2017 December

31 Dec: January ‘18. All signs

Aries, Aries Rising Can you go above and beyond what experts say as possible? Can you beat all the odds? Here is a challenge to beat all challenges, prove statistics wrong and defiantly become one of the rare examples of someone who refused to surrender to what others predicted as…

30 Dec: New years on the Uranus station

Probably  not any safer if you stay in bed

30 Dec: Uranus a flash of brilliance

This week It hits like lightning, fries your brain and your life to a crisp or wallops you with a stunning, ingenious, spontaneous, game-changing idea that saves you at the last possible nanosecond. It’s been coming since 2010, but it’s never too late to get the jolt and figure out…

28 Dec: Uranus Direct in Aries

  Finally going out of your head? Join the club. Uranus stops moving and goes forward at the end of Aries. No matter what sign you are, we bet you haven’t been this close to the brink since you leaned over the edge of the Grand Canyon to get a better…

27 Dec: Marsjupiterscorpio

 We’ve already asked a question once:Does it always have to be about about sex? Can’t we channel that energy into another area or is that a big joke? Is always a sexual obsession?

24 Dec: From our hearth to yours

May worry, grief and uncertainty be banished, and may all beings find comfort and safety.

21 Dec: When the sun separates from Saturn after a tight conjunction

It’s like when you’re trudging all bundled up head to toe through a major snowstorm and all of a sudden you have to pee real bad.

20 Dec: Last hours of retrograde mercury

 During the last hours of retrograde Mercury  people get seriously cuckoo (That’s how BUSH got into the White House). Especially this year right before Christmas. So if you’ve already got this message keep it handy. mercury retro on saturn