Daily Fix

26 Sep: Patience

To get through this planetary station successfully, just pretend you’re stuck at a red light in a traffic jam just five minutes away from home, and you gotta go the bathroom REAL BAD. Concéntrate!

15 Sep: During these sacred hours

During the Sacred Hours of This celebration of YOM KIPPUR, May you, together with all Beings everywhere, enjoy and be comforted by the Divine Presence that passes through us all


An image to remember right now: WE THE ASTROLOGERS a joyful worldwide community, celebrate and support our family of cosmic brothers and sisters as we raise our voices in triumphant…

27 Aug: I Kid you not

No no

23 Aug: The Serpent hAtches

When the planet Saturn reaches its point of changing direction from retrograde during the first week of October, your own life will reawaken and the machinery of your destiny will…

18 Aug: MAYBE, just MAYBE…

Who knows? MAYBE Because They Judy want the Real Estate for the WATERS and the PLENTIFUL FOOD. And maybe they never had mothers who taught them to knock first ask nicely, so they have to learn some manners the hard way.

17 Aug: Uranus stations Retro

Uranus StAtions in Tsurus. Near enough to Saturn.

« I’m rich! I’m rich’ I’m rich! Im rich!«

08 Aug: Under the sunbeams

Under the healing rays of our glorious Sun during this Lunation in the sign of Leo, May all afflictions, fear or thoughts of deception and malfeasance currently plaguing beings vanish…