19 May: The Nodes and the eclipse

If you follow the north node for the next 18 months you’re bound to discover gold. Only thing is, you have to recognize it when you see it,  and not blow it with imbecilic distractions .



02 May: Stay still a minute


29 Apr: Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be about murdering your whole family.

Couldn’t this be Mars in Gemini too?

28 Apr: After they show you the photos: “OMG! DID I ACTUALY DO THAT?”


You’re capable of Almost anything at the end of this retrograde Mercury, especially if you push it. No surprise if you’re feeling a touch abnormally jumpy, even, dare we say, skitzotastic.
Blame it on Moon/Mars/Mercury–
Not exactly cuckoo, but one screw could be just a little loose. Temporary funsies. You might need more protein

26 Apr: 26 april if your appetite increases with the new moon

25 Apr: Pardon our bugs

We’re new here

09 Apr: Saturn retro

Not just a big downer but something of value to learn