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Summer Saturday night Neptune stops

Summer Saturday night in New York City, sweatin’ and pushin’ dressed to the nines for Broadway or half naked with everything hangin’ out.
Moon At Neptune stationary retro, everybody checkin’ out the action which there isn’t much of since  not even Neptune is moving –mostly music of street sirens cutting in on the din of the crowd.
Let out of the cage for a night full of the search for release, acting foolish and self-destructive maybe because you have to, you absolutely have to, even if you’re wasting precious time you don’feel is precious at all When you’re not thinking about the Dharma,you just have to keep looking for the magic monent to take you out of the constant pounding thoughts of all things you should be preparing for, but not on a Pisces Saturday night, even if you stagger home and  feel as thirsty as a desert traveler.
Still you’re kind of happy you’re in Manhattan

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