13 Nov: Runners

Ever wonder what it is that gives one runner the urge ( maybe wisdom maybe courage ) to just say screw-it-I’m-outta-here and drop out of the race, and another runner the burst of stubborn persistence ( maybe faith maybe courage ) to keep going? No need to comment. Just think…


09 Nov: To all Scorpio,Scorpio Rising

Message from Venus
“Remain righteous, forgiving and just in all things.
Where you once may have thought you were cursed, be now blessed. “

hand holding

08 Nov: Uranus in 12th Again

Taurus/Taurus Rising Uranus in your 12th, till early March.  Here’s something to hold on to, reread it if you already got it, buy it if you don’t have it yet.


08 Nov: Yes, Jupiter in Sagittarius is great…

YES, JUPITER IN SADGE IS GREAT, and many new roads lie before you. Definitely things are looking up and bright Opportunities are being offered. Options are being presented. But think a sec. Excuse me for being a pain in the ass, but I’ve got to ask you: Why can’t you…


04 Nov: Chiron on the way from the bed to the bathroom

When you lie there in the morning looking for reasons to get up and take a shower, until you realize every honest person in the world feels the same way …


03 Nov: Seriously, folks, going forward…

no kidding now,
“Think no thoughts, Fear no thoughts,
Don’t let them into your mind,
See no sights, Hear no sounds,
Just keep flying and don’t look behind.”