Daily Fix

23 Jan: When the dark MOON falls….

on Saturn and Pluto, in the solar 12th house, it’s a perfect time to pray for the blessed AND the damned.

21 Jan: I wanted to watch the whole impeachment thing. I really did

But I guess I tuned in  too late, Because I couldn’t figure out what the hell was supposed to be going on.

19 Jan: Seemingly out of nowhere

 A deep, unfillable hole has appeared. Something rare and precious has slid down the side of that hole and disappeared into oblivion. It is almost imperceptible as yet. We cannot metabolize the enormity of it yet. We cannot conceive of the immensity of the loss.

“Astro-aesthanomenontologically”* speaking, We have to deny the meaning and import to sentient consciousness and the consequences for earthbound human kind, concerning what has just occurred in Australia  for the rest of us alive on the planet Earth.

It is only on a personal basis, yours and mine, that we can process it. The towering structure that supported our whole existence and sense of security and well-being may well be gone. And we are only now beginning to stir, open our eyes, dazed by the blur of the new reality that greets us.

No matter how much of an optimist you are, for the task that lies ahead going forward, simply a Mary-Poppins-Robin-redbreast- first-sign-of-spring cheeriness just won’t cut it.

To rebuild, to begin to rebuild what you need to count on from here on in is strictly your determination not to give up. You must not falter in your determination despite any obstacle, setback or delay that holds your progress. Your life goals may have to change and your direction may not be clear, but not to focus on the hole that has been left in your life by this Saturn Pluto experience. Try to focus only on the new solid foundation on which you can plan to construct a more fulfilling and lasting reality. (*made that word up The astrology of sentient beings.)

15 Jan: When they found the stone had been rolled away…

Saturn Pluto-The After Party: It always seems like an anti-climax, mainly because you don’t see the miraculous impact of Survival right away. It’s like when they found the stone rolled away, Jesus was groaning, “Did I sleep the whole entire weekend? Christ am I sore!”

12 Jan: Committing to excellence

Remember that with Pluto involved, it will require the perspective and distance of years to understand the depth and significance of choices you are making right now.

11 Jan: Honey, wake up!

”Did you hear that? I think you forgot to let the cat in.”
SaturnPluto arrives.

09 Jan: 11:59, Surprises!

We want you to have both of the following. If you don’t have them already, get them now!


“Booomm!” published in October of 2016, if you look for the secret prediction, it will tell you what will happen by the end of September 2020.  It is an 8000 word monograph on how this is the end of life as we knew it. BOOOMM!: The Horoscope of America Volume One


This 7 year transit began when we offered this piece in August 2019 at the ingress. It shakes your life right to the core but often fot the better. Uranus In Taurus 2019









06 Jan: Er…uh….

02 Jan: It’s funny( not funny, spooky)

No matter what time you wake up, the darling, little monster is right there.
« Can’t sleep, Hon? »
It whispers sweetly. « Me neither «
As if the two of you are in total sync And have been living together since forever.
It seems pretty real. . And even if your real life sweetheart is sleeping close to you in the bed, it helps, but sometimes even your wedding band seems to be cutting off the circulation in your finger.
Or 1,000,001 other notions go zinging through your head. Or I should say trying to get into your head and turn you inside out and upside down.

But it’s actually just a manifestation of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto rising with the Sun

That’s the moment to turn the light on in your soul and refuse to be plagued by the darkness. Recognize it for what it is. A dangerous patch of forest you
are exploring, a sheer perilous cliff you are scaling, a moment of grief in your existence to which you will not succumb, anotherObscuration of the
MIND you will not allow to frighten or weaken your resolve to succeed.

Then you can either get up and start your day, or just go peacefully to sleep.

31 Dec: Welcome, welcome Welcome!

Glad you could make it. Just for a minute forget all the grief and  dark stuff. I know about the tragedy. Greet  the New Year with a little glamour and a healthy touch of the unreal. The Moon’s in Pisces after all. So why not waltz into 2020 all dressed up looking your best, because, who knows?  With Jupiter so close to the Sun you could  win an award or something. For  bravery if nothing else.

So then, may I have the first dance?