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When the sun separates from Saturn after a tight conjunction

It’s like when you’re trudging all bundled up head to toe through a major snowstorm and all of a sudden you have to pee real bad.

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Maybe it’s just all in your mind
Once I took my boys by train one broke into fever and I lay next to his seat for 14 hrs
At the end I realized how bad I had to pee
And my white coydoroy were trashed
Priorities or heart over
Mind, I was singing prayers
Did you know music is the only thing that allows all the parts of your brain to fire st the same time, pure magic
The heart pretty impressive too
Before the year is up can I say “cheers “to
The descent folks in this world;cheers dude!

LOL……..LOL…..Childhood memories! Merry Christmas Michael and a very happy healthy New Year!

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