Daily Fix


17 Oct: Ridiculous! Impossible. Inappropriate. Oh, yeah?

Right when everything is an absolutely unholy mess and you think it couldn’t possibly get more complicated, the most ridiculously unlikely but cosmic thing happens. During the last week of October the Sun approaches inferior conjunction with retrograde Venus. NGS( not gender specific) The Universe blows in your ear, “Ok,Pal,…


16 Oct: The window is closing

The window is closing. So we prepare to wave bye-bye to the past and return to the present day, we come back enriched with greater insight and gratitude.
To all those for whom this visit to 1983 didn’t happen at all, no worries.


14 Oct: Now that we’re all safely in the vortex of 1983

…it does explain your obsessive behavior. HINT HINT: It’s about the unconscious automatic emotional responses, actions and REactions to the process of bonding and separation between mother and child AT ANY AGE,LIVING OR DEAD


11 Oct: Under moon Venus &Jupiter in Scorpio

Bechu  you ain’t no vegetarian.


10 Oct: “Is this the Chiron thing? She asked

« I can’t stop crying,” she said, “but I can’t stop holding it in either.”


08 Oct: As Pluto descends…

Just as Pluto descends across its South Node ushering in a more mysterious, challenging, hidden and difficult-to-believe fantastic period in human civilization, a reader has accused me of purposely dangling clues about what’s really happening in the world, just to keep you clicking on my page and site. I can…


07 Oct: Believe me, you’re not alone.

Believe me, you’re not alone, even though you think you are.
This is a pic of every single person in the world right now- – taking a fun ride on a wrecking ball.