21 Apr: Major kick in the head?

You can Act like one of those annoying people who deny the recent enlightening kick in the head you’ve received (and given), and pretend everything is always wonderful , but when Chiron happens, usually ALL MAJOR RELATIONSHIPS HAVE TO BE RENEGOTIATED.  Since Chiron  is going to be hanging around zero…

21 Apr: There’s been a fresh wound.

It’s deep.
Everyone who’s conscious feels it. Everyone feels self-justified. Everyone feels right. Now we acknowledge it, set about to cleanse It, and begin to heal it. Don’t ignore it.
Much more to come on this.

20 Apr: Nine years of this?

Chiron is only at zero, and maybe the direct station of Mars at exaltation  will bring a diplomatic solution, but right now, with everybody mad at everybody else in your life, it seems that war has already started.

18 Apr: Also Chiron in Aries

Dropping everything in his life, a man chooses to build his own cabin and live alone in the wilderness.

18 Apr: Don’t fit in any more?

The Chiron shift in your path demands that you open up a whole new area of interest and travel the road less traveled, so try not to worry if you feel you no longer fit comfortably  in your own life. You will adjust.

16 Apr: When some jerk artist…

Chiron at 29:59 pisces When some jerk artist gets inspired to paint a picture of you at your absolute worst lowest moment


  The unusual Uranus/Saturn configuration, lasting on  and off  until 6 march 2019, requires a strange blend of brazen, nervy  moxie to prove yourself  in your own right plus shrewd, game-playing  tap-dancing diplomacy at the same  time. Thanks to the disposition of Saturn in its own sign of dignity, it’s …


16 Apr: I was something once

Chiron at 29/59: I was something once. I can’t remember what. I think I was a beautiful painted vase with a golden handle that people put tall flowers in. But it broke, I’m not that any more. I was once a beautiful zebra, proud of my stripes, And a hippopotamus,…


13 Apr: Bad time for war

Bush struck Iraq with Sun at 29pisces. Chiron there now. It’s going to be a mess like u cant believe, but it’s all part of the coming world upheaval.

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