16 Sep: I don’t want to strangle anybody

Mars square Uranus in Taurus with Venus Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. “I don’t want to strangle anybody. I don’t want to strangle anybody. I will remain in control of myself. I don’t want to strangle anybody. I’m all about love. I have too much to lose by…


12 Sep: The esoteric magic word now

Think the Saturn direct
message is trivial because it’s from the solar chart? Hate me if you must but
Hahahahaha…keep it handy, then judge. Meanwhile, The esoteric magic word of the time:


but keep going


11 Sep: When a monthly is a yearly

  Message to help keep you stable in crazy times for the months ahead  It was my bright and brilliant idea (or so I thought)  to present to September monthly and what I thought was a simpler but thought provoking image with a line or two of text to describe…


11 Sep: Even this post

Nuts? Not nuts at all But it sure seems like it. A revolutionary transformation of the human world and society is currently in process, Kicked off by the US Presidential election (coup) of 2016. Do not accept what appears on the surface. Always Look below the skin It’s clown makeup….


09 Sep: ‘Nuff said

‘Nuff said
Aint over yet, though.
Wait till you see what happens..
the next act is a riot!


09 Sep: 29♑︎—0♒︎

Mars at the Trump Election Point Mettez au courant vos voisins. La fin de la vie que l’on menait jusqu’ici. Comme on dit, »Les Jeux sont faits. The wheel now spins. »    


08 Sep: the monthly’s in the washing machine

To all my readers Please Pardon my Pluto. It seems that in searching for a new format and better way of presenting the material, i’ve caused some confusion. Please hang on and be patient. I’m preparing something for this new moon that will be a message not just for September…


07 Sep: PISCES Pisces rising saturn 11

Wait, this saturn transit means business  right now and straight through 2019. So here’s our deepest explanation how we would be crazy enough to have linked you , Elizabeth Taylor and your fate over the  coming months.