Daily Fix

22 Nov: Blessings and energy

Sagittarius: no matter what darkness has attempted to overcome you
May we all be touched by the divine light.
Blessed by the knowledge to make wise choices, may we be nourished and moved forward by
the drive to live a good, long happy life.

13 Nov: High over water

How the maddening apparent slowness of the Pluto transit is making you feel about a certain aspect, issue or event in your life that is taking it’s own sweet time to resolve. Don’t rush it, because once it is
Over it’s likely to be forever,

06 Nov: Bouncing back

Drinker or not, without touching a drop, some days you wake up feeling like an empty bottle of gin. But..that’s exactly when you have to turn to Uranus north node, Aries moon, and all your resources, surprise yourself and everybody else, and demonstrate, No matter what has befallen you in the past, or how many pratfalls you’ve taken or embarrassing goofs you have made, your whole-hearted health, endurance and hardiness.

14 Oct: Strays may follow you home

No no no I’m no And as for that sweet little surprise you’ve been praying to receive , with Pluto stationary atthe end of a sign when you fully unwrap it, it comes not exactly with horns and a tail, but a real little person who presents a twisty, triangular relationship you are just going to have to deal with

06 Oct: Ciao!

Although still filled with uncertainty, expectation and some foreboding, we know it’s time to be courageous and set out on a new adventure.

04 Oct: For everyone everywhere

Bedside Reading for Yom Kippur 2022 To be free of an endlessly long, drawn out, agonizing separation, we need understand what it means to forge Relationships that last and flourish…

05 Sep: While you’re waiting

Mars Mercury retrogrades provide
Colorful distractions that amuse and distract you from doing your business.