Daily Fix

24 Nov: Everybody now

No matter what’s going down astrologically, To be able able to find the space to sit down with a nice cup of tea.

20 Nov: Eclipse

Some interpretations of meaning of this recent eclipse at Algol are to recognize the excesses of greed, acknowledge the existence of poison afflicting the world, and yet keep searching for the power within one’s self to transmute the venom flowing through society into a remedy for the healing of humanity.


I finally gave in.
Message to everybody who has requested a session and is waiting to hear from me:

I had to slow down setting up sessions before it started to blur all together and detract from what I consider the proper care I give studying the chart and delivering my astrological interpretation for each and every person who seeks my visión of their horoscope.
I realize I cannot see people bing bam boom one after another.
Finally I’m catching up, and ready start new cycle.
Thanks to everybody who has been waiting so patiently.
Call me or text me if you have been waiting for me to schedule now if still wish to get together if we’ve already made contact either for in my office in New York City or on Face Time, SKYPE, ZOOM etc., phone or text me at (+1) 9179309900 and
and we will make a date in coming weeks.

03 Nov: May dreams come true

This New Moon at this spot on the Zodiac is a death I have personally already lived through. Triggered by 11 degrees of Scorpio, it unleashed the most intensely joyful,…

28 Oct: Seems like old times

If you’re old enough to remember back then, as Mars reaches 29 degrees libra expect a recurrence of the previous Saturn Pluto—an encounter with Grandma and Grandpop from
1983. And you’ll have to remind yourself that this is now not then.


“To Be Awakened Is To Love All Beings.” Someone whose Wisdom I deeply respect and Trust just told me it’s our Last and only Hope. So I’m going with that.