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Chiron and the World Crisis for 12 Signs

An asteroid didn’t crash into the Earth today, it just passed by. One source claimed it was spewing carbon monoxide through a giant size tail pipe, so far so good no sign of the carbon monoxide. I don’t want to scare people and I certainly don’t want to risk death by doing something stupid, but something is wrong here. Something is wrong with the whole thing.

It’s all mixed up with good and evil someway, and it’s impossible sometimes to know whom to trust and what to believe. For what it’s worth I’m trying to think of a message I can send to everyone in the world, yeah, everyone in the world, really everyone, mainly because we are all part of this, this global or universal depression.  The anxiety that circles above us all is like a big horrible bird that hovers over Earth, cackling and flapping its wings as it clutches the whole planet in its long-nailed talons.

It seems to be tempting us and taunting us, to prove we are not afraid of it, as it slowly threaten to dive-bomb us all.

And yet that is the very challenge we must meet. We must not fear anything; even possible death in an effort to understand its too radical hold on humanity, which is maintained only by fear.

We all feel it collectively and also in our own personal stories. We all seem to be working out some mystery that has been the basis of our own personal histories, right up to now.


Something happened.

The flow has ceased.

There is a clog in the current. Each of us are given to figure out what that clog is, that wad of hair stuck in our drain. We are searching for the missing piece we’ve always pretended wasn’t there. Wasn’t necessary. It’s that one piece that would make our picture complete: your picture and my picture, different for each of us and different for each individual, even astrologically.

It’s complex, complex because it’s not just about the position of Chiron now, although that’s a major factor, and everybody’s horoscope is relative to their sign and their house etc. But it’s the whole horoscope as well. It’s always the whole chart we must investigate. The Chiron transit, however, has strong dominion over the whole apparently insoluble mystery that has halted all of our progress.

Well I shouldn’t really call it “progress” – just think about the mess that word has gotten us into sense the quote Industrial Revolution.

But I’m quite serious. It’s clear that life has stopped, like to freeze frame of a movie. It froze us all exactly where we are supposed to be and that is fantastic.

Hate to say it, but this could actually be the moment of all our deaths. Bingo. Kaput. Ciao Baby.

On the other hand, this may be our chance to open our hearts to each other, solve problems that defeated us before, be completely truthful about ourselves, totally, raw, 100% honest, deep and real.

So let’s make the effort to look at Chiron now, where it’s transiting, in what areas you are being touched, prodded and pricked. This is not the birth chart Chiron of yours and in my horoscopes, for that you have to find out for yourself or get an astro chart or have somebody dig around to get the dirt.

Chiron’s position during this world crisis is allowing us to see where a good cleaning is necessary to restore our purity.

Taurus and Taurus rising, your spiritual life and your ability to surrender to a HIGHER POWER, which on bad days you think doesn’t give two shits about you.

Gemini Gemini rising you are challenged to participate in society despite its intolerance, yours included.

Pisces Pisces rising when it comes to money, you have to get over your shame

Capricorn Capricorn rising the pain of accepting your roots

Aquarius Aquarius rising finding your voice, despite your fear of being ignored or worse, heard.

Sagittarius Sagittarius rising love, emotional integrity over heartbreak

Scorpio Scorpio rising health, well-being and remaining humbly in service

Libra Libra rising relationships with someone you cannot heal, meeting your teacher

Virgo Virgo rising the truth about your sexuality and acceptance of the impermanence of life

Leo Leo rising Your Higher Mind and your brain function and all of your prejudices.

Cancer Cancer rising your position in the world and your disdain in overcoming  the Authority Figures that run it.


Since we all have to look deeply at ourselves facing our base desire and our noble aspirations, everything. We are all standing naked before the mirror of ourselves.  So here is a project for everyone in the world:

Since you can’t say you don’t have time now sketch, draw, or paint a self portrait. It can’t be words, it can’t be written, it’s got to be a picture and don’t say you’re not creative because that’s what depression does, it erodes creativity and we must not let that happen now.

Everyone who reads this should.

It’s for you to do alone and allow yourself to freely express whatever you see in yourself in a drawing or painting or a sketch. This is for you alone, so don’t send it to me, because I won’t know what the hell I’m looking at. But you will.

You can call it “self portraits during a transit of Chiron during the crisis of 2020.”

By the way the whole real story won’t be revealed until the Spring of 2054.

Need even more insight?