron of 1500 words, we are asking $15 to those who can and $5 to those who cannot.

Thanks from our office to you.

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You are going to need long distance vision to begin to understand what is happening now throughout the planet earth,  mainly  because when Pluto is involved, It warps the space time continuum. In plain English that means you have to live long enough to get the joke.


I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Maybe it’s all happening just to reset the entire monetary system.

Get rid of all the old people and their drain on the economy.

And a few other inconceivable to us socially inhuman directives. Of course I have my own ideas theories and philosophies everyone has a right to their own.

We may not recognize it as a light at the end of a dark tunnel, but I’m watching the coming conjunction of Mars and Saturn at 0° Aquarius. I’m hoping it is a crack of fresh air in a dank room. I have to think something like that this week as we approach mid end Of March, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all conjoin in Capricorn.

Do you remember our catchphrase for the Pluto transit since 2008? “You’re under surveillance” we said.

Well, it turns out it’s no damn joke right now. We cannot freaking budge without breaking the law, which seems at the moment to be blanketing pretty much the whole planet.

This is the strictest and in someways most implacable and unreasonable set of guidelines being set for your behavior and mine. Even Capricorns themselves, who seem to have whittled themselves into a pretty strong position of power and security, even they– they are burdened by the draconian rules applying to us all.

This is about as close as any of us has ever come to living under the thumb of an unyielding authority… Even if you had the most horrible, wicked and unforgiving parents. Even if you were told it was for your own good when you know there was some agenda behind it.

And you can’t run either. It’s like those moments when you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at a red light that doesn’t change when you have to go to the bathroom real bad.

Right now we are feeling, all of us in these few moments the experiencing of the full power of the planet Saturn and it’s demand for your complete compliance and obedience.

So be comforted by the fact that almost nobody is sitting pretty except a few faces blacked out in the picture. Is it a proxy war between the alien overlords? Or is that a joke and it’s really the people running things putting forth a set of invisible directives we call Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

It’s a concept hard to grasp, no matter who’s pushing the buttons, mainly because everyone is under survival pressure even those people who think they are at the top.

They are not.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction planned for many years that occur at all during 2019 and culminated in January 2020 has opened the door and unleashed a force. It has invited uninvited unwanted guests not yet available to our perception and understanding.

Let’s just call it the force of greed just to clump it all under one umbrella.

And at the moment, it is demanding a complete obedience, and it’s getting it. How? By scaring the living shit out of all of us at the same time.

How? All of us live in a physical body we pretty much take for granted and mistreated half the time. But, wow, think of it. If somebody or some “thing“ is powerful enough to put that sense of well-being that we have in mortal jeopardy all at once everyone on earth, you bet we’re going to kneel down and whisper, “Yes, Master, “whatever Thou wishest.”

[As a more cheerful aside, thank God for Neptune in Pisces transiting all

Our horoscopes at the same time that part of us cannot be intimidated or frightened or coerced into doing or thinking anything even slavery just to hang onto our precious body is for five more minutes. Neptune not only gives us time for a quickie and be back behind our desk before lunch hour is over but it gives us the spirit of endurance and recognition that everything is an allusion and nothing last forever.]

But seriously, Folks, We will not have the whole story behind this crime – and it is a crime against humanity – for a couple more Chiron transits and another Saturn Pluto in the early 2050s stay tune for that in the work I am working on called

“The American Spring.”And if I’m not here to deliver it myself I’ll send it to you through the Ouija board but I promise not to say anything scary.

But this week, oy! Let’s go back in time a little bit.


Its November 2016 election night. It looks as if Hilary is going to win Mars is at 29° Capricorn after a long retrograde all summer. It looks as if she’s got it in the bag.

What happened?

Astrologically Mars flipped its wig.

Call of the twist of fate. But Mars went from 29° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius. And everything changed the wind blew the other way and Donald Trump “won” the election.

Serendipity question about the Russians? Uranus becoming the planetary ruler of the Mars transit?

Interference, yes, but by what? By whom? And for what purpose?

We all get a clue to the mystery of how that switch occurred and why very soon. Mars it is at 0 Aquarius, Trump points we could call it because that was a turn in our history as Americans and citizens of the world. Mars at 0° Aquarius what do you make of that? In the coming days Mars will move once again from 29° Capricorn 20 Aquarius and maybe we will all see by Monday afternoon 30 March what it was really all about.

So maybe there really are not any aliens at all, or inter-dimensional non-corporeal beings at all, or even UFOs at all. Maybe it’s just a bunch of mad scientists and super evil control freaks who have been as this shit since World War II and who have directed themselves to creating a brilliant and full proof scheme to create worldwide chaos and then step into the role of controlling heroes of every human being on the planet – – of course after getting rid of as many people as possible who were around in World War II to stop and say, “hey guys! Stop this! This happened back in the 40s. “

Or, maybe they have located alien DNA in the blood lines that go back to the dinosaurs and all the reptiles that are this point have made it with warm blooded creatures. Maybe all this is an ancient war between humans and aliens after all. Maybe those cookie theories about overlords an alien proxy wars and ancient hatred that supersede our lives on earth are true and it’s come down to this now.

I hope we find out the answer though. Maybe aliens have not been hiding behind humans after all. Maybe it’s the humans who have been hiding behind a popular method aliens and they are the ones directing the traffic.

I think it’s both as we will soon discover. Whatever it is, whoever it is, they’ve got our attention with this one whether it’s a hoax or not.


Pluto in Capricorn is all about the fight over real estate and who owns it.

Maybe the aliens just need the Gold.


Special message for Aquarius and Aquarius rising here.




Is this reality or a sci-fi movie?An exercise in Obedience, A Demonstration of Overlord Dominance: Pluto at the end of Capricorn




We are in it together



Far be it from me .

To bring up anything scary,

Mainly because we have to remember that we all have to bravely and joyfully complete this transformational process together.

With Mars at Exaltation, Saturn in dignity,  Jupiter in Fall and Pluto dominating the whole deal, we offered the following  message two weeks ago at the beginning of March. As so many of us are now feeling  way out there about our present and future,  we hope it will help everyone to know how deeply and how much we all share:

“Death Anxiety in Astrological Practice”






Neptune Now: Investing in the Art of Neptune

Now? Investing in the arts now of all times?

Not as crazy as you think.

So how to do we come to understand these beautiful, abstract dancing shadows across the landscapes of our horoscopes? After working on this project for 6 or 7 years I think I have done just that. I have taken bits and pieces of all the nonverbal Neptunian messages that I could interpret about the effect of Neptune in each sign of the zodiac. I have created collages of art print images on canvas for you to refer to, meditate on, and be educated, edified and delighted by.

Each one speaks more eloquently about the effect of Neptune that any words can ever do. These works of art will never stop communicating with you and will translate Neptune’s messages through Pisces for your particular sign for the rest of your life. If such a project interests you, please click here for the arts page.

If you are a Lupovici’s member go into your member homepage and you’ll have a link to your discount for these works of art.