Daily Fix

26 Feb: Thin ice, Babe…

Thin ice.

24 Feb: She’s leaving home….

I understand perfectly how this New Moon is making you feel, but I have to ask you, where do think you are going when you know  there’s really no where to run?

20 Feb: Take a break!

Get off it, for crissakes. Give it a rest for five seconds, will ya’,please?There’s always refuge.

19 Feb: The most delicate balance for prosperity and happinedd

The shared ruler ship of the heavens by mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn – – – and Neptune in Pisces: it’s a balance between greedy skull-Fuckery and the gentle love helping those in need. Meaning: no matter how freaked out, hopeless or in pain you may feel, if you come across someone worse off than you (and believe me,there are plenty of them), take the time to talk them down off the ledge. That’s where you’ll find your superpowershttps://youtu.be/bUY48aQFcwA

14 Feb: My Valentine Toast:

To Everyone I have ever loved and still do, and to all those I haven’t met or loved yet, get ready, here I come!

12 Feb: “Come back, Jim Maynard,

come back.”

08 Feb: So you wake up in the dark on a full moon day

Full of expectation with the moon in Leo on the western horizon and of course the dread of Saturn Pluto Still hanging over your head in the 12th house And you’ve just got to train yourself to meditate out of  imagining the darkest scenario, shoo away the spooks and remember this is an adventure and you’ll handle it all.

05 Feb: Don’t just stand there petrified. Do something.

It turns out that the aftermath of SaturnPluto doesn’t END anxiety-producing feelings. It UNLEASHES the events producing them. So, yeah, I understand. I know just how you must feel until you take Some positive action.

31 Jan: And What if……

  • Get real. This whole, entire business could well be a carefully, strategically, methodically, painstakingly planned attack, formulated and finely tuned down to the last detail during the lunar occultations of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during 2019, designed to usurp and garner absolute control of the world- -and brilliantly executed with the help of ice cold , inhumanly cynical «brains« even Elon Musk is scared of.
    Just k-k-k-kidding.
    With one factor ((lucky for us) omitted, however:The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero Aquarius, as we shall see at Christmas time.