Daily Fix

21 May: Madness or method?

what has gotten into everybody a bug bite of the brain? I can’t be the only person on earth who can’t get

15 May: Mmm-mmmm good!

Although some of the most
Deliciously pleasurable itches are just so damned hard to stop scratching, a South Node Eclipse is an ideal moment to try.
Like Now.

14 May: Such weird sensations

. Surrounded by Friends, Lovers, Family, fans, a whole bunchof wellwishers, exes and extras, and yet, something is missing. Such weird sensasions of Emotional emptiness and inappropriate behavior this eclipse brings.

13 May: EclipseWeekend

Businessman relaxing in hammock in a garden

10 May: Always keep the darkness in perspective

Always keep the darkness in perspective

10 May: As the lunar eclipse approaches…

As the lunar eclipse approaches you could drive yourself and everybody around you crazy, making believe it’s Halloween,staying in bed watching scary movies and getting obsessively hooked on the preoccupation with what might happen if the Bottom should drop out of your world.
You can push through the fear, seek to understand the reality of impermanence without having to act it out, just go on enjoying good health and prosperity and take it from there.

09 May: And of course, wouldn’t you know..

ON TOP OF EVERYTHING, MERCURY IS RETROGRADE, SO HAVE PATIENCE. Scheduling sessions may take weeks to sort out.

07 May: We are being watched

It’s as if we have been caught in the cold, watchful stare of a branch full of wizened, orphaned owls.


To every soul out there who has kept me shinin’, smilin’ and knowin’you can always count on me, for sure, that’s what friends are for. Thank you for the golden light that sustains me and keeps me restored, refreshed, healthy and alive doing my work. I still love it. And thank you for the energy and fuel that encourages me to keep doing it.


Don’t I look wonderful? And Don’t you worry one bit. No matter what has happened, is happening or will happen, Pluto schmuto, , I’m still carrying the light for the millions of us who continue the fight for love and the glory of love in this Universe.