11 Apr: New moon on Eris: just guessing

New Moon on Eris: The courage to confront evil; life-threatening heroics, long/awaited revenge, primitive, or predatory malfeasance, adrenaline drive, the smell of meat (I’m just guessing here, planet discovered only…


From my beloved editor at S&S, who made that book happen, it may take a couple weeks but Amazon will be printing more SUNSHINES . “The Astrology of Being Happy”…

07 Apr: Exaltation of the Sun

“wake up, it’s morning. Can’t you see it’s morning. Don’t you know the Sun
is shining where ever you are? Wake up, it’s morning. Don’t you know it’s morning?Look and see the Sun is shining whoever you are…”

The Sunshine Waltz, from ‘Alien Follies’by Michael Lutin and Doug Morton 1992
Keyword: Recovery

06 Apr: Warning: Can seductive little devils

  1. Spice the cocktails?

04 Apr: Easter!

 the moment we challenge the darkness and re-awaken in the light. May it be so with all beings.

03 Apr: Hey, where’s the Pope?

Ifhe’s around,
will somebody please go remind him it’s Easter?
(None of that hologram business either)