15 Jan: When they found the stone had been rolled away…

Saturn Pluto-The After Party: It always seems like an anti-climax, mainly because you don’t see the miraculous impact of Survival right away. It’s like when they found the stone rolled away, Jesus was groaning, “Did I sleep the whole entire weekend? Christ am I sore!”

12 Jan: Committing to excellence

Remember that with Pluto involved, it will require the perspective and distance of years to understand the depth and significance of choices you are making right now.

11 Jan: Honey, wake up!

”Did you hear that? I think you forgot to let the cat in.”
SaturnPluto arrives.

11 Jan: Saturn Pluto and the Holocaust

Something else: Saturn Pluto together also rule immense cruelty on a large scale and the purging that accompanies it. We have all just experienced such a holocaust of staggering proportions….

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09 Jan: 11:59, Surprises!

We want you to have both of the following. If you don’t have them already, get them now!


“Booomm!” published in October of 2016, if you look for the secret prediction, it will tell you what will happen by the end of September 2020.  It is an 8000 word monograph on how this is the end of life as we knew it. BOOOMM!: The Horoscope of America Volume One


This 7 year transit began when we offered this piece in August 2019 at the ingress. It shakes your life right to the core but often fot the better. Uranus In Taurus 2019









06 Jan: Er…uh….

03 Jan: Transformation Ahead

The Pressure is On Saturn Pluto is demanding a transformation of the website, just like it is for everybody else.  We are making changes in the management of Michael’s site…

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