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« Fiddle-de-dee! War! War! War! All this talk of war has spoiled every party this Spring!
Don’t you men ever think about anything important?…”

16 November 2020

Our readers say: “everybody in the world should read it.”

Published one month before the 2016 election,
Mikey told us what to expect from Pluto.

More relevant now than ever.





9 November 2020



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8 nov. Omg, don’t leave now! Mars is about to go direct.
This is when the action gets good!

2 November 2020

Now ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, our gift to you.
We recorded this on the eve of the 2020 Election.


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31 oct 20 This Full Moon? THIS full
Moon?This FULL Moon? This full MOON?
Don’t take bets on it unless you love to gamble and win or lose you’re a good sport.
Will the Earth move? Everybody’s holding on for dear life when it’s absolutely ridiculous to worry because with Uranus you might as well go ahead and scream as much for pleasure as shock and dismay.

19 October




Yes, it’s a big, big threat when planets appear to repeat a planetary event. Fear is everywhere. Paranoia is going through the roof, so don’t even try to
tell the good guys from the bad guys, changing shape the way they do. And they do.
Fear is a useful tool, but when it takes over, you have to talk yourself out of it , the way you talk to and comfort a child. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto may still put us in some jeopardy and render the outcome unknown, but the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will not recur for many years.
So what’s it gonna be? Gonna be? It already IS! The world is pregnant in the early stages, and at this point we don’t know what it’s gonna look like.

Sure as shootin’……
Relate to your family right now, but keep boundaries, and Don’t make any sudden moves.
The SunMoon Libra lunation indicates we are all trying hard to tiptoe by a snoring tiger. Cosmically speaking, the Solar Fourth and Seventh houses are holding a dynamite load of malefic energies and rendering the atmosphere ripe for a humdinger of a family feud , with folks riled up as bad as both the Hatfields and McCoy‘s put together.
When events from the past, including the scars the wounds with them, suddenly start bubbling up to the surface, emotions and feelings are raw, and folks are trying to avoid the devastating effects of an all out engagement.

Memories of injustice challenge every drop of diplomacy you’ve got, and that depends on how much forgiveness you can dredge up.
Turns out , though, that truth bein’ told, the olde family ain’t what it never wuz.

5 October 2020
Mikey delivers the hot skinny on the planets, Chiron, his lovely Centaur wife, and what we need to call upon to pull us all through this mess.

3 oct 20.October is not an easy month this year we do have Venus and there is always the north node and we have also so valuable information that’s being imported to us that we can use to go forward with fulfillment and success.


Libra libra rising
As The family constellation faces inevitable change, Old age and death will always be accompanied by the arrival of puppies and kittens, proving yes, you are alone but you still need a companion.

SCORPIO scorpio rising
Dropping any rock star affectation humbles you and turns you into a true service being, Able to speak your truth to anyone, that includes all the any people you may currently not be speaking to. Communication clears up situations it doesn’t make him more complicated.

VIRGO. virgo rising
Although you probably cannot shake the Cinderella fantasy completely, you are seeing , maybe for the first time, and after a few heart aches along the way, the difference between adolescent fantasy and a truly intimate love relationship.

SAGITTARIUS sadge rising
You know the pain we encounter when we let go and love in? Well it’s hard to see such an experience as a teaching tool while it’s happening,
Especially when there are still bills to pay and business to generate. But the interconnectedness of love and money actually helps us grow to be able to cope with the demands of this world and our own hearts.

Getting and keeping your health together may seem like one of the more boring tasks that life asks of us, except maybe for a crummy day job, but the longer we live in the older we get we realize how precious our life and health are, and how we need to keep our mind clear of destructive thoughts and obscurations.

CAPRICORN cap rising
You may have to shake your own hand for coming through the hell you have been through in such actually good shape. You have gained position and respect if you played nice with others and kept your fingers out of the cookie jar. Also in the eyes of the world as well as your own wishes to succeed. The family still gives you grief but there’s no denying when you nurture yourself, you get fed.

CANCER cancer rising
In order to win first prize on “dancing with the stars“, You have to have a partner you can count on to keep the act together. If only Faith could refrain from putting such huge blocks in obstacles in your way, which, if you keep cool, only strengthens the bond between you and other people no matter what or where they are. Besides this may not be the moment to be singled out as the best act in the show. Would you want To be hOnored by a corrupt System?
AQUARIUS aquarius rising
It may seem hard to take and even humiliating to be passed over, ignored or have your head and life messed with when you know the truth and you are still lied to. And it’s especially difficult to believe you’re having good luck when you think you’re not. The fact is this is a deeply spiritual test of your faith and your ability to hang in there when all seems lost. Socially you have to learn toDiscuss your grievances not bark them

GEMINI gemini rising
Well you certainly learned who your friends are. Painful losses actually can makethe heart grow fonder and that’s not just a rationalization to ease your grief over separation.
But you have bigger issues that you must solve about life death mortality in mortality and all the deep realization so how precious existence really is when we give ourselves completely to it.

ARIES aries rising
It’s been a perfect time to pause, look within yourself truly and honestly, and become a more authentic and productive individual.
The isolation isn’t always fun but it gives you a chance to grow inwardly and find pride when there was once shame. all of this While trying to keep your life going in career or business despite the unthinkable changes and conflict going on all around you.

TAURUS taurus rising
Even though you probably do your best to conceal your inner insecurities Guilts and fears, they’re still there but they are just leading through your mind and they will eventually just disappear like everything else that goes on in our heads. This is a period of great consciousness raising learning in education which although it’s very difficult at moments to stay with it
Will benefit your life from here on.

PISCES pisces rising
Apart from the embarrassment of remaining in a world where bilionares are held in awe and highly revered and spiritual artists often have to jump through hoops to get a home improvement loan, you can live pretty nicely in your own secluded existence – – except for one thing you have highly developed a gift to share with humanity and you can be all alone in your tower to do so. And you need people to do it.

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1 october The GODJOOCH of 220

No matter who you are or where you came from…

We have all seen and experienced the depths of shame down to which we can all so easily be dragged by hostility and cruelty inflicted upon others by those who themselves are struggling with their own conflict between grandiosity and self-hatred. Think about that how magnetic sociopaths can be, and attractive
But we batter around these terms and blame others for all kinds of heinous behavior.
The full moon in October on Chiron reveals that a spell has been put upon the whole world this year. We’ve been under a spell. Well, it is just like a spell. I call it
a godjooch- – my made up word that’s like a blinding, magical curse which now I believe we can break with this full moon right now today.
It has nearly destroyed our whole world and caused us all to go nearly mad and believe that up is down and down is up.
Because on the one hand it’s also very real. And you can’t take your eyes off it. Your transfixed, paralyzed to the spot to watch it all unfold. It’s like a mad animal has broken into our peaceful country cottage, slathering and red-eyed, as it ravages the whole place. Smashing and burning our most beloved and sacred possessions. An insane intruder that gobbles everything in sight.

In astrology we call it the Saturn Pluto Chiron effect ( But I call it what it is: just a plan, old GODJOOCH), and it is now after reaching its zenith, waning. The conjunction is over but still being triggered by the transits. At its highest point of destruction the beast is now satiated and tired. It’s stomach is full with the remains of its victims. It has eaten, and now, only now can we begin to heal our broken world.
Self-hatred, self-loathing, isolation has shown us and given us a chance to look into ourselves as a Voice in our deepest consciousness is saying,
“Blame not your leaders for the state of despair to which you have allowed yourself to be led. Look within,” the Voice is saying.
“Seek not in the baleful full eyes of the damaged beings from whom you seek salvation and protection. There is nothing there.“
The only salvation of our world is our own personal humility and acceptance of our own blindness. For it is our own selfishness that has brought our world to such a shamefuldepth. Probably it’s our own fear in blindness to the needs of others that has let our leaders do our stealing for us , so that we could go on living off the fat of their corrupt and heinous dealings.

So a curse was laid upon the world to show what we have taken from others and taken for granted. As if Life owed us anything. It asked for nothing but our gratitude.

But wait, here comes a good part: the spell can be broken.
Because of that curse, we all – – you, me and the milkman have had the rare chance to be alone, really alone with ourselves maybe for the first Time, to find or rediscover the one little spark that glimmers in the darkness. And by golly it’s still called the love of life abd the beings who live it.
So instead of allowing ourselves to be enslaved, unhinged, thuggish, prejudiced, uncivilized, Lawless, punitive, bitter, hating the world,
can we not heal this broken world through the power of love?

Everyone in the world has lost or is in danger of losing something precious they can never replace. All we have now is our ability to comfort others. It’s a chance to rise above ourselves our lower animal selves.
So comfort your brothers and sisters, human and otherwise and that’s the mystery of the Chiron experience.
Ciao for now.

29 September Saint Michaels day

Sentient beings are numberless, I vow to save them all.
Delusions are inexhaustible, I vow to end them all.


29 september “Oh what a beautiful castle!“
“Yes, isn’t it? The kids put their whole souls into it, the little dears.”
Saturn goes direct at the end of Capricorn just as the tide is turning.


28 september 2020.

Yom Kippur. 2020
We rejoice for those who achieve liberation.



27 september 2020.   There is evil in the world. And maybe it’s there to make us mindful of our own duality and to help us acknowledge and accept the darkness that exists in all of us. But rather than make up exculpatory excuses for it, it’s also important to call it what it is.
Because the energy that is generated by pure hostility and aggression, something wild yet organized and cunning that lies in wait, well, sometimes it’s just so hard to remember that nothing exists except in the Mind.
For that you need absolute faith. btw..
Thank God for Leos right now. At least there’s one rose still blooming in the garden.


When you re at your craziest, during one of those scariest flashes, when you sense. omg, i’m losing it, the shit’s about to flow- –

that’s actually the exact second that you can miraculously call upon whatever image you have stored that reminds you:
Everything is hunkydunky, which means calm down, you’re perfectly all right.
And then you are.

 10 sept 20—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Mars retraces the path of 2020.0
Gears locked, tires flattened,
guns jammed,motions tabled.
In hushed silence the animals peer glassy-eyed from the cool shade of their lairs, listening for the terrible tread of the Devil’s heavy footfall over the land. No fear. Remember that ♄♇ do NOT conjoin again. They come close and threaten, but they do not then join again.  So maybe pray this is just an echo.

Our readers say that everybody in the world should see this.  Published one month before the 2016 election, Mikey tells us what Pluto is really all about. More relevant now than ever.