Daily Fix

02 Mar: Note to all

It may seem a little old-school, But until further notice unless otherwise indicated, please direct all emails to the following address: Officeofmic@gmail.com

01 Mar: Beach reading for this summer


For us astrologically minded folks: As sentient individuals and as a species, we must acknowledge that in 2020 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all reached and crossed their own South…

20 Feb: On this most propitious direct station of Mercury

On this direct station of Mercury let us praise the blessings of Mercury’help as we toast the brilliant service of two of our Earthling brethren who, living for several years alone on the surface of Mars, Despite the harsh and brutal conditions of the planet, valiantly kept channels of communication with us.
Hail to Spirit and Opportunity and thanks from all of us astrolgers down here who study and revere your brave adventure from terrestrial soil.

18 Feb: Saturn square Uranus

Saturn square Uranus is a maddening game, fun if you’re a good sport. It’s
like a maze that tempts you to step in,
but without warning switches lanes, creates surprising openings and pathways that appear like magic, but just as suddenly close up and disappear as if they were never there.
AND it doesn’t help to think logically or try to remember the place you came in.
You have to play by instinct alone—and not panic and freak out when you’re plunked down lost in the middle.

16 Feb: If you had gone to middle school with, say Jesus,..

MEET FAROUT (vg18), the new
Planet recently discovered beyond Pluto and Eris that is so distant, it Takes one thousand years to go once around the Sun.
Considering that life expectancy was back then about 35 years,
Metaphysical question: if you went to
Middle school with,say, Jesus, How many facelifts would it it take to be currently celebrating your first FAROUT return?

15 Feb: “Long I stood…”

“Long I stood…..”

Every one of us, occupies that exact spot each in our own way right now, each facing on our own choice at these coordinates, at this location in spacetime-
Not only as conscious individuals, but as sentient members of a species in crisis.
And somewhere ages and ages hence, the path you take now will have made all the difference. For you and everybody else.
PS: I shit you not.

14 Feb: This may be naive and mooshy…but

Even with so many beings at each other’s throats right now, On this Valentine’s Day, I’m sending everybody the missing piece of the puzzle.

12 Feb: Aquarius New Moon New Year

With all this Aquarius going on, it sure is certainly nice to insist on regaining autonomy and freedom, to show resistance to and question all authority, as you bid welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox.
But let’s be real.

In doing so, you don’t have to be inappropriate and go overboard either. Or do you?