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January ‘18. All signs

Aries, Aries Rising
Can you go above and beyond what experts say as possible? Can you beat all the odds? Here is a challenge to beat all challenges, prove statistics wrong and defiantly become one of the rare examples of someone who refused to surrender to what others predicted as impossible. At this time you cannot knuckle under to a System with all its antiquated rules and superstitions.Nobody is asking you to go against the laws of probability, physics and nature it’s self. But then again, who knows?

Taurus, Taurus Rising,
You have to try hard to see things from a wider and longer distance perspective now. If you can envision a bigger picture, you will see that your life is not at all only circumscribed by the tight boundaries in which you are currently living.
Naturally that could be scary for anyone of any sign. The walls do seem to be closing in and options are narrowing. Without a healthy perspective it would almost be hard to breathe. It’s a turn not an end.
It’s just the completion of a chapter. What happens next depends upon your faith in the future, your keen intelligence and your belief that the Universe is guiding you and that certain people in it are not out to get you.

Gemini,Gemini Rising
Receiving some good news about your health can work magic to shoo away the shadow you sometimes wake up and believe you see looming at your closet door. We all face the same anxiety, often cloaked in different garments. Could be finances, kids, health… Or just the fear of the state of the world and the human race. But it’s all the same thing. It’s an excitement and a dread at the same time, like “let’s get it over with already.“
There is still a lot of freedom and exploration, mobility and joy – – and especially the independence you have no intention of giving up until the moment you absolutely have to. And it’s not yet.

Cancer Cancer Rising
May the peace that passes all understanding descend upon you during the Full Moon in January. May all persistent coughs disapoear. And, may you receive a nice break from the constant pressure that never seems to let up for more than a minute or two.
It is not easy to be constantly bombarded by the most powerful pressures and be having to defend yourself from an uncompromising world.
Wonderful, though, you can still laugh and enjoy yourself as much as humanly possible – – considering the tough challenges you face. If You have been under scrutiny with an invasion of your privacy, that is entirely uncomfortable for any Cancer. On top of that you have to realign all your contacts and relationships and face new truths about yourself in relation to everyone else—- alive or dead.

Leo Leo rising
Leos have an advantage over the rest of us. With the Sun as your ruler you always land on your feet. Born as you were with a certain Life Force and inner stability that always take charge of you, even in your most screwed up moments.
You have work issues up the wazoo now, and God knows, it is almost a full-time job to stay healthy and positive. For many members of your noble sign the regularity you need at this time will interfere mercilessly with your urge to be free enough to go anywhere at anytime you please. The strict regime you know you must adhere to now will bring you prosperity and well-being. It’s just a matter of resisting the urge to take off and split—especially during those naughty moments when you want to deviate on your diet!

Virgo Virgo rising
Life is so damned unpredictable, it’s not funny. That’s the great thing about it too. Although it is nervous-making for a person like yourself who likes to live in your own little sphere, it’s healthy to remember that The philosophy of “here- today-gone-tomorrow – and – even-pstill gone-the-day-after”.
search awareness not only keeps you creativelyoff balance and aware of the brevity of life, but ironically liberates you tremendously from
any and all sexual inhibitions.
Your search for authentic emotional behavior and continued creative expression brings you in contact with young people and keeps you from getting old before your time. Got to say though, the obsession with all the above could make quite a soap opera.

Libra Libra rising
All Libras are sharing similar feelings, but it’s super intense for the October members of your sign. Some of the most intense internal and inner and worldly pressures may have already passed for the September Libras. The effects of the Uranus Pluto square remain for everyone. As a result you must surrender to the changes in your relationship life, as well as in your family.
So many repairs to be made not only in the house you live in, but in the family structure it’s self. This is Due to the revelations that have emerged in the last few years and rocked your world. Yes, it sure would be nice to return to a more innocent time, but at this point only the present matters. As for your relationships, encourage the freedom of others and try to see their independence not as abandonment but as well
deserved and earned a joy. At least
Don’t take it so personally

Scorpio Scorpio rising
If you have siblings at this time, it will take tremendous effort to remain bonded to them and not give into alienation and separation – – tempting though it certainly will be. That is an understatement. How to remain in communication with certain people who have already booked a one-way ticket to Planet X.
You yourself have a few ingenious acrobatics you have to pull off to stay healthy and keep functioning and working, at least until your “golden years“ kick in.
Even if the full moon pulls you out of the sibling dynamic for a while, When you get back from a nice break away you will have renewed energy to keep from being drained by the same old stories. You’re still cheering up the troops though—just like one of those old wartime entertainers. No biz like show biz.

Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
Even the richest movie star who happens to be a Sagittarius has been coming to realize that the the big money doesn’t just keep rolling in forever. Not that you may have to start hustling, but you have to think more on the, pardon the expression, practical level. The lavish tastes you may have acquired along your Sagittarian Road do cost plenty, and these days, even members of the one percent get nervous thinking that at any time the whole kit and kaboodle could just go Booomm!
God bless you, however, you still have your tapshoes on. And if the music keeps playing, somewhere deep down you know that if you keep dancing and singing, that brighter tomorrow will always dawn for you.
As for all that nonsense about nuclear winter, that’s just a kooky conspiracy myth. It just has to be.

Capricorn Capricorn rising
Even if it’s about just playing bridge and not finding even that exciting, when it comes to some
extracurricular fun, you should definitely keep squeezing some in as often as you can. On any level. Your life has taken a sobering turn, and what may ones have been all technicolor is going black-and-white for a while. If difficult decisions have to be made, you are probably going to be the one to have to make them. Nobody likes to play the heavy in the drama, but for all your fun-loving fantasizing, you are eventually probably going to have to set limits and stick to them.
Otherwise, apart from the normal chaos that all families live with and live in, things would get too far out of control. And that wouldn’t be good for anybody.

Aquarius Aquarius rising
Don’t you just love it when people advise you to let go of control and simply trust that someone will be there to catch you if you fall?
Big, hysterical laugh right now, mainly because you are actually scared of falling. Besides, you have been grappling with such a gigantic trust issues about people standing behind you But certainly not to support you!
Fact is, you still have a great deal of mobility left in you, as well as some fine business opportunities operating right now on your behalf.
What may be bugging you is a negative belief that your day has come and gone, plus an intermittent exhaustion that periodically makes you just want to give up and admit the whole thing is too much for you to cope with. Call on your fight as a boxer now and your patience of a saint. You’ve got both In you.

Pisces Pisces rising
Why don’t you just get on a plane right now and fly to a sandy beach or a snow-covered ski mountain? That way you could put all plans for the rest of your life on hold. Plus that would help immeasurably having to plot a course Toward a destinationyou have no idea how or where it should go.
Maybe it’s a Pisces thing anyway. For you people The path usually eventually reveals itself. Financially, though? Wing it. Wing it, because bitcoins schmidtcoins—
Nobody really knows how the money thing is going to shake out five months from now when Uranus enters the sign of Taurus.
So what’s the sense of trying too hard to be fiscally prudent? You will figure it out when you have to. The real challenge is to find the thing you want to do for the rest of your life, even if that thing is simply to keep looking for it.

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Dude, you are profound! Happy New Year to you! Love from Detroit!

Lots of love in Detroit!

Wing it, because bitcoins schmidtcoins—I love how you can summarize huge things in 5 words better than anyone else. Have a wonderful new year, Mr. Lutin.

Rebecca (Becky) Ferrell

Thanks, Michael.

Thank you Michael Lutin. Wishing you and yours a happy and heathy New Year.

Thank you Michael Lutin. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year.

Nailed it Governor!

HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS . . . no pun intended. Be well, take care, win the lottery.

Michael, I love your astrology. You are amazing ⭐️.

How did you know I’m not talking to my sister? Nothing happened. Just like that, out of the blue! ;)))

Plus, how did you know Aries has to do the impossible to make the last 7 years matter?! A miracle is indeed required! 🙈😭

Saturn departing my sun sign only to enter my rising sign? How can i bear any more years of this!? When will I learn my lesson?

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