Daily Fix

17 Nov: Darrrrk moon

Don’t stalk it tonight. Let it come to you and it will.

13 Nov: Pluto and Neptune in ‘18 and beyond

With so much uncertainty floating around, politically, economically and, God knows,— it’s not only the world situation, more than ever you’ve got to keep your head together in your personal life. Certainly you must have noticed how easily it is to become distracted just at the moment when you need…

11 Nov: First lesson in coming global politics

Not all the dinosaurs died from the asteroid.

(Further discussions will take place at Lupovici’s.)

06 Nov: Venus at healing point of recent lunation

Back pain or not, Venus at a healing point for this most recent New Moon, so remind yourself: « This is now. This is not then. I have experience, wisdom and resources available to me now, unknown to me or my parents in the past. May I proceed with grace,…

04 Nov: Lower back pain and Saturn/Pluto

Some issues, when unresolved, linger in the body for years, especially when not consciously remembered or addressed. One reason for lower back pain in this Full Moon Could be a memory left over from events of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra back in the early 80’s. Hence why we offered this…

03 Nov: Full moon 4 november 17

Tolja this Full Moon was about hunger for human contact and surprise reversals. Tonight we’re all a bunch of starving babies.
PS How long must we be dragged back to 1983?