Daily Fix

18 Jan: 10 steps to prediction: a webinar

The future always reveals a few red hot jolly surprises, if only we can find a way to sneak a peek beforehand. Exactly how and where clues to the future in the past? This four hour Webinar (audio or video) is dIvided into four parts so you can enjoy at…

14 Jan: Courage and love at the New Moon

The inner meaning of this lunation: On Earth everyone’s heart is deeply deeply touched, during a separation from a loved one, trusted associate or respected hero. In the sky at dawn the Moon touches Sun as Venus rises at the Mars exaltation point. Courage is demanded when people must follow…

14 Jan: jupiter sex tile pluto

Explosion 1965-6 Roy Lichtenstein

Doesn’t have to be sexual contact or an electro shock treatment.  It is quick and deep,  however, and reminds you that you’re still alive, goddammit, and  you’re going to do everything to stay that way. Period. ( more on this at Lupovici’s)


12 Jan: Sun,Venus, Uranus

Dirty Dancing? Yes.  Monogamous marriage?  You gotta be kidding.

11 Jan: Be wise

Keep the Venus-Sun-Pluto
Message of january in your head. It could come in handy when Pluto finally crosses its Node in October. Even with the world in trouble, could be a “divine” visitation. Seriously.

08 Jan: Bye-bye, Baby. Remember you’re my baby….

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little mental over separation. If Someone is missing in action, you have to pray that whether they swing by your way again or not, the love is still there as it has always been. Don’t worry, though. They’ll be back.

08 Jan: Love from afar

On Elvis’ birthday and beyond there’s got to be someone you’re missing like crazy. So You should  have this message ( A gift offered to members of LUPOVICI‘s ). But if you’re not the clubby type, you should get it here now anyway. It makes sense out of love and absence.

07 Jan: A welcome gift

Madly Missing someone who is gone? Bet you are. Or will be. Just Check out the Lupovici club and, if you decide to join, we’ll send you a gift message delving into how, why and for how how long this superior Sun conjunction of Venus at Pluto will affect you….

06 Jan: Opening a new door

Can’t be together but can’t be apart? At a time when many prudent folks are pulling back, downsizing and hedging uncertainty ( thanks to Saturn and Pluto), we all still feel the nudge( thanks to Uranus in the last degrees of Aries) to take a wild chance. Who knows? That…

04 Jan: Although it sometimes seems impossible to imagine…

May all beings fly in joyous freedom from their cages.