Daily Fix


05 Jan: Forget predictions

Forget predictions and where the planets are for a moment, especially if you’ve ever gotten too close to losing it and  and were waiting around for  a miracle.  There IS something you’re in control of. It’s difficult to imagine a miracle might ever be happening in the midst of so…


04 Jan: Why, you…?

Why keep going on and on about “May all beings be happy”, when deep down your guts are churning, you’re on edge, exhausted and frustrated, and have even felt anger or hatred for people and things you normally love? This moment seems to be presenting a deeply personal test of…


03 Jan: Hoping

Hoping now more than ever, in these coming  days,  as we continue to pursue successful and fulfilling work and health in  daily mundane life,  we attempt to  end all our illusions, accept  the fact that nothing lasts forever, understand what they mean when they talk about Emptiness, embrace joy with…


03 Jan: The coming eclipse period…

The coming eclipse period occurs just as chiron passes the end point of Pisces, signaling  a Chiron return and end of the cycle  beginning 1968-69.So prepare for  a Changing of the Guard everywhere—in your own life,too. This is cosmic surgery.

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31 Dec: But…

we shouldn’t think all the pain goes away, poof! Just ‘cause we prayed.


30 Dec: May all fears dissolve into nothingness

 May all pain and suffering disappear. May all who are imprisoned by their own thoughts for any reason be liberated and delivered unto joy. May we all have good laugh.


30 Dec: Genius or nut?

29 pisces. As the year ends, As Mars and Chiron are on a roll over the end of the zodiac, something strange and eerie is on your mind. Either your psychic intuition is screaming a message that challenges all rational normal explanation, and what the people around you think is…


29 Dec: A cord has been cut

               IsEVVVV- rybody happy?


28 Dec: A final word on Mars Chiron

Do me a favor. If you feel like absolute shit,



27 Dec: Forgive and be forgiven

Forgive and be forgiven

Have courage

Be grateful 

Be truthful

Show love