16 Jul: The Faculty Workshop bios+more info

Workshop tutors     Carole Taylor BA Hons, MA, FFAstrolS I am the Faculty’s Director of Studies and have been a Faculty tutor for 17 years. I was the Faculty’s Vice-President from 2001-2009 and President from 2009-2012. I am a full-time astrologer with a busy practice, based in West Sussex…


16 Jul: The Faculty Workshop

The Faculty of Astrological Studies of Great Britain comes to New York   Friday 14th-Sunday 16th September 39 Fifth Avenue at Michael Lutin’s Office Rites of Passage: Honouring the Cycles of Life   Taught by internationally known tutors, Carole Taylor and Deborah Morgan of the Faculty- school of astrology with…


16 Jul: For Astrologers and Students of

“ The First Good-Bye” How early transits of the Moon influence mother-child separation and bonding,  and can later affect the patterns of intimacy  throughout your entire life. Mikey’s audio lecture


16 Jul: Mars rolls over the Node: Ouch!

If you are even partially disabled now, you’re in good company. “…Feel..weak…exposed…vulnerable…dizzy.. x-Ray vision failing….seem to be losing powers…can’t fly.. can barely walk..What’s happening?” Suddenly weakened  by the dreaded Kryptonite, even Superman knows that to regain his super powers he must summon all his strength  from within. Like everyone right now. This…


15 Jul: Venus Ceres in Virgo

In the midst of strife, frustration or doubt,   the unabashed persistence of joyful fruitfulness


14 Jul: Mars retro aquarius node

Mars retro along about now, feels kinda like this, right?
No, wait, this would be way worse. To be in a relationship with some narcissist you hooked up with when you didn’t know any better, who keeps needling you for attention.


12 Jul: Bouncing from absolute peace to…

With this Jupiter direct and Moon-Pluto eclipse transit going on, it’s natural to be bouncing from the secure feeling deep in your heart that everything is going to work out for the best, and then,

uh-oh, what’s that thing coming out of the floor?


12 Jul: Keep in mind what we’ve been saying

The confrontation with plutopian panic has been long in coming and the Threat is real. The question is, can the strength of Jupiter now produce in you enough optimism and creativity to come up with solutions to any and all looming issues, crises and problems- -no matter how scary they…