16 Jul: The most brillant and disgusting…

The most brilliant, although disgraceful, lowdown and nauseating distraction from what is really going on behind the scenes any selfish, fiendish monsters could ever dream up, ( Which When you…

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One parent doing the job for two? One way or another we bet  you are …2019 style Have you any idea how complicated it is to run a business and…

13 Jul: A Showdown Approaches

Another occultation coming up. If you’ve got the patience and skill to inch your way through a tight space, not be intimidated by the unscrupulous or bedeviled, and not have…

10 Jul: Venus/Sun/NnodeOppSat/Plu/Snode

When The owl lies down with the wolf,
Compassionate wisdom seeks to tame primitive aggression. Some folks even try to put away their anger or bitterness and attempt to reunite with someone they thought they’d never see or speak to again, Before a piece breaks off of their life forever.
How’s that workin’ for ya’? It’s the eclipse.

09 Jul: Even if your name is not on the list,

Try to remember that all people are flawed and fragile.  



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