31 Dec: But…

we shouldn’t think all the pain goes away, poof! Just ‘cause we prayed.

30 Dec: May all fears dissolve into nothingness

 May all pain and suffering disappear. May all who are imprisoned by their own thoughts for any reason be liberated and delivered unto joy. May we all have good laugh.

30 Dec: Genius or nut?

29 pisces. As the year ends, As Mars and Chiron are on a roll over the end of the zodiac, something strange and eerie is on your mind. Either your psychic intuition is screaming a message that challenges all rational normal explanation, and what the people around you think is true,or you are kidding yourself big time. .But you can’t be sure if you’re a supernatural genius or a wacko nut.

Is there a massive deception being perpetrated? Do you trust and go ahead, rush inwhere fools never dare to tread? Or do you talk yourself out of believing your own gut? But Is it really your gut guiding you? Or are you just plain crazy right now?

test results mixed

29 Dec: A cord has been cut

               IsEVVVV- rybody happy?

28 Dec: A final word on Mars Chiron

Do me a favor. If you feel like absolute shit,


27 Dec: Forgive and be forgiven

Forgive and be forgiven

Have courage

Be grateful 

Be truthful

Show love 


27 Dec: Mars Chiron the kind of thing that could never happen

In fifty million years

But what we have been talking about for months

Desperate last-minute acts to save or destroy

25 Dec: A tiny peekie-poo ahead

While Sol is drawn into the shadow of Saturn and Pluto on its node, you’re bound to get the heebie-jeebies and teeth-chattering predictions of impending doom in the days, weeks…

24 Dec: We’re going to bed.

He’s in the chimney.