2018 January

31 Jan: Aftermath of eclipse and separation


31 Jan: After the eclipse

It’s natural post-eclipse to feel disconnected,  unplugged and drained of juice after the deed is done. What deed? You acting unconsciously to create distance between you and a certain party.

31 Jan: One possible solution to the eclipse

Acknowledge your own behavior, claim TEMPORARY LUNACY, and hope the judge* gets the joke.
*“Judge not, lest ye”…you know the rest.

30 Jan: Hurt feelings and the eclipse

It could be a case of hurt feelings, rejection, sense of abandonment or disappointment, miffed, harrumphed-arms-folded-across-chest-case closed,” Get outta my life, you Creep!” Or …”Something is wrong here and we have to fix it.”  And the message is….

30 Jan: Disuptions and the eclipse

This eclipse is like about 12 retrograde Mercurys happening at once, when
The best made plans of mice and people often go awry……..what an eclipse

30 Jan: Beach Reading summer 2018

Planets in capricorn /aquarius this week: We’re on the brink of world revolution! No, we’re not! we’re not! No, we’re not!  We’re on the brink of world revolution! No, we’re…

26 Jan: Super blue blood red lunar eclipse

It could be a case of hurt feelings, rejection, sense of abandonment or disappointment, miffed, harrumphed-arms-folded-across-chest-case closed,” Get outta my life, you Creep!”   Or …”Something is wrong here and we have to fix it.”  Before dumping or getting dumped…Much more on this   Lunar eclipse next week. 





24 Jan: 2018: crime, punishment and the moral dilemma you face

2018: Crime, punishment and the dilemma you now must face.
The question cannot be answered quickly or simply, no matter how strongly you feel about this issue, One side or the other.
We have already learned that when Neptune is involved, or Pisces or throw in Chiron, the situation is never black-and-white. So naturally a moral dilemma runs through all of rational society right now and that includes you and me.
But it’s not a rational situation, so how could we possibly give a black-and-white answer?
Let’s say you and a friend or loved one are walking home from the movies one night, and out of nowhere some hooligan appears whacks you both over the head and runs off with your money and your cell phones.
You want justice. You want that bastard caught and punished, right?
To the full extent of the law, right? Especially if your companion should die blood on the brain.
But…not so fast.
What if you found out that the thug who stole your stuff used the money not for drugs or shit, but to buy much-needed medicine for a very sick baby – – medicine that by the way comes from the very pharmaceutical company your father works for, that put you through grad school and sent you on a cruise for your 21st birthday.

Let’s get down to how it affects you now.

If an artist creates a body of work you adore, and his/her painting you have collected and purchased over the years out of love and appreciation for the brilliant and sensitive work.. and what if you suddenly learn that way back when he abused his five children with sudden, violent scarring rages the whole time they were growing up?
Should his works be devalued, even knowing they would now be worthless on the art market all over the world?
Do his personal and private actions delete his love of beauty? Can such a paradox be explained away? Should it?
Is there one standard of behavior to be guided by which would give us the wisdom to how to deal with such a situation?

Our community, our Astrology world, as in all the other professions, must now contemplate these questions and examine the complex paradoxes accompanying them.

When is forgiveness of wrongdoing appropriate and when is it merely a comfortable way to skirt the fact that we can’t or won’t deal with punishment for evil?
Can We create one-size-fits-all code to live by? Do we blind our eyes when it’s convenient to do so? Or should we leave the People who are posing us moral dilemmas for Heaven to decide and embrace their genius as is?
Does creative genius excuse immoral or evil behavior?
Then again Is there some part of our own past none of us would like to see held up in front of the whole world to judge?
Are there instances where we must grant pardon through compassion and go on appreciating what positive contribution to humanity an individual has indeed made?
Or should we make a rule and stick to it – –Or do we pull a Pontius Pilate, wash our hands of the whole thing and just play louder music during the hanging?

Chiron at 29 Pisces this whole year back-and-forth back-and-forth. Do you pull the plug or just sit there by the bed and preside over the suffering.? Either decision will yield long lasting results. Thumbs up, thumbs down, is somebody Destined to get screwed?
I assure you this whole thing needs a lot more discussion. I predict your decision will have serious consequences, so don’t snap your fingers and make a judgment.
The real question will be, how unselfish ARE you?