26 Dec: If only…


No matter how many lives I have left behind or how many lies I have spoken; no matter how many souls I put out of mind or how many hearts I’ve broken..
Faithless and faulty as I may have demonstrated myself to be, to all those I have ever loved, I love you now as much now as I did then. To all those I will meet and love in coming days, weeks, months and years,

get ready. Here I come.

25 Dec: Wait for it

With his keen ear to the ground, a tracker listens for the approach of imminent danger.

24 Dec: No matter what your Sign or Planets…

 if over the next couple of years you are facing The dilemma of PLUTO’s coming passage between CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS, When faced with a challenge you are completely unfamiar with,…

22 Dec: If you looked up in the sky you probably saw it.

Beautiful. But it’s also a clear communication, one we’ve been attempting to translate. A message has been transmitted to all Beings on Earth. There is a punchline. Wait for it.

14 Dec: South Node Eclipse in Sagittarius

Whether you’ve got 3PH D’s or you quit school in eighth grade, south node eclipse in Sagittarius is often the inseecure feeling of incompetency or lack of skill or ability, or paradoxically- – the exact opposite : a defensive and flashy display of higher education and brain power.
Since there’s alway a bunch more to learn, we must all always remember that true wisdom comes from knowledge fused with the pain of experience.

11 Dec: Saturn at 29 Capricorn

the point just before quitting your job, or, leaving with dignity before they throw you the hell out.

December 2020 THE PLUTO TRANSIT: A RETROSPECTIVE LOOKING BACK AS WE MOVE FORWARD All the Pluto stuff we’ve offered that you may have missed.  SPECIAL NOTE: AFTER PURCHASING AN ITEM,…

04 Dec: They know something big is….

They’re expecting something bigger than we have ever seen or dreamed could happen. And that scares them. So naturally they’re tightening the screws with a good cover story.

15 Nov: Climate change crisis

                     In Emerald City