2017 August

31 Aug: Here comes Mars

with the meaning of the eclipse. Facing yourself on a level this deep will come with a blinding flash. It will hurt for only a horrible second, but you’ll be forever glad you Didnt close your eyes. Stay in the NorthNode.

29 Aug: Post-eclipse malaise

Post-Eclipse malaise
Feeling like you just got off the bus outside a strange town?
You took yourself out of your comfort zone, because you had to. You probably did the right thing no matter how weird it feels now. Stay and watch the rest of the movie

25 Aug: Saturn stations direct

22 Aug: If you came from the heart…..

As Mars moves to the Eclipse Point the first couple of days of September, you should clearly see the effects of your actions and responses during the big moment. And…you’ll understand why there is absolutely no turning back. If you came truly from the heart you’re ahead of the game.

21 Aug: Stay in the north node!

Fearlessly express what’s in your heart!
Don’t listen to this shnook!

21 Aug: Eclipse news

Even if it’s crazy, ridiculous, absurd, impossible, out of the question and completely stupid,
The heart knows what the head denies.

18 Aug: KNOCK! Knock!

Right now
A north node Solar eclipse
heralds the crossing of a major planetary interface in
September and October
A portal is opening.
Somebody seems mighty eager to get in.

IT has been hanging out, impatiently–it seems for years–waiting for the portal to open even a crack.
Smoking cigarette after cigarette, ceaselessly making inappropriate conversation under its breath.
At the slightest sign from the Bouncer, It stands up, crushes out the butt under its foot, and pushes against tthe door
More to come

13 Aug: As we approach the solar eclipse

WEEKLY 13 august
As we approach the solar eclipse
It is quite natural for dark thoughts to pop into your head now and then, considering we are all approaching a major solar eclipse. Like a major zit on your face on the day of your big interview, many tempting and seductive distractions and obscurations can erode your power to stay focused In your desire to become a more real and authentic human being.

That’s exactly what the astronomical phenomenon is all about: the blinking out of light.
The Psychic Challenge, of course is to be able to pierce through that darkness and see the light on the other side.
It’s definitely the end of one cycle and beginning of a new one, this eclipse affecting the area where Leo falls across your natal chart and your solar chart.
The solar chart, calculated by the Sun’s position at dawn on the eastern horizon of the day you’re born, has a great deal more value than often given credit for.
This time especially.
In this particular eclipse, your SUN SIGN plays an even greater role than usual, and can provide you with an opportunity to raise the level of your whole life path, strengthen your resolve, renew your faith in your abilities and ultimately strengthen your natural Drive to pursue all your activities,?goals and desires.
That is always your unfailing guardian angel, fairy godmother and spiritual guide.

So you must stay in the light Whenever you’re feeling wobbly and unsure of the next steps.
Never allow doubt, or fear to weaken your faith in yourself or your ability to rise to the challenge in your pursuit of happinness, health, prosperity and fulfillment of manifesting to the highest degree your own Life Force.
So keep this  handy, which I hope you already possess. Northnode in Leo