Daily Fix

27 Nov: Thanksgiving and after 2019

With Jupiter still in Sagittarius, once again, Here is a picture of this moment’s Holiday warmth, good cheer, gratitude grace, security and optmism.

Take another look, however, at the guy with the cynical eye in the foreground, looking out at us— He’s the Capricorn.

27 Nov: With Neptune you never know.

You just never know if your fairy godmother is finally granting your wishes, or you’ve just off your meds.

26 Nov: In the Sagittarian Moon and beyond

26 november 2019 In coming weeks may all beings, us included, wrapped in the mantle of Truth, find the wisdom, courage, and joy of adventure to walk through any walls that may appear impenetrable.

24 Nov: Love to everybody from me under Venus Jupiter

The  best way I know how to give it under Venus Jupiter and everything that is to follow.

19 Nov: Yoo-hoo! Is anybody home?

Mars enters Scorpio:
The door was open so I let myself in. Are you decent? Hmmm. Somethin smells good.