After this election, the lives we were living are over.”

Review this piece if you bought it when it came out a little while ago, it lays out the astrology of what is happening now and it is only the beginning.  If you didn’t get it before, get it now!

Here is the in-depth ISAR lecture for those who prefer audio.






Let’s hope we can count on the primitive survival instinct to pull us through.


But we’re going to need a lot of gratitude, determination and love afterwards.




CHIRON: Healing A Broken World

Some say that great wisdom is knowledge fused with the pain of experience.
You’re invited.

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You are going to need long distance vision to begin to understand what is happening now throughout the planet earth,  mainly  because when Pluto is involved, It warps the space time continuum. In plain English that means you have to live long enough to get the joke.


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Maybe it’s all happening just to reset the entire monetary system.

Get rid of all the old people and their drain on the economy.

And a few other inconceivable to us socially inhuman directives. Of course I have my own ideas theories and philosophies everyone has a right to their own.

We may not recognize it as a light at the end of a dark tunnel, but I’m watching the coming conjunction of Mars and Saturn at 0° Aquarius. I’m hoping it is a crack of fresh air in a dank room. I have to think something like that this week as we approach mid end Of March, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all conjoin in Capricorn.

Do you remember our catchphrase for the Pluto transit since 2008? “You’re under surveillance” we said.

Well, it turns out it’s no damn joke right now. We cannot freaking budge without breaking the law, which seems at the moment to be blanketing pretty much the whole planet.

This is the strictest and in someways most implacable and unreasonable set of guidelines being set for your behavior and mine. Even Capricorns themselves, who seem to have whittled themselves into a pretty strong position of power and security, even they– they are burdened by the draconian rules applying to us all.

This is about as close as any of us has ever come to living under the thumb of an unyielding authority… Even if you had the most horrible, wicked and unforgiving parents. Even if you were told it was for your own good when you know there was some agenda behind it.

And you can’t run either. It’s like those moments when you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at a red light that doesn’t change when you have to go to the bathroom real bad.

Right now we are feeling, all of us in these few moments the experiencing of the full power of the planet Saturn and it’s demand for your complete compliance and obedience.

So be comforted by the fact that almost nobody is sitting pretty except a few faces blacked out in the picture. Is it a proxy war between the alien overlords? Or is that a joke and it’s really the people running things putting forth a set of invisible directives we call Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

It’s a concept hard to grasp, no matter who’s pushing the buttons, mainly because everyone is under survival pressure even those people who think they are at the top.

They are not.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction planned for many years that occur at all during 2019 and culminated in January 2020 has opened the door and unleashed a force. It has invited uninvited unwanted guests not yet available to our perception and understanding.

Let’s just call it the force of greed just to clump it all under one umbrella.

And at the moment, it is demanding a complete obedience, and it’s getting it. How? By scaring the living shit out of all of us at the same time.

How? All of us live in a physical body we pretty much take for granted and mistreated half the time. But, wow, think of it. If somebody or some “thing“ is powerful enough to put that sense of well-being that we have in mortal jeopardy all at once everyone on earth, you bet we’re going to kneel down and whisper, “Yes, Master, “whatever Thou wishest.”

[As a more cheerful aside, thank God for Neptune in Pisces transiting all

Our horoscopes at the same time that part of us cannot be intimidated or frightened or coerced into doing or thinking anything even slavery just to hang onto our precious body is for five more minutes. Neptune not only gives us time for a quickie and be back behind our desk before lunch hour is over but it gives us the spirit of endurance and recognition that everything is an allusion and nothing last forever.]

But seriously, Folks, We will not have the whole story behind this crime – and it is a crime against humanity – for a couple more Chiron transits and another Saturn Pluto in the early 2050s stay tune for that in the work I am working on called

“The American Spring.”And if I’m not here to deliver it myself I’ll send it to you through the Ouija board but I promise not to say anything scary.

But this week, oy! Let’s go back in time a little bit.


Its November 2016 election night. It looks as if Hilary is going to win Mars is at 29° Capricorn after a long retrograde all summer. It looks as if she’s got it in the bag.

What happened?

Astrologically Mars flipped its wig.

Call of the twist of fate. But Mars went from 29° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius. And everything changed the wind blew the other way and Donald Trump “won” the election.

Serendipity question about the Russians? Uranus becoming the planetary ruler of the Mars transit?

Interference, yes, but by what? By whom? And for what purpose?

We all get a clue to the mystery of how that switch occurred and why very soon. Mars it is at 0 Aquarius, Trump points we could call it because that was a turn in our history as Americans and citizens of the world. Mars at 0° Aquarius what do you make of that? In the coming days Mars will move once again from 29° Capricorn 20 Aquarius and maybe we will all see by Monday afternoon 30 March what it was really all about.

So maybe there really are not any aliens at all, or inter-dimensional non-corporeal beings at all, or even UFOs at all. Maybe it’s just a bunch of mad scientists and super evil control freaks who have been as this shit since World War II and who have directed themselves to creating a brilliant and full proof scheme to create worldwide chaos and then step into the role of controlling heroes of every human being on the planet – – of course after getting rid of as many people as possible who were around in World War II to stop and say, “hey guys! Stop this! This happened back in the 40s. “

Or, maybe they have located alien DNA in the blood lines that go back to the dinosaurs and all the reptiles that are this point have made it with warm blooded creatures. Maybe all this is an ancient war between humans and aliens after all. Maybe those cookie theories about overlords an alien proxy wars and ancient hatred that supersede our lives on earth are true and it’s come down to this now.

I hope we find out the answer though. Maybe aliens have not been hiding behind humans after all. Maybe it’s the humans who have been hiding behind a popular method aliens and they are the ones directing the traffic.

I think it’s both as we will soon discover. Whatever it is, whoever it is, they’ve got our attention with this one whether it’s a hoax or not.


Pluto in Capricorn is all about the fight over real estate and who owns it.

Maybe the aliens just need the Gold.


Special message for Aquarius and Aquarius rising here.




Is this reality or a sci-fi movie?An exercise in Obedience, A Demonstration of Overlord Dominance: Pluto at the end of Capricorn




We are in it together



Far be it from me .

To bring up anything scary,

Mainly because we have to remember that we all have to bravely and joyfully complete this transformational process together.

With Mars at Exaltation, Saturn in dignity,  Jupiter in Fall and Pluto dominating the whole deal, we offered the following  message two weeks ago at the beginning of March. As so many of us are now feeling  way out there about our present and future,  we hope it will help everyone to know how deeply and how much we all share:

“Death Anxiety in Astrological Practice”






Neptune Now: Investing in the Art of Neptune

Now? Investing in the arts now of all times?

Not as crazy as you think.

So how to do we come to understand these beautiful, abstract dancing shadows across the landscapes of our horoscopes? After working on this project for 6 or 7 years I think I have done just that. I have taken bits and pieces of all the nonverbal Neptunian messages that I could interpret about the effect of Neptune in each sign of the zodiac. I have created collages of art print images on canvas for you to refer to, meditate on, and be educated, edified and delighted by.

Each one speaks more eloquently about the effect of Neptune that any words can ever do. These works of art will never stop communicating with you and will translate Neptune’s messages through Pisces for your particular sign for the rest of your life. If such a project interests you, please click here for the arts page.

If you are a Lupovici’s member go into your member homepage and you’ll have a link to your discount for these works of art.