Daily Fix


09 Dec: You think YOU’re under pressure?

With the moon besieged between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn you are feeling squeezed and pressured. The way out right now is not to do everything at once or even try. Take the most pressing responsibility and handle it and start your week that way. Today Sunday. And everything won’t…


05 Dec: How dare you!

And just exactly what do you mean I’m exactly where I should be right now considering my all my choices to this point? 

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03 Dec: Venus, Scorpio and transformation

“Remember me? Probably not. I admit I’ve changed quite a bit. You know the fat girl with pimples who sat behind you in Biology Class? Well, that girl who sat behind you was fat Mary Ellen Sokolowski . Actually I sat behind her. My name was Arthur at the time….


01 Dec: Naughty, naughty thoughts

RISKY BUSINESS BY TRANSLATION OF MOONLIGHT:Entanglements and desperate political and emotional enmeshment dangerous liaisons fun?
Before you judge somebody else’s behavior, look in the mirror this weekend during Venus oppose Uranus square Pluto.


30 Nov: Spirit weekend dont get spooked

Spirit weekend, so don’t be spooked if you have an unexpected vision,visit or a dream. They mean you no ill. Just the opposite. They come with love to help you mend fences and look back to the past with humor and good cheer. This is the effect of Venus at…


29 Nov: What, no predictions yet?

 Of course I’m looking forward to 2019! But what do I have to do to get there, fall on the floor and start praying? I thought I was past that.”


23 Nov: Cazimi of Jupiter

Starting right now, During the coming few days while Jupiter is as if in the heart of the Sun, it will be wise to Identify with generosity and good fortune. It serves you to make every gesture reflect sincerity of purpose and joyous optimism. Seeing the whole world as your…