05 Sep: While you’re waiting

Mars Mercury retrogrades provide
Colorful distractions that amuse and distract you from doing your business.

07 Aug: It ‘s REALLY Me

I am Me I am Me I’m really Me
I swear by my good dishes I am Me,
You should know that I’m sincerely,
And without doubt simply merely
Always was and always will be MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.
I admit I’m humanly quiteflawed
But let noonhe here to dare to call me fake or fraud
Because I’m the guy you’re always thinking of
And much more than that
You Know you really love
cause I am Me I am I am Me

25 Jul: What the world needs now

C’mon Lutin, get back to work. You’ve got a job to do and saving the Earth is only part of it.

23 Jul: And for my next act..

Mikey reopens the office in September

04 Jul: Coming back

Thanks to every living soul and all beings who have helped and are sending me the love and strength to return. I will not disappoint you.

20 Jun: With or without noodles

Thank God for the Moon at the end of Pisces, wish it lasted longer. It provides chicken soup substitute for anybody who besides Leo’s could use a little calm now that Mars, Chiron and Eris will be disturbing the peace

“I am medicine for the sick.
May I be their physician and servant serve until sickness does not arise again.”

19 Jun: They all laughed…

They all laughed
when I sat down to play,
mainly because my feet didn’t reach the pedals.
They still don’t.

19 Jun: Oh,yeah!

Happy Father’s Day to him who passed on to me the right stuff to beat out the competition.