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20 May: Mikey at UAC friday 25 may

Michael Lutin at UAC Friday, May 25.   2:30pm When the Whole World Goes South, the Unthinkable Happens….As usual, Mikey takes us to the brink of extinction, then saves us all at the last minute with his eerily accurate prediction, deadly insights and hysterical  humor.(Planetary nodes and Chiron)


17 May: How to Save the world

To perpetuate good will and avoid the total extinction of humanity, I suggest an immediate co-ed summer camp for teens from Israel, Palestine, Tehran, Los Angeles, Greenwich Connecticut, Gambia, Detroit and the Apache Nation. Let ‘s just try it. What’s the worst that could happen? The pregnancies alone would be…


16 May: News at zero

The Mars transit over the zero aquarius point is a harbinger of the Pluto transit on that point the next few years. This represents a transformation in society and human social, cultural, political and financial evolution. What’s happening today and this week will impact that 2020 election in ways we…


15 May: The unfolding of events 16 May 18

phase two of THE COUP 16 may, 2018, 01:38 ET Not only the turning point of government but the turning point of humanity. IT’s subtle, though.  If you can stay healthy till 2170 you’ll see the whole revolution revealed.   Be sure to Watch that Mars point AT ZERO from 16…


14 May: The world coup continues

The seeds of the coming global planetary revolution were planted in the early hours of 9 November, 2016 in Washington DC. Those Seeds are about to be watered and sprouting in the next 48 hours. It is now 8:16 AM. eastern daylight time, 14 may, 2018.Be sure of nothing. Those…


23 Apr: Chiron Aries, biggest decision in your life

2nd April Monthly: Chiron in Aries, probably the biggest decision you are going to make in your life plus special feature, Mikey’s big secret revealed. Chiron in Aires, this could be the biggest decision you ever made, so take your time. This means everybody even the trans-humans they may be…