Daily Fix

26 Aug: As asteroid Athena passes the point of desire along the zodiac,

At zero degrees Scorpio, May  she with all her wisdom and courage preside over all departures and arrivals and the transformations required therein.


25 Aug: When the moon goes north in Cancer…

you discover an oasis, filled with refreshing and delicious water you can drink. Meaning: Lean toward people your gut tells you are sincere and you can trust emotionally. And that should take your mind off worrying, at least for a while.

22 Aug: SunVenusMarsVirgo@Regulus

sweetness, innocence, purity:

the presence of the Holy Spirit

22 Aug: Yes, yes, of course. THE mayans were right!

Moments after the Holy Mother, Sanctissima Herself came through the Wormhole, she was joined by Dorothy, Oriole and the rest of the goddesses, proving once again that OMG! The Mayans were right. ( words Michael LUTIN music Doug MORTON )
Per corem Leonis in signo Virginis in sororitatem stellarum te  salutamus

21 Aug: Waking up before dawn

during the Jupiter Saturn Pluto node conjunction And facing the new day with a smile and a song

19 Aug: Perfect getaway

We thought we’d found the perfect quiet spot for our vacation at last. But Jeez Louise!
Our neighbors! Especially at night. I don’t what the hell they were doing over there.

18 Aug: With so many earth signs all around you

and so  much good, hard reality to stand on,, why should you still feel so darned iffy,shaky and vulnerable?

18 Aug: Under these transits?

If once in a while, out of the blue, it comes over you that you’re actually losin’ it, cheer up. You’re actually doing a lot better than you think.