Daily Fix

29 Sep: St Michael Day

May all be protected from evil.

27 Sep: Cooling it

The whole planet is so out of balance and wobbly during the retro Mars square, that if you can  stop thinking magically, Hold onto the railing and patiently make each step deliberate and thoughtful, you’ll maintain your grip on gravity, as well as your sanity.

25 Sep: One thing to remember when driving through a terrible storm:

Ok definitely scary vibes. The astrology of it: MoonMercuryMars passing over and activating the waning Saturn-Pluto (the conjunction itself will not recur).
Fear of the danger is more dangerous than the danger itself.

18 Sep: May all the members of our human family

  1. everywhere on Earth and in space be included to share with those who celebrate the passage of another year our prayers for wisdom , health and prosperity, for ourselves, our loved ones and our adversaries as well. שנה טובה),

07 Sep: The pesky Mars station

The pesky Mars station:

Itches, scratches, muscle strains,
Fallls and burns and lumbar pains,
Fifteen kinds of new frustration
Twenty kinds of inflammation
Allergies that bring a sneeze
Trips on doorsteps? Wounded knees.
Worries from anticipation
Feeling stuck from constipation.
Fingers blue when car doors close
Swellings ache from stubbed big toes.
Fractured femurs just from dancing,
Lost erections while romancing.

It’s just a transit take it easy!

22 Aug: Hail, REGULUS

Hail, Regulus our Higher Sun, bringer of Light, Messenger, as we search for the perfection of Purity of Spirit, service to all Living Beings and honor to the Divine Feminine through the Sign of Virgo.

15 Aug: Sometimes when Mars reaches Eris and SaturnPluto

Right when you’re calmly attending to your tasks… all of a sudden”I CAN’’T DO THIS!  I CAN’t DO THIS!”

when that happens….

13 Aug: Is it just me?

Or is the background anxiety so crushing right now that no matter who you are, you have to take five minutes just to be grateful yiu’re alive?

07 Aug: Moon at 29 Pisces When you think you’re out of options…

and you’re convinced surrender to the Infinite won’t work.. you’re not and it will.