20 Jan: The only thing left…..

. The man standing behind me (I never did get to see his face) whispered something strange, like,
« In the dark when all hope is lost and you think all have forsaken you, the only thing left to forgive is your own conscience. »

19 Jan: Don’t drive yourself crazy.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out right now. Too many damned pieces, too many planets in transition. Believe it or not, it will come together and all will be revealed. But banging your head against a wall won’t bring it about any faster.

Trump with 100s Hamberders

18 Jan: Another Side of Trump “Presidency”

Another Side of Trump “Presidency” Even though each of us is facing our own personal challenge to overcome and a wound to heal on this particular Full Moon, it does have some significance in the world events. 0° Aquarius is a harbinger(see hamberder pic)of great change occurring now. The transition…

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17 Jan: It’s the end but not the end of the zodiac

It’s not at all the end of the zodiac. Chiron is approaching the end of the zodiac after 50 years and this is a big turning point. For the last several months it has been the preoccupation of every single person on earth secretly and privately, and has impacted every…


15 Jan: At the end of the western zodiac…

we all experience frantic off-the-wall moments, more chaotic and challenging than what we have experienced in a long time, if ever. We feel ourselves blown upside down and forward by a ferocious wind created of our own previous thoughts, choices and actions. In our deepest deepest interior selves, however, lies…


15 Jan: What happens when fire meets earth

THIS WEEK 15 january——and days following mars in aries and saturn in capricorn—with energy strictly focused and held in check- – great accomplishment. Both planets in dignity: the diplomatic clash of major dignitaries. Meeting between two powerful and influential celebrities. A significant detente. But This combination always denotes the great…


12 Jan: The Secret of Chiron

Ridiculed, misunderstood and rejected by the villagers, the town’s weirdo finds loving companionship in saving the wounded, the lost and the abandoned.

Chiron: the mission requiring existence outside the social  norm