15 Sep: Something big and wonderful, or…..

Something Wonderful?

With this FULL MOON IN PISCES the doors of perception have opened. You have had the rare opportunity to look deep within yourself and see the need you have for authentic  emotional expression. It has given you a peek through the keyhole of Heaven’s Gate, and no matter where you were or how you spent the full moon,  you’ve seen the need for love and your wish and ability to express it.

Or not.

The Moon now  has passed  on from Pisces to Chiron in Aries, Where a finger of caution is wagging at you.

So it’s hard to know if something big and wonderful has been revealed to you or it’s just another  fantasy  igone wild.

Let us not be hasty in our judgment of ourselves in this new adventure that is about to unfold.

14 Sep: Snoozing at Moon 29 Pisces Remembering Chiron

Even flopped so comfortably on her favorite chair, Aunt Jeanette Felt a jab of the old pain. No longer a searing agony. That had stopped a long, long time ago. Now it was just a little pinprick of a memory, which we call 29 Pisces, the itching of a scar,Like the nostalgic appearance of an old friend.
Funny, she thought, it’s become like a movie i wept at the end of.”
She closed her eyes and dozed off.

14 Sep: The other choice

Of course retreating from the noisy madness of the world to find peace within is a splendid alternative to staying up for three days partying and making complete fool of yourself.
But then…

13 Sep: You can’t get enough!

You can’t get enough! You can’t get enough! Shove it in! You can’t get enough! Until you realize you don’t need any of it. Neptune in Pisces

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13 Sep: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The Pisces Full Moon is the first sip of the second martini  when you get the urge  to start calling up everybody  from high school and confess.

07 Sep: Laugh all you want to

You may laugh, but…i’m making available my mp3 lecture at the NCGR conference I first mentioned the other day. It reveals a  rare chance to tame and disarm  a potential  danger currently privately bugging you.

05 Sep: Your Future. . . And Astrological Magic audio lecture

Just scrapping by emotionally?

And possibly every other way?

Bet you are. In fact who isn’t?

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is closer right now than it has been since the 80’s.

Spiritual or not, you are probably plagued by two fears:

1.That something(or someone) very precious to you, may be snatched away from you.

2.That something(or someone) you dread and have been running away from will grab you and finally get you, but good. 

Please listen to my lecture on the practical, but truly “magical” solutions to all of this.


04 Sep: The mind jabbers on…

The mind continues to jabber on, projecting action, horror, tearjerker and romance movie after movie, Right there in your busy head.. But.. with Mercury rising above the Sun in Virgo, if you just stick to purity of commitment, everything flows fresh and clean just fine.