13 May: Of course it’s a little skitzy right now

 we laugh, we talk, we joke around, we text each other we run around town, life goes on. It has to we have to keep it light and buoyant,  you can’t go around with your head hanging down all the time no matter what has happened despite all your fears and anxieties you got to keep living and laughing and loving.  Thanks to Aries Taurus and Gemini, Mars, Mercury and Venus.

Underneath it all the Saturn Pluto Node in Capricorn Creates an inner heaviness that registers the seriousness  and gravity of the times we live in. We all know that what is going on is no joke. We all recognize the collective anxiety that darkens every mood  and reminds us of the fragility and brevity of life on this planet. And we wonder and go on wondering if we can change our fate.

So of course it’s a little skitzy now


12 May: Naughty!naughty!

Venus Aries sextile Mars out of bounds in Gemini next few days: oh, do let’s be sophisticated about all this and look upon it as a harmless, light-hearted, flirting kiss-and-tell…

09 May: Know This: Venus Jupiter

No matter how hairy your scene,

with ♀♃△, today everybody gets a bluebird on their shoulder. Somebody out there loves you.

07 May: Can even well adjusted people get spooked?

It’s so strange, how sometimes it can come over you. How a normally generous and loving person could suddenly feel bitter, insecure, suspicious, resentful, angry and jealous. It may be just a quick transit of Venus near Mars, Saturn and Pluto, of course, but still….why? Beyond the obvious trigger there must be an underlying reason.

05 May: Why Moon is exalted in Taurus

If you had any lingering doubts about the link between Moon in Taurus and fertility, above see the astrological symbol for Taurus. And below… ’Nuff said.

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