Daily Fix

17 Aug: Uranus stations Retro

Uranus StAtions in Tsurus. Near enough to Saturn.

« I’m rich! I’m rich’ I’m rich! Im rich!«

08 Aug: Under the sunbeams

Under the healing rays of our glorious Sun during this Lunation in the sign of Leo, May all afflictions, fear or thoughts of deception and malfeasance currently plaguing beings vanish…

05 Aug: Thé object of the game:

Finding a way to communicate as if your life depends upon it , while never Losing your cool and forgetting it’s a game.

29 Jul: Moments of calm

It is during those moments when to keep from screaming you absolutely must focus on one-pointedness of mind.
Oddly enough, however,that’s when you can’t.
But you must.
But you can’t.
But you must.
But you can’t.
But you must.

24 Jul: The goal:

The goal: To keep shining and carrying on despite any and all attempts to interrupt, interfere with or extinguish, the light and pursuit of happiness for all beings.

18 Jul: Come on Everybody…

Let’s Twist again like we did last summer

03 Jul: July 3

Today we face our pain with inspired bravado, because even though we are currently under some of the worst planetary vibrations imagineable, remember that on July 3, according to Chaldean astrology,exalted Jupiter rules,
So it’s wise to pray for a benefic outcome to the day.