Daily Fix

18 Jun: It’s happening tonight

Wait a minute. Quiet. Don’t anybody say a word. I think I’m getting a message. It’s happening tonight. During the occultations. In the dark. maybe over after dinner cognac. A
Secret agreement between individuals we don’t know, affecting you, me, our kids and grandkids. All of us. But it won’t be on the news and we, the uninvited guests, will be the last to know. Hardly seems fair. I’m probably joking around and being spooky. Stay tuned.


17 Jun: Wtf?

So nice to see people waving and smiling. Only thing I is, something odd about the merry mood.
Hard to tell if it’s the Sadge Full Moon, or medication, or they’re all on the verge of the same nervous breakdown.

17 Jun: Full Moon in Sadge. “you see,Honey? »

”You see, Honey? » Papa would say.
« There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything’s going to be all right.”
And for those moments on Papa’s lap, it was true.
Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be back there right now.

12 Jun: The Uninvited Player

If you have a tough time reading between the lines, you should probably skip this post. But if you get it, it could be valuable in coming days when ♂☍♄♇ at the nodes:
“ A nosey neighbor risks getting whacked by stumbling in on gangsters’ private poker game.”

09 Jun: Tired o’ livin’ but skeered o’ dyin’

transit of the moment: when Mars in astrological fall, staggering back into proper declination in bounds, is immediately confronted by Saturn Pluto Ketu (like an armed SWAT team), we are reminded of a beleaguered, exhausted outlaw, tired of running, tired of fighting, and what a wicked challenge the System can be, and how one person can take the heat for everyone else’s personal frustration— including yours and mine.

07 Jun: The faster it spins…..

As the Moon approaches the Sun Jupiter/Neptune square, this is when the world goes slightly off its axis and you have to hang on to the railing to stay on your feet. More to come.

02 Jun: ☉☌☽ ♊︎ □ ♆ s℞ Stay tuned

Stay tuned.
New Gemini Moon square stationary Neptune:
The persistent search for satisfaction of an imaginary craving
stay tuned
“OMG, It’s empty!”

26 May: Somebody help!!!

It’s nice and comforting to read affirmations and prayers, but what do you do if the panic still grabs you?

It’s like a mad monster Is right in front of you growling, drooling and showing his teeth,   and  you stand there whispering, “Nice doggie. Nice doggie.”

If that happens (the feeling of being under attack against which you are defenseless), don’t freeze . Stay focused only on your very next task and don’t think further, even if it’s just brushing your teeth. That’s Saturn’s contribution to your sanity and well being. When it’s all over maybe  you’ll look back and see it was a doggie after all.

24 May: I can’t recall who said it I know I never read it…

Despite rampant relationship  paranoia, which is another murderously cute aspect of Saturn  Pluto……there’s also pleasure and passion disguised within the battle for control and dominance,   Thank heaven