17 Jun: Full Moon in Sadge. “you see,Honey? »

”You see, Honey? » Papa would say.
« There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything’s going to be all right.”
And for those moments on Papa’s lap, it was true.
Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be back there right now.

12 Jun: The Uninvited Player

If you have a tough time reading between the lines, you should probably skip this post. But if you get it, it could be valuable in coming days when ♂☍♄♇ at the nodes:
“ A nosey neighbor risks getting whacked by stumbling in on gangsters’ private poker game.”

09 Jun: Tired o’ livin’ but skeered o’ dyin’

transit of the moment: when Mars in astrological fall, staggering back into proper declination in bounds, is immediately confronted by Saturn Pluto Ketu (like an armed SWAT team), we are reminded of a beleaguered, exhausted outlaw, tired of running, tired of fighting, and what a wicked challenge the System can be, and how one person can take the heat for everyone else’s personal frustration— including yours and mine.

08 Jun: Bug?

it’s unthinkable. I can’t even imagine a  bug so powerful that every person could catch it. 

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07 Jun: The faster it spins…..

As the Moon approaches the Sun Jupiter/Neptune square, this is when the world goes slightly off its axis and you have to hang on to the railing to stay on your feet. More to come.