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Remember the message about mars Leo and the eclipse from a while back?


What’s the big deal? Mars transits the Sign of Leo every two years so why is it special?

We all know that Mars in Leo represents the passion for living. It’s the loudest laugh in the audience. It’s the champion of the world wrestler, all gussied up for the grand entrance into the ring. The flashing smile of the soldier parading before a roaring crowd. It’s the ardor of an insistent lover, serenading a sweetheart beneath a balcony amid wold blossoming of gardenias.

Pretty cool.

It is the flaunting of one’s prowess. Sometimes overcompensation for one’ feeling of inadequacy, but in general it’s a proud and courageous, warm moment.
Courage, integrity, magnetism.

Of course individuals with an adrenal problem or some other hormonal issue can go manic and start zooming around, so it’s still always depends on some self – restraint and a person’s level of conscious behavior. Also those narcissists we all love to hate and hate to love will start dominating conversations again.

But no matter whether you sit down or stand up to Pee, Mars in Leo represents a resurgence of masculine energy that flows through us all, adding courage to stretch your stuff and face the world.
This transit of March through Leo is the overture to the big solar eclipse everybody’s talking about – – and in a lot of cases are scared silly about.
It’s going to get dark, real dark, real dark, real dark. But then, guess what? The sun will eventually shine again as it has for nearly a gazillion years now.
An eclioseof this type ends one cycle of your life and begins another. I suppose you have to look to 18 years ago to see get a glimpse if what’s ahead.
Let this transit of Mars help you carve a path to the North Node of the Moon. That is the tiny point of like to follow. That’s the thread to hang onto.
Focus there and that will sustain you.


For those who find this definition of the lunation sexist , sorry to say that i need to repeat what I posted in Facebook.
It’s embarrassing even to have to explain that to some people.
Lunation on Mars in early Fire
When you got it, flaunt it.
This is not about the male body.
Mars in early fire with the Sun and Moon. symbolizes courage and integrity and magnetism as exemplified by the heroic firefighters of our cities, our countries and our world.
When Venus is prominent we choose the image of the goddesses of our culture. Does not exclude man or men but describes the female within them and in their lives. With Mars as prominent as it is now, we speak to the male side of ourselves. That is real.

Much more to come.

So question:what, if any, the special significance of this particular transit of mars in Leo in 2017?
Answer: it will energize you and everybody else in the world at the solar eclipse on 21 August.
It could very well help immeasurably to light your way through the darkness

No need to get this one if you already have it. Otherwise here it is