Daily Fix

24 Apr: Like magnets repelling

We’ve got news to impart and it’s not all bad.

But first: Many people  have already received this undeniable message: attention to Earthly business brings  gs success, but why does it require you to be  threatened and pressured so mercilessly with anxiety?

There’s a blessing in it. If you’ll only take your eyes off your phone, and your mind off Trump, you’d see the same game is being played out right  in your life, at this very moment today.

Saturn Pluto conjunction? no deals definitively signed, parties  involved backing off, alliances not set, a move of this magnitude determines the course of your personal history in your own tiny sphere as well as life and death consequences on a global scale.

A Temporary stay has demanded all parties involved refrain from a commitment this deep and inescapable. It sure is a

Freeze frame cliffhanger

Saturn Pluto conjunction

Get this message only if you dont. Have it already

21 Apr: You call this a holiday?

Despite the news reports and current events which serve only to fuel global death anxiety, may these holidays portend liberation and joy for all

20 Apr: What’s a TRB?

In simplest terms, the stronger the planetary configuration ( example Saturn Pluto together) the more significant the life event with which it coincides.
That particular area of sky becomes sensitized, and when restimulated by transits, lunations, éclipses or other configurations, the native will experience a Time Recurrence Bubble, actually briefly Re experiencing the past. Saturn Pluto is active again.
{To the reader who wrote in that « Michael is obsessed with 1983 »,
Take an advanced astrology course!}

19 Apr: Full moon day

The area around which the last Saturn Pluto formed. The memory fades from the conscious mind, but under the surface remains to remind us that all is impermanent, all is growth.  May this day in 2019 help prepare us for the next big turn in our lives  in 2020. This is not to freak us out but to help us in our decision-making. May this day fill all beings with the enthusiasm to embrace change.


16 Apr: It’s all related.

Understanding that requires no further explanation. Not just your little story. Connect the dots for Christ’s sweet sake. You’re part of it.

14 Apr: Aphorism #1 chiron in Aries

Aphorism #1: Chiron in Aries starts out solving the problem by going off half-cocked and  hunting  for someone to blame for your own moronic actions.

12 Apr: In another dimension

Somewhere in another quantum Universe ( not ours), intelligent beings care more for the welfare and benefit of others. They do not not scratch and claw for power, control of resources, and supremacy of petty ideologies.

In such a dimension of existence, when seeing that the leader of their world is becoming gravely ill, instead of jeering or plotting against the wounded soldier, the members of all disputing factions step in. They suspend all acts of judgment, strife, disagreement, competition and opportunism, They reach across all boundaries to sincerely offer compassionate help.
No matter how difficult that would be.

No matter what.
Doing so heals all wounds.
Sound completely impossible?
It’s nice over there, though.

12 Apr: Late night TV “comedians”…

pretending to report politics

10 Apr: It’s a doorway

If you’ve got the key, could be a doorway, So be sure to peek through the peephole.

(it’s so too late for that, it’s not funny.)

09 Apr: As long as space endured

“May all beings suffering in mind and body obtain an ocean of happiness and joy. As long as space endures and as longs as beings exist, there shall I be to dispel the misery of the world.”
For Angel Thompson