When you re at your craziest, during one of those scariest flashes, when you sense. omg, i’m losing it, the shit’s about to flow- –

that’s actually the exact second that you can miraculously call upon whatever image you have stored that reminds you:
Everything is hunkydunky, which means calm down, you’re perfectly all right.
And then you are.

 10 sept 20—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Mars retraces the path of 2020.0
Gears locked, tires flattened,
guns jammed,motions tabled.
In hushed silence the animals peer glassy-eyed from the cool shade of their lairs, listening for the terrible tread of the Devil’s heavy footfall over the land. No fear. Remember that ♄♇ do NOT conjoin again. They come close and threaten, but they do not then join again.  So maybe pray this is just an echo.