Daily Fix


19 Jun: Spiritually speaking…

Neptune retrograde is kind of a “I don’t give a shit if my lipstick’s not on straight or my fly’s open” attitude. If you’re one of the few folks who  don’t yet have the neptune in pisces message, here it is:


19 Jun: Is it Voodoo or Neptune?

The food was a little bland, service not so hot as if nobody cared, the colors faded, clothes don’t fit quite right, the trip wasn’t what I thought it would be, People seem kind of zombie-like and vacant, almost like they don’t hear you when you talk to them. They…

Roping a Wild One

18 Jun: Don’t fence me in

This is how Some see the current
Venus ♀☍♂Mars opposition in relationships: animal abuse or just plain old good clean fun? Stay tuned 

Oh, and by the way, don’t kid yourself. Both people play both roles.


17 Jun: Venus Mars the perfect couple

The planetary archetype of this current transit suggests such a corny stereotype I almost dare not use it, but It’s too perfect to resist (Don’ be fooled by the cliché of gender.) Venus north node Leo opposition Mars South node Aquarius ♀☊♌︎☍♂☋♒︎ It suggests a glamorous, beautiful, loving, narcissistic, affectionate…


16 Jun: To all pisceans

especially Pisceans  born between 1961 and 69:
Until your next birthday I need you to become
the world’s best surfer
of the mind.
May all that you hold unspoken and unsolved be  healed.
Beat the wave.



14 Jun: Pluto playing

A long, long time ago in a world far, far away, Mikey’s first live  show



This transit of Mars Is going to be a whopper all the way into September. We know you desperately want to get out of some situation you need to change, one that’s too tight, too boring, too painful or maybe one you’ve outgrown, but your urge to go AWOL Is…

09 Jun: Mars and acting like an idiot

Halt! Reboot! Restart! Rethink! Mars South Node: You may be spinning your wheels! Acting rashly because you’re mad at yourself will only get you in deeper! Think about that. Stay tuned.


08 Jun: Change and Chiron

Ok. We agree that the arrival of Chiron to the Aries point indicates that a complete change is both desirable and necessary. But..that takes time. Never ever despair even when it seems bleak, so…

07 Jun: Have you just about had it?

Getting fed up and totally disgusted with your whole everything? Bet you are.  Well, so am I. And I’m about to change it all up. My work is my goal to be more authentic, accurate and closer to all my readers. It may take me several months to figure out…