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If you loved Mary Poppins, read no further:

As MERCURY, SATURN & PLUTO RISE ABOVE THE SUN here’s the background noise:
Pluto in Capricorn slowly advances along the rim of darkness until final conjunction with its own South Node in October 2018 and takes you, me and everybody with it into another dimension of human experience.
We are being constantly fed toxic notions of imminent disaster, terrorism, geological catastrophe, disease, economic collapse or God knows what else, rendering us uncertain, anxious and fragile.
Conspiracy theorists would have us believe that it’s all being craftily, choreographed by a cynical band of power-mad sub-humans, plotting to gain supremacy over the human race with unearthly plans to control the food, medicine, water and all other resources on this planet for their own fiendish ungodly purposes.
I don’t know about that, but I have noticed that every couple of days we get socked with another news flash to scare us shitless.
People are frightened, and when they’re frightened they either act out violently and irrationally or, heartsick, hopeless and passive, they give up, surrender, pretend not to notice and follow the strongest leader right into the darkest corner.
Flying saucers? Could be just a bunch of paranoid rich people right here in our world. On the other hand It wouldn’t surprise me if half the citizens of our whole damned galaxy are weighing in on this planetary, apocalyptic battle for control of Earth.
So I’m wearing the little tin foil hat just in case.