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Pluto hits 27 thisyear

Yes, it’s almost time for the rest of the garbage to be dumped on the nice, neat lawn of consciousness.
And when Pluto hits 27 degrees CAPRICORN this year, the rest of the bums. Thieves, rats, murderers, and rapists,
Will be revealed for the smelly skunks they are as the revelations blow the top-off everything we thought was normal and nice.
But wait! there’s more.
It’s not just the sick
Hollywood crowd or the government sheisters who are going to get caught in a draft with their pants down and no toilet paper.
The Saturn Juipiter Moon Pluto
Took no prisoners. And what all youread about or missed on YOU TUBE you didn’t miss at all.

MYbe you were distracted and not watching your own life.

It happened toyou and me. also but more privately. Ar least till now, you’re probably looking around right wondering what happened to the relationships you thought we’re forever and how they got blown out with the Capricorn wind.
You are left with only those people who also lived through it and can still tolerate and
accept you now in the bare light of your truth without your
robes and jewels.
Not all about money only partly about money. because when Capricorn is involved it’s always about money too—greed and generosity And the fact that in every relationship there’s a transaction.
During 2020. Your truth leaked out and in fact is still coming out.
Things you never dared admit, say, think or cop to have to be right up and out there to be forgiven for snd loved anyway.
Your only asset, weapon shelter and durable shred of defense remaining is your integrity.

Which means you have to come clean.

We all do