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A tiny peekie-poo ahead

While Sol is drawn into the shadow of Saturn and Pluto on its node, you’re bound to get the heebie-jeebies and teeth-chattering predictions of impending doom in the days, weeks and months ahead. If you give into them completely, life could get pretty freaky and frightening , and you could end up just shitting in your pants,
But.. brilliant options will appear at the same time, out of nowhere as Mercury, a dignified Jupiter and eventually Venus rise in the twelfth house of the dawn chart, promising and following through with even short-term help from unseen forces, relief and even miraculous instances of recovery.

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Carole C Van Wickle

Here’s hoping…Merry Christmas

when I wake up at 4-5 am what do I see but Jupiter rising over the church across the street and shining right into my bedroom window……REALLY!! Kinda amazing……

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