09 Feb: Good Morning, Fukushima

that Chiron is about to be passing directly over the mundane Uranus of the Fukushima event of 2011. Interesting if something comes up about that, like if the real damage done back then will be revealed.


07 Feb: Wait, wanna hear the ultimate chiron at 29 Pisces?

Proof that you can never really know what’s happening while it’s happening Hold on,wait!  You wanna know the Ultimate ultimate? Here is the wildest craziest ultimate chiron at 29 pisces experience of all time: It’s like When you are at one of those  absolute lowest, rottenest , helplessest shitty  moods…


04 Feb: Sudden Change of Thinking, Uranus Leaves Aries

It has been observed that planetary transits offer their greatest wisdom as they are leaving a zodiac sign. We are all now witnessing such an event as both Chiron is leaving Pisces and Uranus is leaving Aries. This is a sacred moment filled with an energy of great importance to…


28 Jan: Don’t let your mind run away with you

Your mind won’t help you now.  Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, you feel the rumble beneath your feet, the trumpet blares and the landscape of your life changes again. February and March will clearly demonstrate a surprising set of unexpected new fun wrinkles  as Pluto mid…


15 Jan: What happens when fire meets earth

THIS WEEK 15 january——and days following mars in aries and saturn in capricorn—with energy strictly focused and held in check- – great accomplishment. Both planets in dignity: the diplomatic clash of major dignitaries. Meeting between two powerful and influential celebrities. A significant detente. But This combination always denotes the great…


28 Dec: MarsChiron at Piscesend: Isthat good?

MARS CONJUNCT CHIRON I AM RELUCTANT TO USE THE WORD “EVIL”, mainly because in astrology when we say something is evil or malefic  it implies an inescapable moment of growth and usually challenge to our vision of reality. Accompanied often by an uncomfortable and painful necessity to face circumstances, situations…


23 Dec: To fully embrace this week

How  to deal with irrational, even violent  rage and still keep your head on straight ?  This week fully embrace Freedom from superstition Humility of spirit One-pointedness of mind Sincerity of heart LET NOTHING ELSE IN Seriously. Whatever you do, don’t think I’m kidding about this.

26 Nov: Chiron’s Station Direct

Chiron has stopped moving backwards and now prepares to move direct and propel you to your new path .  It now seems to hold you hostage, and  its not weird that you feel unable to seize the moment and move ahead. This renders a lot of folks panicky and desperate,…